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In this video I'm going to share with you one skill that all great players possess it gives them that rhythmical looking golf swing that effortless looking golf swing yet at the same time gives them immense strike on the ball and immense power everybody can learn this yes it does take time but in this video i'm going to share with you step by step how you today can start to begin the process of achieving that effortless look that gives you some real good strikes and some real good distance before i get into the video look if you're new to channels from your first lessons of mine please consider subscribing just press that little bell button next subscribe button you get notified every time i list a video just like this one plus you never have to remember a thing i'll always put a downloadable practice guide in the description box below so what do great players what gives them that effortless look it's super simple it's a pattern right and i'll show you what that pattern is and then i'll show you how you can begin learning it so the pattern is simply this the clock the backswing starts from the ground up it's led the arms are basically being led by what their body is doing and i'm going to show you an exaggerated word so you can physically see it they're pull using the body to sling the arms back into the back swing so that the arms are always following the body this way now what's going to bring those arms down well the lower body in a sense leads the way and the arms are following the body they are never look leading the motion if i do this they'll lead the motion the way back and if i do this they lead the motion the way through that is what looks like lots of effort the effortless numbs comes when the body's always leading that motion but question is how do you achieve it and it's not easy you've got to learn feel so i like to do this step by step the first stage is look you've got to use you've got to build this from the ground up so i need to i need you to build it from the ground up step by step i'm going to show you with drive in a second too so let's start with the feet on the ground all i'm going to do is take your club i want to take a little step to your back side and then forward all you're going can do is create a rhythm of this one two so the feet are close together one two one two there's a rhythm notice this at no stage am i going one two that's too long it becomes one two then what i'm going to do is this what i want you to do now is you're going to try and keep this going the one two while simultaneously making a backswing and as i step here i want to use that step to help lead this club away i'm going to as soon as i put that foot down i'm going to use the force to throw my arms just a little bit upwards while simultaneously stepping watch one two can you see that yeah one two so i've got one two now some people often maybe see this is why are you swaying around danny no this would be swaying yeah i'm not doing that i'm stepping yes and my pressure is staying very centered here right what i'm doing is i'm going one two yeah one two now i'm organizing this swing can you see that there now once you've got that then i want you to imagine that this club is like a match so imagine this is a long match with a little end and what we're going to do we're going to strike the match and now what we're going to do is we're going to add some sound effects to this because i think auditory cues and stuff really help you learn this so much faster and so much better so ready so

still small isn't it

looking from here

and the striking of the match is super important because when this is angled forward here a lot of people misinterpret striking down by going down but ultimately look there's the match coming down and as i strike it i'm actually yes i'm alright yes i've come down the club's gonna strike down but i'm also working the club look out of the turf this is what gives the best players the downward strike on the ball but shallow divots because they basically take the club out of that turf now you're just trying to kind of feel and match these motions up yeah you can almost hear it's like a little dance isn't it right so start really small with this okay feet closer together

and to be honest i hit that too long i think that too long um yes it's got 130 hours for an eight hour but that's way too long i don't want you to work on that's really exaggerating it i want you to start off super small with us and gentle just so you can feel that

timing can you see each time i've always formed the platform

and it's very similar to what you would do if you were throwing a ball if i threw a ball look i'd as i go back this clubs the legs always going forward yes it's natural if we don't throw a ball at us back and through it's always this stretch if i play baseball same principle look at this there's always this stretch so what this exercise is doing is training something that you do naturally anyway okay but because golf is a static sport we get sometimes a little bit too static so start off like that and then gradually expand it now what i would do is if we were in a kind of video here right so between me and you so we want to speed up this process but i would literally camp out there for a little bit get used to that there get that organization in and that could be a practice session but once you're ready to move on then you start to amplify it up and all you do is you amplify the amount of force that this foot puts into the ground here and then again here that increases the length of your swing so it looks a bit more like this this time

so i'm amplifying it up just a little bit more still feet close together

and hopefully you start to see this there we go amplifier 88.5 miles an hour 160 yards now gradually going now all i'm doing like i said to get longer is i'm not trying to turn here all i'm doing is literally creating my arms throwing those arms back it's using the body to throw them back

and i'm forming that platform bit by bit so things that you can do to kind of feel this sometimes grab an alignment stick if you want to see what that match is like feel that there look listen to that noise hear that whip and then you could apply look the upward motion you could get the feel just of that

few of them noises notice the difference so if i was to do this

not as much to going striking the match upwards so now it becomes this

i've always got that platform forward for always got the platform sorted before there's a smash through impact okay so let's show you how you can apply this to driver so same thing with driver clearly with the driver we want to hit up on the ball okay but hitting up on the ball does not mean this yeah we still got our match we're still coming down yeah what we're going to do though is is the ball now is for further forward in our stance so as we start to get to the low point of the arc here we're going to start hitting up on the driver not because we're doing this but because look from here we are now almost keeping the loft of the driver down but our match is going upwards that's the technical bit you still need to organize it with the body not if it'll work without it so look again

start small maybe

can you see when i'm doing this i've already formed my platform to then work upwards i am not sure i see a lot or hookers

everything when you step is going together learn that feeling we'll show you how you do this in from a standing position in a second but learn the feeling first let's look at the driver it's nice and small to start with no big ones so fairly close together

so it won't get up in the air too much but just there you go so just a tap down there just to tap just feeling that sensation and then gradually again it can feel a bit strange to start with i gave this to my wife laura actually earlier today and i'll show you the lesson at some stage on youtube but you know it was a tricky thing to get coordinated but once she got it my god she could feel the whoosh she said i could really feel that wash at the bottom okay so one more time with this

a little bit longer still not huge but a little bit longer clubhead speed up to 100 miles an hour now bit by bit look we're starting to get there and all i would do is start to ramp that up little bit at a time okay so how do you transfer this now to a standing position well all you've got to do is you've now learned in a very extreme way yeah you've ex you've felt the difference and you've now got some idea and you don't rush into this you've got some idea of how that those forces are working separate one two once you've done that then it's a case if you can start to get more subtle like the best players do so what you do is is clearly what you can do now is it's like okay i've now got some feeling so what i'm going to do here is this i'm really going to feel that this trail side is really used to push and really get that club going this way while simultaneously here now you won't be able to physically see this when you watch but you'll start to in a sense see it hopefully in the rhythm of the swing so again start really small initially and we'll start and see how we go

so nice and easy to start with and look at that so we rack up there from 109 club speed 262 carry and bit by bit now we'll start to ramp it up and all i've done to do that is i've just applied more force so the force isn't good by the way so it's not using my mass to go this way i'm literally forcing the club and swinging my arms up and then got that feeling of stepping and then forcing it this way so start to organize your swing add sound effects to it so you can kind of help organize it so you don't have to be stuck in your head so we can just

and strike the match super super simple to kind of comprehend to do can be tricky initially that's why this is winter here at the moment take your time with it enjoy it enjoy the process of learning to coordinate that swing this next video over here will be a massive help and really compliment this one if you enjoyed this video give it a thumbs up share it with a friend and of course look if you're new to the channel come and join the community by pressing that subscribe button and the bell until next week have a great golfing week