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hey everybody Danny Maude here thanks for joining us this week I am super excited because I've managed to add so much yardage and accuracy to a few clients I am play this week we had Bruce come and see us and really struggle in Zion plays struggling to strike it struggle to get the ball high enough to get any distance at all by the end of this session we added 30 to 40 yards on to his I employed like I know is a huge amount and not everyone is going to achieve that but it was absolutely amazing and I'm gonna show you exactly what we did we worked on his impact position to make it stronger sousou's he more accurate shots but then I introduced the catapult method the catapult swing to generate the speed through that movement so you could add not just the accuracy but also the distance to I'm going to share with you exactly what we did in this week's training before we do of course if you're new to the channel and this is one of your first videos that consider subscribing I released content like this every week to try and help you improve your game so let's get into it so what do we start with Bruce well basically the first thing you got to do and what we do be Bruce is you got to understand what impact feels like now I've got a very simple training end here this is an impact bag you can pick these up on Amazon really really cheaply I'll put a link in the description below basically it's a very simple bag and you just fill it with your own old towels and what it's designed to do is and by the way you know you don't need an impact bag to kind of practice what I'm teaching this video just the kind of the impact by kind of aids the process in fact you could go to your local garage and pick up an old tire they'll give it to you and it kind of achieves the same thing but this is a little bit softer it's kind of better for the help us so definitely worth purchasing but you don't necessarily need one for this training but it just helps you to feel impact so let's have a look at this what it is is a lot of people when they're swinging here is this they are literally floating the club through impact what they're not used to is in a sense hitting against a very very firm lead side when you throw a ball when you're coming through here your body rotates stage this section of the body stops - Wow that's a fire okay so you need to have some form of firing so many golfers who are struggling with distance they just do not fire through impact and I'm going to share with you exactly how you go about doing that so the first thing is to grab yourself an input bag and if you don't have one you can just kind of almost mirror what I'm doing here but when you swing back here you've got to get the sensation here that you are actually almost some people call it posting firming at the lead side so that this could eventually fire into impact so many golfers are doing this they're allowing their lead site to keep on moving and when that happens you imagine throwing a ball at this but just no zip is this so you need to get that sense of what impact is something to look at this so I'm back here I'm swinging back and look I'm holding that left side I'm rotating yes but at some stage it slows down and I fire and I'm literally firing here I'm not pushing forward a lot of people when they first start with an impact bag they're almost doing this they're pushing forward that's not what we're after what we're after is you to get yourself set and literally fire into impact let's have a look at this with a golf ball so it gets offset here and I'm trying to get the sensations of coming in I'm firing through here to a good strong lead side let's have a look at this in action back fire lovely and that's it I'm getting a ball to strike and really driving into impact now once you've got that sensation of innocence firing into the impact area the next thing and this is one thing that Bruce just didn't have so you've got the sensation of impact but it still wasn't really getting the power that's necessary so you then needed to introduce the catapult what I see too too often is this golfers in a sense pushing the ball forward they're nervous about letting go in fact the letting go aspect of it of a golf club is often feels a little bit out of control so a catapult looks something like this or a trebuchet what try to do it here's this you've got a catapult on you want to launch it this way right you want to fire it that's the key factor what we want to do here is look we want this club at some stage to fire fire like a catapult fire if you do this all you're doing is pushing the ball forward you could hit it okay but there's just no real power yeah so we want to create effortless power so what we did we Bruce we taught through the catapult method we said look have a look at this but at some stage yes that's your impact position but this has to be firing right this has to be firing through so what we want to get the sensation is this I want you from here to visualize this you've got your wrists here here you've hinge those wrists and what you're going to do now with us is you're going to literally catapult ease your hinging the wrists and then you're restoring them you're releasing it into the catapult Martian but there's one little ingredient that made this work so so well people can sometimes do this but this little lead shoulder is one of the secrets this lead shoulder when you're doing it need to get a sense that it's going backwards this is a thing that pulls that left arm and keeps it ollie down keeps it going through here a lot of people they may fire this but what they're doing is this isn't moving and they get almost the Chickenwing effect or they get it's kind of cramping this maybe even early extension when you get the catapult you need to fire and realize look if as this fires through the club goes and this lead shoulder goes backwards so let's go through that again so you've got the impact position you've got a feeling here but then we're going to care to put the club through and the way you're gonna do this is this lead shoulder is going to help you create the space to swing through where this way you don't move it it's very difficult to get the height so I'll have a look at this get myself set I'm swinging back here and I'm captive pulling through lovely I'm really driving through this way and catapulting through that swings have another look at that so we're getting ourselves set up and what we're gonna do here is is we need to get into impact how do we do that though we've got to get that club catapulting in a sense catapulting through the impact area from here we've got to get that lead shoulder making sure that it is going backwards to provide room to keep that lovely extension through impact if you're just trying to kind of do this you're going to get into this flicking chicken wing position here so you've got impact you've got a feeling of it with the impact bag but there from here you're firing through the lead shoulder here is driving through less of a look at this in action

lovely so from there let's just summarize what we did it was really that simple we Bruce basically Bruce came to us he didn't have a feeling of impact so we taught him that feeling you can use an impact bag you don't have to do but basically what you're an impact position is this your weights favoring the least side you've got a slightly D lofted Club but more importantly this it's not just that Bruce had a bit of that but the problem was he wasn't firing into that position he wasn't what we call him was posting on the lead side he was literally wafting who's artificially putting in there you've got a fire into that Martian the second thing we did once you got sensation of firing into impact is adding the catapult feeling or image together generate that speed the speed simply comes from realizing look this is a lever you have to let it go at some stage people are nervous about letting go because they said well that's going to be casting but remember if you've got the feeling of impact you're not what you're doing is you're releasing it to that Marsh in there you're releasing it to a good solid position then you've gotta remember that at least shoulder is helping you here by that moving backwards and not forwards you can then fire a creator of look at that preserve position here because that's gone backwards you can now fire through and get that lovely lovely compression strike and obviously power real simple one want to practice if you enjoy the training of course please share with some of your friends who could do with some extra ball striking and look you're new to Channel and you enjoy this video and you consider joining us next week please consider subscribing until next week have a great golfing week