Perfect Golf Swing Takeaway Drill - DRIVER Vs IRONS - Whats the difference?

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hey everybody Danny Maude here thanks for joining us this week i've got something super special for you i had a dozen students online this week are we different faults a few of them were slicing the golf ball they were coming across the line of the golf ball here slicing and getting these big booming slices with us with our irons and the driver two or three of them were getting hooked so they're getting stuck inside and they were flicking it and another couple were getting this kind of flicky ground before contact so not very pleasant now they all wanted to work on their downswing they thought that was the problem but you know what we actually worked on their takeaway because the first few feet that in all of their swings was causing all the problems i gave them this just honestly you're gonna love it this simple simple takeaway drill and it transformed all i said it wasn't 12 about 11 people 11 it was unbelievable now so what i'm going to do is share with you what all the best players do in the takeaway in a technical fashion then i'm going to show you how you can simply achieve it without thinking of a load of stuff right so let's get started so what i see with a lot of amateurs here is they take the club they take the club back with their hands they flick it inside here that's what the slices tend to do the club gets stuck behind and then the body reacts and goes well the tag is not over there so then it loops it back and comes across the line of the golf ball yeah for those that hook it often is the opposite they get they pick the club up here now the club needs to be somewhere here they then drop it inside and swing too far this way and start hooking it right so what the best players do they have what's called a coordinated move away so the lead arm is connected to the chest here and this forms a lever lever between the lead arm and the club and that lever is kept intact it's not activated too early it works away in a coordinated fashion here that's the first thing the second thing they're managing the club face they're not rolling the face when they take the club back here the club face is ends up roughly parallel to their spine angle here as you take the club back it ends up eventually parallel with the felt line this is what the this is what's happening but it's often way too much to think about so how do you achieve all those positions here in a natural way watch this so i give him a little frisbee exercise so remember we're trying to kind of create this motion where we don't flick it and activate this lever too early watch this take your frisbee in your trail hand and what we're going to imagine is we're going to imagine throwing the frisbee from our gulf position into this top corner here not towards you not over there but over there so watch this notice well when you throw a frisbee do you flick it early well no it's flicking it early would be this we don't flick a frisbee here dear what you do is there's a flexion here and then if you're going to throw it over there the flick would happen later wouldn't it so just imagine flicking it over there throwing as far as you can in this corner then suddenly what you're going to get is a natural feeling of exactly how you take the club away watch this there i'm naturally online and then when does the wrist [ __ ] happen after mass players well it happens when you decide to release the frisbee over there so suddenly we're going to release a frisbee we get the wrist [ __ ] naturally yeah can you see that so you start to get this feeling here of okay there's a frisbee i'm gonna throw it over there now we're not getting we're not flicking around the corner because you don't throw a frisbee here we're just throwing it over there get a feel for that and start to play some shots but before we do you could do exactly the same on the other side see not when you've actually got to the stage where you're throwing the frisbee here well what's the downswing well now imagine throwing the frisbee over there would we throw the frisbee like this no would we release it here no watch take the frisbee and then imagine you're going to throw it into that corner as far as you can now what does this do watch this when you're here as you're coming down you naturally keep this flexion those of you who may struggle with baller striking often get this flicky position well that's you releasing the frisbee too early but imagine coming through here and just throwing it into this top corner here naturally you would find the timing of this instinctively when you throw a frisbee the release happens look there so you start with the backswing first throw the frisbee here just on this alone imagine this when you're doing these motions do you throw a frisbee just with your torso no watch this as you're doing this look at this you're throwing a frisbee you'll notice almost if i'm gonna throw it over there there's almost it's like forward press before i go how many tall players and players do you see have this little movement why because they're setting themselves up to throw this way and then look and then they're gonna set themselves over here to throw this way so you're starting already to coordinate this motion without even thinking about all these positions they're going to happen much more naturally it makes that make sense so what we do is you get that sensation and you go okay you might want to start with just the first one okay so from here i'm just going to throw the frisbee so there it is in my hand not going to flick it here that won't make any sense throw it into that top corner here and then on the way down throw it into that top corner here am i going to throw it towards a target no that wouldn't make any sense at all am i going to throw it over here not unless i'm going to draw the ball right so let's have a go at this throw the fishberry on both sides

that's pretty good to me get in the hole not bad right so look at this we're wanting to coordinate the motion here we want to know well when do you set the wrist well you set the wrist when you from here watch this we decide to explode and throw it as far as we can over there that's when you extend this leg and you throw well what happens on the lead side same principle well you're gonna naturally because it's in your mind now you're throwing a frisbee you're gonna move on to this side and then what you do what are you gonna row take naturally to throw it over in this corner and then your lead side extends two so you get look you get two things in one you get the backswing takeaway and the downswing look at this on the way through now there's your frisbee now when does this release how do you turn your hips well watch if i'm throwing that top corner watch this boom i'm going to use the ground to throw that frisbee and i and you basically get both backswing and downswing all wrapped up in a simple image a simple feel that you know what i know that you can do i really really do so let's do this one more time in fact no let's try it with driver hold on for a second i'm going to try the exact same thing now with driver so you might be asking is there a difference to your driver's swing on your iron string with this well look yes with an iron you want to be literally compressing the golf ball so getting more down on it with the driver you want to be launching the ball so you get lots of carry so you want to be hitting more up on the shot cause it's on a t so how do you modify this well imagine taking the frisbee and all you're going to do is going to imagine throwing the frisbee lower into this corner with your upper iron shots and then imagine throwing it much higher in this situation up towards the trackman for driver now the great thing about this is you've done those things before so a lot of these beautiful rotational motions and what you do with the body you get it all for free because you've got a great image you know you'll see some of the lead players with driver you'll see them straight you know extending this lead leg do you think they're thinking about it no it's a result of them trying to throw or hit the ball as high as they can with driver to launch it so they push from the ground you won't see as much as that with the irons because they're trying to keep a more penetrating ball flight all the rotation for free backswing two you don't throw a frisbee like this you throw it like this so look this lever is completely intact until you [ __ ] your wrist later when you throw same heel up leave us intact until later right get all this for free downswing well how do you transfer your weight well get the right image you don't throw a frisbee off your back foot naturally keep the image forward throw right so let's have a look it's in action now i brought you to the 15th of wemeworth on the trackman sim super tight hull let's see if we can just this is probably one that i ease off the power a little bit and just let's put a fairway finder in play but let's have some fun with it right come on danny boy frisbee here look frisbee here frisbee here let's go

just a fairway finder come back there you go that is so tight down there

ease off a little bit and then away you go this is all the more important so let's summarize what we've done firstly if you're enjoying the during the video don't forget to kind of you know join the channel join the community by press that subscribe button look share this video with some friends and maybe give a thumbs up if you've really enjoyed it i'll put a practice plan in the description box plus you never have to remember a thing all right but let's just summarize we want to achieve these great movements here these great positions here on the way back coordinated motion here face parallel with a spine when you cut the wrists it's fine to work on those things but i just find sometimes it can be just a bit over complicated having simple images of like throwing a frisbee can help you find these positions more naturally and more flowingly again on the way through starting to strike those balls much more effectively all right so keep it there work and just feel these motions backwards and forwards frisbee here frisbee here all right so again look enjoy the training give it a thumbs up share with some friends and of course your youtube channel come and join the community so i can deliver more content like this to try and make this game much easier for you to learn but until next week have a great golfing week