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Hey everybody Danny Maude here thanks for joining us this week I'm going to give you three of my top tips for chipping far more consistently I'm also - this guy's maybe some of the pitfalls I see with a lot of my clients and maybe you in the same bracket maybe you're hitting the ground a little bit behind the ball or have the horrible finisher like the one that rolls on the ground and goes too far we're gonna discuss some of the reasons why that's happening so my very first tip means a round set up what do you need to do in the setup to increase the likelihood that you're going to strike it every time the first thing is to realize that the setup is very different to the way you set up to a normal shot their normal shot we want to generate power so the shaft angle in a normal shot is much flatter and because we want to create rotation back and through we wanted more power but in chipping look we don't need power so we can take advantage of that fact and and how we take advantage of that is by getting you to get the shaft angle far more vertical what does this do if the shaft angle is more vertical as opposed to shallow we can get that Club working straight back and straight through on a more pendulum style action and therefore it's family accurate so that's the very first thing I want to do is start to get the club in a more vertical position the next thing I want to do is stand a little bit taller and when you let your arms hang then lap you're going to hang in the pro beat because you'll be a lot closer to it now they're probably hanging naturally a lot lower down the grips that's the very first thing I want you to do is vertical shaft angle and stand a little bit taller we're then going to point our toes slightly from the ball okay and we're gonna lower our left shoulder I'll show you this from this angle so from here ball central toe is pointing from the golf ball sternum here is directly in line with the ball and I'm gonna stand nice and tall and I'm gonna lower my left shoulder why would I lower my left shoulder this is something that a lot of people miss they get all the other bits right but then they get this bit if your left shoulder which I see a lot of golfers is way too high then all you're gonna do through impact is start up too much on the shot what levelling the shoulders do which you might feel it actually is the left shoulder being lower than the right only but you might feel like it by leveraging them off it helps you to create a more descending blow on that are on their ball and that's what we want we want the club just dropping where the where the where the ball is bruised in the ground and it's the shoulders up it won't do that so let's summarize that so we've got a vertical shaft angle toe is a point from the golf ball sternum is directly over the ball and all I'm going to do here from this position here is make it very simple it feels like a pendulum straight back straight through and pitch it up to the hull not bad okay so it is as simple as that we set up nothing more complicated we want to take advantage of the fact that we're not having to get power we get ourselves in a much more vertical position at the start the second tip is about momentum and how you want to swing through the shot too many golfers and it can is not your fault it's probably the nature of our sport we hit stationary ball and our bodies therefore end up staying way too stationary what we ended up doing is where it tend to be a bit fixed like this and whoops and we tend to chip like this so everything is very very still here now what that does when your body still is it gets your wrists being a bit too proactive they tend to have to do most of the work because nothing else is working and watch this if your wrists are too proactive and they're doing too much of the work here what you'll tend to do is you'll look how unstable this Club it it's wafting around all over the place and look at the face it's moving around all over the place right so it's very hard to make consistent contact what we really want in golf we want that Club to be much the head itself to be much more stable we want it to be swinging backwards and forwards much more like this as the person like this so how do we do that the first thing to realize look it is a niche passport we do hit stress free ball it does get people saying to still so I want you now to allow your arms and your shoulders to consistently move right now and then the wrists will be far more reactive we want the risk to be reactive as opposed to proactive I mean by that here watch this this is the risk being proactive and now watch as I spend my hours in my shoulders this is my wrist being reactive they're literally reacting to the momentum I'm doing with my shoulder and because of that look they're not flicking so much but if I if I was to stop now looking at their wrists are gonna flick through why because my body hasn't gone through right so we want my shoulders and my arms to be initiating this motion going backwards and forward so sir second tip is to keep momentum it's natural if I ask you to throw a ball you wouldn't throw it like this there will be a natural if I was going to toss the ball over there look at my body's naturally moves and I kind of want you to do that when you're chipping just allow that natural movement having said that on this tip number two here's one of the problem problems where I find a lot of golfers don't do it so if you've been struggling with chipping then the chance that you've been struggling with distance control and you've been concerned about how far to hit it okay now what I would say if you've been struggling with your chipping the first thing to focus on isn't this is control at all it's actually a strike get the strike of your chip shots first before you get distance control and here's the reason why it's very easy for me to stand here as a coach and tell you to get that those arms swinging but the problem is when you've got a short shot this is what will tend to happen you'll tend to get or don't want to hit it too hard and you'll stop right and you'll kind of freeze and that's what causes a few of the problems right we stopped because the nerves about how far is going to go would come sir no it's going to go too far etc so with that in mind don't worry about this as control initially get the strike first backwards and forward so even if let's say for instance I hit this shot here and I'm swinging and I hit everything that's a much better but it goes too far the strike was perfect the accurate accuracy is perfect all I'll then do once I built the confidence up in the strike I will simply allow my shoulders and my arms to swing that little bit less all right now from this position what that looks like is this I'm gonna allow my arms and the club to swing a little bit less but they're still flowing and therefore the ball goes a little bit less so that's the second major tip that I went to [ __ ] you so from here you can see what I'm gonna do is I'm going to allow the natural flow now of the club going through here look at my body's naturally flowing through there isn't a stillness here rock solid miss in my legs there's a flow through the shot I guess I'm allowing my body naturally now to flow through it's like a miniature version of the swing what we're not doing is staying dead still I'm looking like this that's a nightmare for chipping I see it so often and it really stilts your ability to strike them consistently so now the that's the second you know they were third tip we're gonna be looking at here is another factor with the actual rhythm of the swing itself so now you've got the flow of the body flowing through you're allowing this to go through the next thing is the actual speed and the rhythm too many golfers when they're chipping they are rushing or slowing down their action what I want you to do is start to practice getting a feel for a rhythm and notice it's kind of non-stop you may even see my head following through I'm just allowing I'm getting a feel for rhythm go to the golf ball then and start to play around trying to repeat that rhythm there's no stopping there's no speeding up there's no slowing down that's just a simple consistent rhythm through the shot


so summary what three things that we focus on the first thing we focused on was this setup right and we want to take advantage of the fact that we don't need pal wood chipping right so we want to have more of a pendulum action pendulum creates more accuracy so get that shaft angle nice and vertical start that's the first thing stand a bit taller as well that helps the pendulum sell action point your toes just a little bit ahead of the golf ball nice and tall and we also said try to lower the left shoulder a little bit what does that do he helps you to strike more down on the shot so that's really the set up in a nutshell the arms are just naturally hanging the second thing we wanted to focus on was we want to try to create a naturally flowing Martian through the chip shot to any golfers when this track chip they're trying to Circus focus so much and trying to get the strike of the shot that what they're doing is they're staying to static it's kind of the nature of a sport unfortunately we tend to say to still over the golf ball where as opposed to create this natural flow through the hitting area so I want you to practice that I want to allow okay the arms to continue to keep flowing through the shot the risks themselves more reactive right so as opposed to proactive we don't want the wrists innocence when you're coming to be doing this that's proactive wrists we want the wrists to be reactive so they were reacting to the flow of the body so you'll see my wrists softening but that's only because I'm flowing through the shot I'm not doing this on purpose not pride they're not proactive they're more reactive to the flow of the body so that's keeping that kind of flow all the way back all the way through it I'll stop you jabbing at it the third thing which is kind of linked to this is I see this a lot its rhythm because a lot of people are nervous about how hard to hit the shot they're concerned about this is control and what I view they tend to be a lot of kind of jabbing and there's variations basically in that in the speed that they swing sometimes it's very slow sometimes they speed up we want to create a very constant rhythm a nice flow through the shot so no sudden hit or slowdown and that will really improve your disah's control and clearly the the quality of the strike all right so I hope you enjoyed this if you know anyone else who might be struggling with the chipping please share it really really helps and of course if you enjoying the content and you'd like to receive it in your inbox every week then don't forget to press the subscribe button and the bell and if you've got any questions head over to my Instagram and Twitter channels and ask them there or alternatively you can leave a comment in the comment box below and I'll do my best to answer them over the next week and it's all next week have a great golfing week