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chipping live student lessons Apr 30, 2024

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Hey golfers, do you ever get anxious about those short chip shots around the green? You know, the ones where you end up duffing, thinning, or just plain missing your mark? In this video, I'm going to show you how to chip around the green from a variety of lies—not just the perfect ones—but from the rough, sand, and everything in between. To make it more relatable, I'm bringing in a special guest, an amateur golfer just like you. By seeing him practice the techniques I'm about to show you, I'm confident you'll find it easier to follow along.

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Okay, let's get started. The key to a great chip shot is understanding that golf swings are arcs. Let's compare it to putting. With putting, you want the low point of the arc slightly behind the ball so that you strike it on the way up. However, with chipping, you want to move the low point slightly ahead of the ball to create a more descending blow for a better strike.

To chip effectively, imagine you're putting but with loft. The setup is similar to a putting stroke, but with a few adjustments. Move the ball slightly back in your stance, lean your body a bit ahead of the ball, and strike it on a slight downward angle. This simple change in position helps ensure you hit the ball first and the ground second, leading to a clean strike.

Now, let's bring in my amateur golfer, Leo. He plays golf once every month or two, so he's got that relatable, everyday-golfer vibe. I asked him to start by putting to demonstrate how similar chipping and putting can be. He does a basic putt, and it's clear that when you putt, you're striking slightly on the way up, which gives a nice roll. But for chipping, we need that downward angle, so we adjust the setup by moving the ball position back and leaning slightly forward. Now, with this adjustment, Leo is essentially putting with loft.

I guide Leo through a few chip shots, correcting his stance, swing length, and follow-through. I emphasize the importance of not lifting the ball with the club—let the loft do the work. After some practice, Leo starts to get the hang of it, and you can see how much easier it becomes when you focus on that simple putting-with-loft concept.

Throughout the video, we tackle different chip shots—from the rough, uphill, and downhill. The key takeaway is that no matter the lie, the principles remain the same: focus on creating an arc with a slight downward strike, adjust your setup, and let the loft work for you. As Leo practices, you can see how his chipping improves, and it's a great example of how a few simple adjustments can make a huge difference.

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Full Transcript- how often do you find yourself anxious over these small little chip shots around the green you kind of Duff a few thin a few well in this video I'm GNA I'm going to show you how to chip around the Green from a variety of Lies not just from perfect lies like this but what I'm also going to do I'm I'm going to bring in a special guest an amateur golfer just like you who's struggling with shots around the green because I believe that him demonstrating the techniques I'm going to show you will probably be a little bit more relatable okay now before I get into lesson if you're new to the channel your first videos of mine please consider subscribing I release videos just like this every single week to try and help you improve your game plus as always you never have to remember a thing I'll always put a free download practice guide in the description box below so before we get stuck into the difficult shots around the Green Let's just understand what is going to create great strike for you every time so every shot in golf is an arc okay now if you look at this here look with putting right not chipping with putting we we want to get the ball rolling along Ong the ground to do that we put the low point of the AR slightly up behind the golf ball this means that when we strike aart we slightly strike it on the way up okay now we chiping we take that and we move that low point just ahead of the golf ball here right what this means is is we get a slightly more descending blow on the ball and it simply creates a great strike so let me show you what I mean so if I'm putting here okay and all we're going to do here is with great chipping we're just going to basically putt with Loft okay so the difference between puttting and chipping is very very small so this is a puttting action here where all I'm doing is I'm setting myself up and I'm simply puttting and I strike the ball at the bottom of the AR and then slightly strike on the way up now all I'm going to do look with the chip is this very similar action but instead now what I'm going to do I've already got a little bit of shine and I might move the ball slightly back in my stance and all that does is it makes sure that when I do a putting action I strike the ball before I slightly strike the ground does that make sense so I get a perfect strike every single time so your job and my job to help you today is to teach you how to create this consistent Arc from all different shots around the green so you get a great strike every single time so as promised I thought I'd bring in an amate to goal for my videographer Leo now Leo plays roughly once every I'm playing the last two months so once every month or two right so kind of real am to gol for so if what we're doing now works with Leah I'm sure it's going to help you too in some way so Leah get cracking so I've got Leah just grabbing a pter at this stage just to show you cuz we're going to teach you how to pot with Loft so ultimately here look Leah's putting backwards and forwards and it's creating just a natural AR okay now if he putts this the ball is going to be struck slightly on the way up right now you don't want that with your chip shots okay so if you were to just put this now for a second yeah just make a putt just on anywhere onto the green okay perfect so you've caught that ball on the way up and you get a lovely roll right what we want to do now is learn to chip like that but we're going to change the weapon and we're going to move just for now we've got a lot of green to work we've going to move to like an A okay most people grab out that pitching W this is your first lesson now all I want you to do is this we've said the the golf swings an arc now if Leah's catching the ball on the way up we want to catch it on the way down get yourself set okay what we're going to do is we're going to move the ball position just a little bit more Central in his stance okay moreish yeah that'll do okay and we're going to make sure that his body here is shoulders are level and his body is slightly more ahead of the golf ball by doing this ultimately what's going to create is a natural downward angle of Stack but you're still going to imagine here ler that you're just simply putting okay does that make sense yeah so you're going to put now but you've preset a natural downward angle attack simply by ball position and setup okay perfect yep okay so where's the ball gone great strike wasn't it yeah it was good yeah really good contact just a bit left bit left right now what I didn't tell you is one aspect of Ching you got to read the green what do you notice about this green it's a bit of a slurp from right to left so Le on this next one aim a bit more out to the right hand side okay but before you do remember the're slightly downward angle of attack so we're going to preset okay where the body is yeah ball slightly further back but you now just putt okay you're putting with Loft okay perfect no nice so probably overcooked tiny bit but okay I take that would you normally have used an a time no okay right so first of all so we're going to teach you now very simply how we make this action start to transfer to more difficult shots around the green so learn to putt with Loft so shot number two now what we've done is you've missed the uh the ph and you've now nestled down in the roof to the side of the green what club do you take and what kind of do you play any differently well you don't play it much different you do change the club now uh you using an A Time on the last one if you use that here yeah you've got too much grass to go over it it would go like a rocket right okay so what I've got you here now I've got you a 56 Dee okay wedge B that cheers and all I want to do now is play this in exactly the same way right put with Loft put with Loft simple that you've changed the club right now the ball position is slightly is Center of your stance and you've positioned you got to be careful of this yeah I tend to on a hill like this you know try and lean back to lift it up if you do that what's going to happen is you are going to be you're going to be that's almost like a putting stroke now where you're hitting up on the ball right remember the ark we want to make sure that we preset the ark so that naturally you're going to strike the ball slightly first then then the ground then the ground a little bit just a little bit afterwards yeah so then that allows you now just to do that beautiful putting stroke okay have we go

okay pretty good okay I mean I'm out you're out right so the strike was perfect okay so a lot of people ask me well how do you just I'm going to Nestle it down again for you okay so let me pop in here for a moment sure how do you just distance control well with putting when we're here we're swinging the putter backwards and forwards now when you want to get a bit more length Okay y a good friend of mine gra Walker gave me a great exercise here to is to almost like imagine a fish's tail with your with your Trail hand can you see how my hand here is almost just bending backwards just a little bit okay so rather than this kind of art create in a wooden fashion what I do is I'm just allowing this arm to go here and then I'm letting it go through and this is helping me create the ark that we talked about but in now a more rhythmical fashion and with a little bit more length and speed okay okay so you get yourself set up here Ball's kind of central we've set our low points just slightly ahead of the golf ball and then ultimately again we're going to again the fish's tail here notice how I'm naturally matching up my body I'm not just doing it with my wrists I'm letting my body kind of match that motion yeah it's just a long putt okay cool fish's tail sort of yeah that's yeah exactly just get a length a length most times when people do this they swing Too Short just get the length just that's it that's it that's it exactly that

good pretty good yeah I'll take that right every day of the week okay perfect so and you'll notice here it doesn't have to come out when you're in the rough a lot of people are trying to get loads and loads of height and you don't necessarily need it okay great all you're doing as long as you stri that ball first with Loft yep the ball's going to come up in the air all right now let's move on to a little bit trickier we're going to get harder okay as we go all right so shot number three and this is the one that a lot of people don't particularly like not a lot of green to work with this downhill to the flag you know I'm me my balls nestled down a little bit here so what I've done I've gone to a ° wedge and I'm going to do the same thing ball is kind of middle even maybe a slightly back and middle and all I'm doing is I'm going to imagine that fish's tail back moving backwards and forwards and I'm going to be striking slightly down on the golf ball the low point just just a little bit afterwards and I'm just collecting the golf ball on the way it's almost getting in the way of this

action go on simple as that or is it Leah right jump right so 60° 60 okay cool cool cool cool if I can get half as good as that i' be happy so just stand back a little bit further roughly my footprints just sending my footprint yeah yeah yeah yeah there you go so roughly in about the same place okay now we'll make this lie a bit tougher in a second but this is just nestled down a little bit here now again the problems often when people are playing these they try and lift the ball up in the air you know now that the club is going to naturally come down the golf ball you've pre-loaded that at setup don't let these shoulders go too much like this keep them there now that's it so now from here just let that fish's tail work like a ping stroke okay backwards and forwards and the ball is going to be collected on the way

okay okay pause now this is so that's a blade yeah okay right now if we look back on camera there what you'll notice is a very very short swing okay and when You' got a short swing a lot of energy has to be forced into the into the back of the golf ball okay so when you're using Loft okay the naturally has to be longer because the ball's coming out slower okay so this is fine you don't play a lot right so what I going to do here is is just add a little bit more kind of length to the swing and let that fish's tail work a bit more okay that's it now don't lean backwards as you're doing it stay over the ball that's it let those let that look at this relax yeah let that wrist come through a bit more okay you follow just let the fish's tail work that's it there you go let that club remember all we're doing is create an yeah we're creating an arc with a club and we're creating a slightly longer one here and then you don't have to force yeah I don't have quick it just happens it it'll just flow naturally okay much better yeah much better strike see the difference there defitely that was a great strike wasn't it yes it's gone a bit too fast but look for somebody who plays I take that any day exactly any day of the week beautiful popup cool all right so that is shot number three we're going to get even harder right so Le br you to a very very tricky shot now so not a lot of green to work with big Bank in front of us and you got to stop it fairly quickly okay now we're going to go for a 60° wedge okay and what we're going to do here is this we're going to keep the ball position fairly Central okay a lot of people might say Push It Forward because you want more height but we're in the roof now that Ball's nestled down a little bit okay now I like to make ball first Contact I feel like get I guaranteeing a good strike is really useful so I get myself set here and here's the problem so what I'm going to do is I'm going to make that kind of putting with LOF exercise got the fishy tail working now the problem is is I'm going to naturally strike down on this the ball flight because it's um I'm striking down will go a little bit low that bank potentially is at risk okay but let's just see what shot we create with just the same technique we've just used backwards and forwards here there's my fish's tail nothing complicates just like putting with Loft just one little tip here you see how I've got kind of like dirt on my club yeah you see that y this is a great way to get more elevation okay because dirt reduces friction and gets the ball flying a bit higher right so if you want to get height in these situations make a two practice Wings dirty get some grass on the golf club okay and simply do the fish's tail and simply putt with

Loft look at this there yeah now see but you can see that elevation there doesn't come off we've reduced friction by leaving the dirt on but see it's popped up nice and high and it's released now that is the type of shot I would like you all to play if you are kind of like Leo standard you're going to guarantee strike you don't want to leave it in front of your face and you the balls chipped up beautifully and you've got a chance now making your making your part right definitely if you're slightly more advanced then what we would do now is is we think well how do we get even more elevation right now I'm going to put the ball look back in the hole where it came from okay so this makes it very tough now all I'm going to now is is I still want to make that ball first Contact but what I want to do is I've got to any more height so I'm going to add more Loft to this club so I'm going to open the face now just a fraction so it's a slightly to the right excuse me and then I'm going to open my body up this way just a little bit here okay now what it's do is I'm I'm basically creating the environment for a drop shot in tennis now same principle though the the kind of putting whe off now simply happens slight across the line of the golf ball but I'm still striking the ball first but almost in like a drop shot fashion okay all

right I see how it popped up there beautifully nice yeah yeah simple as that okay have we go okay try the simple one so oh H you 60° oh 60 yep now will help 60°

okay I'll take that go on just the pupil becomes the master okay so look you see how simple this can be don't make chipping complicated look it's just an act that you're trying to create there's many ways to achieve it I think simply just getting that low Point slightly ahead with a better setup getting the fishy tail working and so you're helping create the AR and then just change your Golf Club depending on how much you want the ball to come out if you want it releasing a lot you grab your eight IR your seven IR you want it high use 60° you don't have to do anything fancy right I hope you enjoyed the video if you did give it a thumbs up maybe share it with your friends and look if you want to have a video on pitching so the shots from maybe 30 to 80 yards click this video right here of course I'll put a free download practice guide in the description box below but if you if you yoube Channel just join whatever until next week have a wonderful Golfing week.