putting tips short game Nov 04, 2021

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Hey everybody Danny Maude here thanks for joining us have you ever found that when you're playing this game of golf a lot of your scores have been spoiled because you're just having too many three putts in this week's training we're going to tackle exactly how you stop those three putts happening on a regular basis and start getting the ball at least up and down into and maybe even holding one of these long putts here so let's get cracking the first thing to realize is if you're struggling to control distance the chances are it's technical I you're not getting a consistent strike on the golf ball so the first we're going to do is help you get a more consistent strike and the key thing on long putts is stability and stillness when you're putting too many golfers on a long putt are trying to move and they're trying to have a quick peep so what I want you to do is get used to the fact of standing nice and square nice and still and when you putt in look we're staying very registeel I'm not even looking where the balls going because people are difficult Lidl the footer they struggle to find this is control what they tend to do is is they sent a search for it have a little peep so just get yourself fixed in position nice and still backwards and forwards no peeping whatsoever and go

not bad all right okay so that's the first thing nice and still the second thing I would work on is rhythm one of the things that happening with Gophers is they don't really have a very good rhythm with their stroke what they're doing is they're either because it uncertain or distance control they don't have it one of the things that they're doing is they're either decelerating when they think that putts quite fast as this one this is a downhill putt or they've hit a few short in the path and then they're accelerating too quickly through so without the rhythm it's impossible to just distance control so that the second thing to work on is practicing getting a rhythm with your stroke backwards and forward so there isn't this sudden jerk and there isn't this sudden slowdown all right so the rhythm in the stroke backwards and forwards needs to be constant alright so needs to be a lovely flow to that all right now let's look at number three right number three and I think possibly one of the most important how many of you do not practice or warm-up you're putting before you go out and expect to know the pace of the green look I'm guilty of this I played a big tournament a couple of years back and learn a massive lesson I arrived there had a couple of putts the greens were so much faster than what I was used to at the time and they arrived in the golf course I was the the ball was going too far past the hole and all that led to the entire round was me almost decelerating because I just I just didn't have the pace if you don't have the pace before you go out I'm sorry but your is so difficult to learn it whilst you're out so we need to have that pace before we go out so we don't have to think about it when you're out in the golf course so one of the ways to get pace before you go out he's doing a pretty silly little drill which I think Justin Rose played I think 18 full tournament at the Honda Classic a few years back he closed his eyes and guessed where the ball was going so let me give an example and I use this now every single time I before I go out on the warm up practice green so this is control it comes down to in jewish 'm so one we're here you've got your technique you've got your rhythm those two must have be in place first all right the third thing now it comes down to intuition so what I would do is I'd make if some strokes to get myself lined up as normal then what I would do is I'd close my eyes about now I'd hit the putt and I guess where it's gone now I felt like that had gone a little bit too firm a little bit but not much now what this tells me is and it's certainly taught me in a few couple years about what told me is that when I hit a putt and I felt as though maybe got a two feet past the hole if I open my eyes it's got like 10 feet past the hole then I know my intuitions out and my fields out so what I do is this I keep practicing closing my eyes hit some putts until my guess is become good and correct this can take five ten fifteen minutes before I absolutely get it every single time but it's such an important ingredient if you want to put and get distance control if you're stood over your putts telling yourself I've got to hit this harder or always a bit quick I've got to hit this softer all it will lead to is an effective rhythm you'll hit it too hard or you'll hit it too soft so you're going to have to put that in place and build your intuition before you go out so in summary how do we get this control and stop those three putts happening during around the golf the first thing was just simply technical wasn't it stay much still and we want to get a good strike we're getting consistent strike it's impossible to get distance control stillness is one factor to create a consistent strike in your point stroke second factor rhythm if your rhythm is constantly changing changing in your head it fast one minute and slow the next it's impossible to get distance control and the third factor I believe possibly the most important once you've got those first two in play your next thing is intuition this is contrary something that is is a field-based thing it's quite natural you need to have it before you go out simple exercise that's worked incredibly well for me and many of my clients is the closed eyes exercise and it's simply hitting balls towards the hole and then getting where you feel the ball has gone if you feel the ball when you hit a putt if you think it's gone pretty close to the hole and you see it's gone ten feet past you know the greens are faster than if your field is representing so you just keep working on it until your guess is start to become correct which your guesses are start to come correct you can then go straight to a golf course line yourself up put the ball down stay nice and still and just hit it because we feel expected intuition will do the rest so please go away and practice these exercise if you've got any questions leave them in the comment box below and if you're really enjoying this content subscribe to the channel and we really appreciate it until next week have a great golfing wait.