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Hey everybody Danny Maude here thanks for joining us practice makes permanent the problem is if you are permanently practicing the wrong things you could start to be grooving faults into your game so if you're often slicing the golf ball or struggling to get strike what i want you to do is these three exercises that will just take you six minutes a day you don't even need to hit loads of golf balls six minutes a day and you'll start to get a feeling of exactly how the body moves in the back swing and the downswing how your arms move in the backswing and the downswing and how you square the club face just with these three very very simple exercises i think you're going to absolutely love now before i get into the video look if you're new to channels from your first videos of mine please consider subscribing just press that little bell button next subscribe button you get notified every time i release a video just like this one plus i'll put a free downloadable practice plan in the description box below so you'll never have to remember a thing great so what i'm going to give you is three drills all of them by the way don't necessarily need a golf ball but what they're going to do is they're going to train you how to move your body how to move the arms and then how to then kind of knit all of that together into one flowing motion and the reason why i love this is because it'll just take you six minutes every single day to kind of get this feel you can do it on a range you can do it at home in your garden it doesn't really matter see when i was being brought up i was always taught to kind of he hit loads and loads of golf balls but what they didn't tell me is if i was doing that incorrectly i could just be grooving in false into my game and what i see with so many of my students is if they start slicing the golf ball they start reacting to the shot aiming a bit left introducing a fault swinging further left introducing more faults so that in itself is just making them worse and worse and worse and they do it unconsciously so these three drills if you groove them will give you muscle memory of how to complete the backswing come into your downswing and really then we'll finish off with the final one how you knit it all together so drill number one i actually got from watching the olympics and and actually a hept athlete first throw she was struggling to get any real distance out of the shot putt and the reason why the critiques were saying was that all she was doing was using just the torso and her shoulder the second throat she gained i think was a massive different two meters extra and the reason why she built it from the ground she pushed from the leg from her side and everything lined up from her hip to her chest to her arm to push this shot put out a decent distance now i absolutely love this image because you could do this images right now at home to kind of almost relate to the backswing and downswing in golf built from the ground up i want to imagine you're holding a shot put in your lead hand and this becomes your backswing from the ground i want you to imagine you're going to push that shot put out over here this way now look at this can you see how that's naturally going to get the body look to spiral from the bottom up to the top and then look you're releasing your arm that becomes the top of your backswing position much greater a lot easier to kind of do this with an image rather than thinking about all these different movements on the way down same principle imagine you're holding a shot put in your trail hand now from here look we're going to throw it where this way suddenly look what we're doing we're pushing from the ground pushing here and through very different to what most people are doing when they're here they're going like this okay or you get handsy and inconsistent all lead from the ground up once you start to build these feelings just with simple exercise just two minutes a day push push now what we're doing is we're kind of to build this motion in to get that body working all right very very simple and also with that by the way notice this it isn't a turn and a turn because if you were throwing a shot put with a turn of turn you would drop the ball we are pushing up off the ground to give this elevation just like the swim because the sun wants to go up and it needs to go down step two once you've done that drill get a sense of how the body works you want to introduce the arms then introduce the split hand grip take your top hand put your bottom hand split the hands a good few inches taking your posture position here basically this is the key bit here make sure this trail arm here is pointing directly towards you and what we're doing is it's facing here it's not angled forward now from here what you're going to do all you're going to do with the trail arm is you're going to move that to face the sky and your lead down is going to push out now all this does is this look at this from the ground just using the shot put you're going to push off the ground now you've got the app look how this is naturally moving this lead shoulder into position it's moving the right shoulder my trail shoulder into position comfortably and i'm leading it all from that push off the ground here right now why i love this is because it will give you very different feelings to what i see with a lot of gophers a lot of golfers i'm seeing using their hands here or using their arms this doesn't really move at all so again if you train this exercise particularly slice the golf ball arms here over the top this is a great movement to really encourage this kind of lead side bend here there we go now into position stretching that motion really feeling it from here what we're going to do again using the drive from the ground we're going to throw the club straight down here notice this where's that pointing towards you absolutely it's not done this has it yeah so this trail shoulder naturally holds back so one two fire it down okay so again you're training the correct motion back and down from here what we're going to do is how do you square the club you're keeping this forward we're going to move the club back into an impact here just simply turn it into impact this section of my arm i'll show you here look he's still pointing towards you it hasn't done this so let's summarize that exercise split hand from the ground up shot put it behind you and as you're doing this the lead is pushing away trailhead is going backwards here and you're finding the top of your backswing you simply move it down to there and then look you're turning your body here you're squaring up notice how naturally that would give you compression there's my body naturally extending out of the way as i shot put the club where again that's right up into that position so repeating that exercise time and time again will give you the sensation someone like myself sometimes get slidy well i will be able to feel that so now it's just one i rotate look down i don't slide if you come over the top you'll be able to feel it's great training third and finally you want to build and start to kind of get some rhythm with this and get some kind of um i suppose join it all together to do that i want movement okay so now you've got these sensations you want to organize the swing i find sometimes we get a bit too static so here's the first thing i want you to get movement in your backs and put your feet together step like this step swing okay so you're going to practice doing a few swings like this from here step swing that's the back swing step swing and why we're doing this we're trying to create momentum from the ground up and then on the downswing we're gonna do the opposite for a second we're gonna swing step swing now i pause there just so you could actually see this but watch this one stepping swinging we're trying to organize a swing this is what's going to get you in compression again all things you can do in the garden just to kind of feel it so there's your backswing and downswing and then what you might want to do is join those together so it looks a bit more like this one two

one two and all you're feeling is this shifting pressure the feet are always leading one two and then back to the swing you start to calm this down i'm feeling pressure going one two and that is how you start to organize this swing naturally to get compression and speed and gel it all together so just in summary you've got how the body works shot put your way to a better movement in the follow-through and the backswing really gets a great sense of how the backswing and the downswing are led with your torso then move into the arm structure here get your arms split the hands that faces you it's not rotated in here all you're doing is you're pushing away with your lead hand you're allowing your trail hand to kind of almost [ __ ] up here and face the sky and that's all you're doing here as you're building it from the ground you fire that down not over fire it down here how do you square the club not with a roll with a natural turning of the body and extension of the body here look into impact here there's you feel that motion and then shot put it all the way up to the sky join those things together with some rhythms once you've got the feel of that you can then go okay well how do i you might even want to do this you might want to go here and go one two you might want to combine the two

whatever it is notice that my lower ground is always leading the backswing and the downswing they're not going together this isn't leading first that leads this follows this is what it will train you to do okay work on these drills here just for six minutes two minutes this is absolutely fine they will make a huge difference to your golf so really really hope you enjoyed the training if you did give it a thumbs up maybe share it with one of your friends you think could do with some simplicity some exercises they can do maybe at home that will help and of course look if you're new to the channel press that subscribe button and the bell so i can see you next week and there's a free downloadable practice plan in the description box below so you never have to remember a thing hope you enjoy i'll see you next week