consistant golf swing driver irons takeaway drill Nov 08, 2021

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hey everybody Danny Maude here thanks for joining us this week had might come and see me struggling with his driver specifically getting a big slice with his driver lots of curvature but he was also struggling as I am play a little bit he actually hurt his wrist a couple of weeks earlier because he was hitting down into the ground and really wasn't getting any concerts to his bowler striking so my catch he cited a problem with his downswing that was causes he was cut you thought oh why am i coming across the ball why am i coming down on it the reason being however the real cause the problem actually started right from the moment he took the club away and this is what I find with a lot of golfers what Mike was doing he's he got the takeaway wrong straightaway he threw this club way behind him now the problem is when it gets behind him he has to recover that his body has to do you know compensate do all these kind of things to try to get the club somewhere back so you could hit the ball straighter that is what you might be doing too if you're find that you're inconsistent check out your takeaway if you take away in the wrong position your bodies are going to have to make all these different compensations it can work for some people but on the whole I found if you get it wrong at the start too many conversations leads to too many inconsistencies so in this week's training I'm going to show you how to get it right a bit single time one thing you should be looking for I'll introduce you to a very simple training year as well that can really speed up this process before I do that if you're new to Channel and this is one of your first videos of mine please consider subscribing press that little Bell bot and Nexis subscribe button and you get notified every time we release a video just like this one so let's just get stuck into what you're supposed to be doing actually in the takeaway well things to look out for this is what we really want when you get yourself set up here you've got this your line of your feet your line of your hips and your line of your shoulders and what you're trying to do here is just as a guideline we want to get the club shaft when we get to about pans to about hip height we want the shaft completely in line with the feet just as a check point the clubface we want completely power level to the spine angle just as a check point so we don't want the club around here we don't want it out there and we don't want the club face facing the ground or face to the sky we want it completely look parallel to my spine my spines at this angle and we also want the clubface that angle there are there people in the world of golf that get it a little bit here and get it a bit there yes there are but on the whole they are few most of the most consistent players in the world generally get it pretty much spot-on here and it will help you to if you can get this right it will really help you consistency question is how so we need to do one a one of a couple of things the issue we've gotthis if I've got you to say look if we looked at the clubface first if I got you to imagine swinging your right hand back here and coming against the wall you would never roll your hand you just move it back here and through same if you were left-handed player we're going to back end here if I said to you take your back hand move your hand back here move it back you would never open the hand this is the clubface you would keep it completely square easy the problem happens when a club comes in then comes in the wait now this is what you've just got to be aware of it become aware of the influence of this thing on your wrists and what their wrists do and you'll get somewhere close to getting a great take away so watch this if I hold this club up here what does that head want to do what's the fall to the ground hold the head up what's to fall to the ground so we need to first of all resist the first force we want to resist the force falling down we're going to do that by getting a small kink look in the lead wrist here the next thing we're gonna do is then realize that there's also a force going this way when you swing the club back you potentially also swinging the head you swing the head too much the head starts to flow quickly what's not going to do if you allow it to flow out of control it's going to keep flowing backwards and it's going to force the wrist to roll potentially inside like this look at that I rolled over that's because the mass at the end has influenced the wrist so we want to resist the influence of this thing we want as it resists it this way so we get a little kink in my lead wrist have a look at this here then we're going to also resist it on the way back here so we're not going to allow us to break now I've often described this as a lever look at my lecture forming a single lever we're going to keep that lever completely intact if I break it like this I then the mass of that head will simply take over my golf swing take me around and I have to do a conversation so we're going to try to keep the mass under control the mass from falling here and the mass from going there backwards and forwards we're gonna get a feel for that just in the lead and then what we're gonna do we're going to put the trailer in the right-hand Pete for me get a feel of that okay nice and easy get yourself set up to the golf ball now don't go for any big shot the more you react to trying to hit it a long way the more you'll quickly rush the club away take your time with this we get ourselves set up and then what we're gonna do is this we're gonna practice this Martian there's one final thing here I want to have a look at as I do this this is a coordinated move away look I'm not activating the lever there and notes this my left bicep tear is quite connected to my chest and it's everything here my torso my chest all working away look together helping it if I don't move this I'll swing my arm swing the mass I'm going to be in trouble look so I'm moving it away once again that sensation in comes that right hand and away we go let's have a look at this in action very very slowly to start with get ourselves set rehearse it backwards and forwards just get a feel for that nice and easy nice and slow

and away we go probably hit that hard that I really needed to do action have taken a bit of that pace off but all I'm doing initially is just working on that takeaway so one thing to watch out for here I mentioned to you about trying to get that Club on line here in the face there where I find that some people get this wrong is they just try to put it there that is not what we're after notice what I said earlier we've got we're resisting the wait here by having a kink we were resisting the wait getting thrown back so we're kind of getting that sensation the third and final thing here is this keep the butt hand here when you move the club I often feel I said look my clients have found they like to feel like they move the shaft not the head so what they're doing is they're swinging the shaft here and the butt here stays very very close to the lake I've often put a tee peg he'll do it naturally I've often put a tee peg in the button here look so you can actually check this so as I'm here look that tee pegs very very close to my side here in comes the right hand and away we go watch this if I sling the head where's the tee peg gone way away where my hands gone the hands have gone out here and the head goes in here that's a killer okay so we're resisting all those motions now one thing that can make this feel I hope you learn the fearless is the orange whip I've just got mid-sized orange whip do you want to learn more about it I'll put the description and the details in the in the description box below but one of the things you can do with the orange whip the only whip is literally whippy now if you get the same thing happen here look you can even see if I if I keep my wrist II that weight wants to fall this way now when you swing back if you rush this this is going to get this thing really whipping all over the place so what you're doing in reality is you can do the Zac the same thing now this way it really gives you instant fee but I have to be very smooth with this because if I rush it's going to whip around the corner so I get the sensation I'm looking after that there and at no stage have allowed it to whip and then back in through sir slowly back three you just repeat that in your garden just get in the sensation swinging it back here and through once you've mapped that out and got feel for that just simply put the club behind the golf ball again look at this motion here I'm resisting the got a little kink here resistant to fall here resisting the slinging back of the club get that sensation here that's it they're all in line now again no big shots just really really slow

really really slow the key with its motion initially is it can feel initially if if you're not used to this it can feel a little bit wooden to start with that is because obviously you've been possibly used to just slinging the head around wrote it to it too quickly so you can feel a bit wooden but if you just again look at this I tip my time with it they often come and give myself a set you might just get the rhythm of it first so look at this this is still smooth still coordinated getting a rhythm get yourself set you might not be perfect again no big shot don't rush in take your time nice and smooth I know where we go now look at the difference if you're flinging this club around here you're gonna have to fling it on the way through here look at this you sling the head around you have to flick it around that is really inconsistent way of playing this shot if you look after that face it will look after you when you do this look at this look at how consistent that face becomes if you just don't swing the mass too much on the way back on the way through let's have a look finally from the other side so let's summarize what have we done we'll look if you want to get a takeaway in the right slot each and every single time what are you going to have to do is you want to get the club shaft completely level on line with your with your feet you want the clubface parallel so your spine here these are checkpoints question is they're too difficult to achieve just by thinking about this to complicate it so how do you do that how do you how do you do this on a consistent basis remember here you have a lump of mass here you want to protect the face so remember when you get yourself set up here the mass of the club head wants to fall down here resist it by having a little kink of the lead wrist here like this then from there remember that you don't want to throw the mass quickly good if you do look if you throw the mass quickly this is going to activate this lever we want to keep the lever intact for as long as we possibly can so we get that sensation start to get a rhythm of this like this then bring in your trail hand and away we go look at that I'm I've got rhythm but this stays the mass hasn't been activated only now does he activated and then away we go we've said look make it you can make it life easier by you getting this tool here that speeds at the Prague it more feeling because it's a big heavy way at the end obviously give you immediate feedback if you if you get into handsy again the link is in the description below just one final thing if you're doing this remember it's a coordinating move away we want the body coordinated this isn't putting the club in position that's artificial what we want to get is this whole thing my biceps connected to my chest here it's all working look beautifully together back and through back and through you're looking after that face you look after the face and the head it will look after you so you don't have to make all those conversations I hope you enjoy the training if you did give it a thumbs up maybe share it with someone who you think could benefit from a little more consistency particularly from their takeaway and of course like if you're new to channel and this is one of your first videos of mine please consider subscribing I will put some more videos in the links in the description that will really complement this video so go and check them out too but until next week have a great golfing week