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Hey everybody Danny Maude here thanks for joining us this week had Chuck come and see me really struggling with this consistency of ball striking and he was producing way too much curvature on his golf shots now he slighted a problem with his downswing as the main factor and it certainly was certainly what he was doing in his down thing was is was you know causing it to come across the golf ball affecting his strike and adding lots of curvature but the real cause actually happened in the first few feet of his golf swing now I see this with a lot of golfers a lot of golfers are having to make various different compensations and you'll see them if you have see useful on camera kind of strange movements in there in the downswing you know you don't want them but the question is how do you get out of them I personally found in sentiments in with Chuck is that usually those problems are a byproduct of what happens before and it's your body's cleverness at trying to compensate for issues that happen right at the start of the swing that kind of creates those weird movements so what we did with Chuck is is we helped to say swing up to win we wanted that first move back here and through here absolutely spot-on because if you could learned in a sense to get this bit right everything else would start to flow and it did we got that first section from here to here working perfectly and the ball flight was so much straighter but more important he was also getting compression and strike as well so again a few yards now in this week's training we're going to cover how to set you up - to win - before we do that if you're new to Channel and this is one of your first videos consider subscribing I released videos just like this one every single week to help you improve your game so setting yourself up to win what are we really after in the takeaway well when you move the pub away what you want to do is you want to make sure that the club here is working online you want two lines here right we want the club when you get hands get to about hip height here we want the shaft in line with the feet and we also want the club face power level to the spine angle those are the two things that we really want to be after here and on the way through we want something similar when we're coming through here we want the club face parallel to the spine angle we don't want it wrapping around here we don't it wide open here when it completely parallel here and we get to hip high again Club pretty much parallel with the feet let's look at it from this angle so I take the club away I want the club here completely low my feet and the club completely power of my spine angle I noticed this it's a coordinated movement I'm working it away together what does that really mean a coordinated movement well the lead arm here and the club performing a fairly straight line I like to call it a lever and I'm not activating not leave at all in the first few feet of the swing I'm allowing the lever to stay intact what I mean by that this here will be breaking the lever when you break the lever you throw the mass of the golf club and this becomes the biggest issue watch this when I break the lever to ease too quickly here watch this the mass of the club gets thrown behind me here if I throw the mass behind me here my body can often kind of do weird stuff here on the way back causing it to throw the mass back forward on the way down causing it's many many different issues so we don't want that we want the mass ideally we want this mass simply doing this working its way up to the top and working its way back down to impact if we can work the mass this way far more efficiently we will generally hit much much stress shots question is how do you go about achieving it well the first thing is to realize you have a lever the second thing I like to do is this I like to get a little kink in my lead wrist here I took just get this kind of kinked upwards here and what we do from this position here is this I simply practice working that movement away here like this all together getting a sensation of that look at this motion here get Ramarley down here work it away backwards and forwards here and notice this not leaving being active it here clubface is completely square I'd also do that on the way through look at the sensation here and this wasn't one of the thing that really kicks it into gear Chuck we really worked on his through position here so I've got a kink now in my lead wrist here now watch this get that sensation here put my right hand underneath start to work the club away now just practice this motion here nothing more than that initially one two working it away always on line here now at this stage you may be asking well what do i do from there well this stays remember we want to move the mass into it's probably fairly light position we don't want it to be falling back so on here we just allow the mass of the club to work yourself up into this guy here and as we come back down we're coming back into position here and working it back we're back into there so the way you work on this initially is very simple we hit some shots you get a little kink in your lead wrist here you work it backwards get a rhythm for it so it's not too stiff and wooden through into impact here through to half way back here let's have a look at this in action so we're not gonna go for any big shots initially we're just going to work on keeping up lever intact for as long as we can I got a little bit underneath that one actually not the best shots in the world but never mind so something other crack of that one so what I'm doing here get myself set we're at the lever backwards and forwards here get us in session here where needs to be on the way through and again no big shots at this stage

much better there we go now you've got that motion in play this is the first bit again we're just tapping this ball forward then what we're going to do is start to build it up so we get ourselves set here you've got a feeling of this and this is really works well with irons and woods get that Marsh in here little kink in the lead wrist just bring it back okay backwards and forwards you'll notice I'm doing this as well notice how close the book is to the side of my leg here I've got another video I'll put in this top leader left-hand corner here where I go into more detail and on the butt here but for now this is a simple thing I know so all I did with Chuck was getting working that lever backwards and forwards and I liked the follow-through position here because it's like reverse-engineering get feel of where you need to be here now if I stood to get into this position would it make it efficient if I did this yeah no look at that oh and if I are this this if I start rolling the wrist now it's me very difficult look for me to get there so now what I do is you've got to work on this motion backwards and forward you simply just start to extend it backwards and forwards here and so you get into that full swing let's have a look at this take our time gradually we're going to extend it now backwards and forwards

much much better yeah so you build it up very gradually very rhythmically to start with so let's summarize in this takeaway what have we done we've got a little kink in the lead wrist here we want a coordinated move away we don't want to throw this mass around too soon so we move the club away backwards and forwards right with your lead hand initially here keeping that core is completely power with the spine here have a look at this completely power to spine put your trail ham on gradually work you know anticipation look at this here again lit on the way through I'm there on the way through no Liebherr this stage has been activated as such yeah just for now just for the fit just get that feeling here now imagine building that up bit by bit into the full swing back into sit and impact here and through into a square position would it make it efficient if I start to roll my wrist and throw the mass here of course not if I'm coming here I'm gonna have to roll here and look at that pimp at positions very very different this is how you start hitting much straighter it's also how you start to perfect that take away some another look at this in action start head get feel of where need to be here work it back as some of you might feel a little bit kind of wooden because you're not allowing the wrist to relax and this here and that's fine and some another look at this so hope you really enjoyed this video remember look if you are struggling with your swing a lot of the factors can actually come down to that takeaway you sling this big mass around here or sling up here you're gonna have to react to it don't activate this lever too soon get a little kinky nut lead wrist work it backwards and forwards here get a sense of where that clubface is back and through remember with Chuck he loved what I call the reverse engineer starting here if you go if you start here and try to work out the best way of getting there at any stage would it make sense for me to go around here of course not wouldn't make sense if I want to get there to come out here of course not just starting there working it back start very small and gradually work that Club up get the mass whoo King upwards don't let it work around you worse around you're gonna have to do lots of things to conversate on the way down look have you ever enjoyed the video if you did make sure you give it a thumbs up and share it with somebody who's struggling with their swing it can be a major factor to a lot of inconsistencies and of course look if you've got any questions at all leave them in the comments box below I love cost you know as you know I'll answer them every single day so until next week have a great golfing week