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best driver tip driver swing driver tips Nov 08, 2021

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hey everybody Danny Maude here thanks for joining us if you are struggling with driving particularly if you're struggling to gain any distance or hit it straight this drill i think you're going to absolutely love just giving it to a recent student of mine online steve one of the beauties of working remotely with students is i've got to give them things that they can really feel because i can't get hands-on and help them i've got to give them drills that actually work and feed so they can develop some feel that they can take to the golf course this one drill made a huge difference to the speed and accuracy he was generating with drive and i want to share that with you today because you know what i think it could benefit you too so before i get into it though if you're new to the channel this is one of your first videos of mine please consider subscribing press that little bell button next subscribe button you get notified every time i release a video just like this one plus there's a free practice guide in the description box below so you don't have to remember a thing just download it completely for free and take it out away with you so what is this magic drill i gave to steve well watch this i'm going to swing one-handed for a second right just watch this and i want to watch how much clubhead speed trackman is showing me here i generate with just one arm right and then you're going to see in a second how you can generate so much speed and accuracy by learning to release the driver correctly watch this let's have a look at this 86.9 miles an hour for clubhouse speed didn't quite strike it with 181 yards of carry with a one amp now why do i show that i do not show it to impress you in any sharepoint form you might not be impressed but what i want to show you is this have i got massive arms absolutely not what i'm doing is i'm learning a feel of how to release this golf club this driver correctly and i want to share with you exactly how you could do that too now because it is so vital steve had fallen into the trap of trying to get all these turns trying to do these motions with his body here turn this way turn that way and you know what whilst doing that he forgot the most important thing was was learning to really howl to this club headswings the body is simply there to make the club swing more efficiently and raise that yardage and the speed to a greater level but the first thing you put in place is learning to swing and release this club so let me show you how you can start to feel this grab a golf club now and just start to let it do this hold it in two fingers and feel what it's like just to swing like a pendulum feel the momentum of that for us just for a second right once you've done that once or twice just get that feel grab your trail arm and put your trailer on and continue so this isn't a golf swing yet you're just feeling the pendulum now with your arm then what i want to do keep going backwards and forwards backwards and forward just sensing that whole momentum of that club you're continuing it now naturally because the club's out in front of us it's going to swing on on an arc now when it was a pendulum it's here but because we're out there we'll naturally create an act you'd have to try it will create it all on itself because the club is out there keep swinging it just get a feel for this backwards and forwards now watch what happens naturally if i go to throw this club you'll notice something very very significant when i swing back here this trail arm here naturally stays quite straight it then naturally flexes on the downswing and then finally goes back to straight not at impact but actually about a club length in front of the golf ball here this is when the right my trail arm and the club start to form a straight line what did i see with steve well steve first of all was doing this he picked up his driver so his trail arm was getting picked up he was bent because it was bent he then released it too early got the wrong pattern released it early then got into this flicky position here with a bit of a chicken wing so what i want you to do now is first of all get that sensor just ringing that is trellam naturally is a little bit straighter on the way back not stiff it naturally flexes and then you try and straighten it after impact not before why do i say before if you go for the golf ball if you go at the ball with this and you're trying to hit at the ball what's going to happen is you're going to release these angles too soon you're going to go straight here but now the momentum is going to get into this flick position and you never see a top player flicking from there yes they they're a slight angle here then they release then they might get after that after that point but up to there they have literally allowed this club to release just past impact so the straightness comes after doesn't before right very very important so how do you learn to feel this well do you know what i would do i would start to grab a few balls okay now if you're right-handed left-handed playing golf right-handed i'm going to come to you in a second so bear with me so as you're swinging this backwards and forwards what i want you to do is do it wrong first feel like you're releasing it too early so you get almost this flick here so you've almost got this kind of bend here then i want to do is to do some swings where you feel it's just straight after impact and just feel the difference if you hook the golf ball you hang on too much you you are called handle draggers you're dragging it here and you're releasing too late so you end up violently flipping at the end you get lots of roll i want you just to feel backwards and forwards what it's like to swing this club so that your club finishes straight here not here here now you might be asking well danny how are we supposed to hit up on the driver shouldn't we be trying to get the ball up in the air the up in the air bit doesn't come from you trying to flick it this way if you stick any of the top players out there's actually they have a slight angle in this wrist impact here right the what gets it going up in the air is is first of all they have a little kink in their body here if you want to know more details on the setup with driver and the different irons and uh the driver's swing i'll put a link up into this top right hand corner then they also push up off the ground so they're using their body to hit the ball up in the air they're not using their flick of the wrist to do that all right this is the swing here bang they're always releasing to a point just after impact very very important so what i'm going to do is very simply is just practice this nice wide swing then practice getting the sensation what it feels like to release the club after impact all right so look at this in action you could do it one-handed if you wanted okay so hit another one

let's see what that looks like that felt pretty good so we've got 87.7 miles an hour clipping speed a 204 yard carry with one arm now all right you can see look i'm not huge i'm not a huge guy but what i'm doing is i'm generating clubhead speed because i'm learning to feel what it's like to swing this club like a pendulum yeah allowing momentum to go it's a long release it's not a short release slices you release quickly too early hookers you release too late bang see both releases are too short we want a long release which happens naturally look at this pendulum one it's a long release it's not bang release it all here neither is it hang on hang on hang on short at the end it's a long release of this golf club just because you're letting go all the time now developing the feel for this i would hit some shots also where i get into a flicky position so i learned to feel what that's like flicky is going to get you crumpled i'll also for me i'm more of a handle dragon i hook the ball sometimes i get a bit here so i need to for me the feeling for me is that i often have to release it earlier yeah to stop this you might have to feel like you're releasing it later it doesn't matter but the drill will teach you that right now once you don't want to add one or two of them you could put your lead hand back on and do and just imagine the same thing just releasing just after the golf ball so you're trying to get a straight line happening here not here okay so i'm practicing here just swinging i'm going to release after that golf ball there let's have a look at this in action so nice again i'm not going to go for any big shots at the moment just literally relax

i think i should go one-handed it's going to be straight at that okay so just bit by bit getting that sensation of releasing this golf club now once you've done one or two of them you could then do the same with your lead hand now i'm nowhere near as good with my lead hand hitting a shot um because i'm not left handed right but what i can do is you'll lead arm always stays pretty straight on the way back i'm pretty straight on the way through the difference is is look the flex happens this flex here naturally happens on the on the way down and then on the way through we then go to straight just like we did with our trail lam right so we're going back and we're just practicing this

now do we want to have this release no that's going to lead to a chicken wing yeah do i want the handle dragon no that's going to lead to flip so i'm practicing the feel of the release happening right there now i join the two hands together and i get myself set i'm getting nice and relaxed getting to feel that club head swinging it back here and that felt pretty good yeah so gradually i'm building up this release and then i'll start adding in the power now i can't swing too fast at the moment because i'm a little bit injured but i feel like i've got a sensation of what's coming now once you've done that once or twice you can then start to hone in and start to straighten this all up a little bit here you can see look my club path is a little bit four point a bit into out no problem i'll just start to swing a little bit more this way with this golf club simple nothing more complicated if you're a slicer and your path is this way and coming then i just think oh kind of problem i'm going to release get a sense of releasing the club a bit more wear that away nothing more complicated than that but the wonderful thing about this is you learn the sense of this swinging release first yeah then add in the club get a feel for that and then the two elements here is keeping this trail arm naturally a little bit straighter on the way back and then release and it arrives back straight here doesn't rely arrive back straight here with the golf club very very important all right so i really hope you this helps it certainly helps steve loads it's a very simple and natural way of creating a very easy swing but more importantly something that you can learn to feel all right hope you enjoyed like i say share it with some of your friends if you think this could benefit of course give it a thumbs up and look remember there's a free practice guide in the description box below you do not have to remember a thing and of course look if you're new to the channel it's one of your first videos of mine press that subscribe button and the bell so i can see you next week but until next week have a great golfing week