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does that look familiar if you've found yourself when you're chipping that you kind of either fatting it in front of your face sometimes leaving it there or sometimes thinning it you might get away with it like I've just done that but you're not getting those lovely Cris strikes that just popping up onto the green and rolling out to the flag well this was the case for one of my clients this week Martin he came to me actually with some swing issues that we want to work on any civil my show games not being very good Danny can you have a quick look and we had a look and this is kind of what it looked like some Duff shots with a balls heading up and just learning in front of his face and then the odd one which was firing through the back of the green and I gave him one simple drill which I'm gonna share with you in this training that worked literally immediately and you know I was surprised as he wasn't and I said too much you know I don't know whether I should share this from YouTube because I don't know whether anyone would believe how simple this is and how effective it could be but I first started let's let's give you this exercise because I think if you learn it when you practice it it will be very effective for you too so let's have a look now at what we did and how we were able to transform his chipping in probably 10 minutes max all right let's have a look so here's what we did remaining so what we went straight into is I gave him this simple drill that works immediately now I use this exercise quite a lot with a lot of my clients it can take a little bit of getting used to initially but once you get the feel of it it's it's amazing so before we get into the drill let me explain to you what he was misinterpreting about how to chip so he'd been told that ultimately you've got to get the shaft lean in here you got to get the hands ahead and when you swing you've got to keep their hands ahead through impact all the time now that's fine the problem was here's he was get when he was doing that he was getting way too much shaft lean and the leading edge of the club was simply digging into the back of the ground behind the ball and simply fating it right now when you're pitching it's very important that you're chipping it's very important that you understand how the wedge works we do not want leading-edge digging in at alright what we want is the whole base of the club here right bruising the ground through the impact area now the question is how do you go about doing that right so what we give to manage straightaway was this we actually told him to take his left hand off the golf club and grip down just with one hand and game to start swinging the club one-handed right now bear in mind he had been taking lots of chunks out the ground now straightaway I hold it's going to hold it very lightly it felt a bit strange for him and I got him to simply swing backwards and forwards here one-handed and straight away we got this beautiful clip right where the balls clicking up in the air and he was like wow I'm hit shot like half over for ages and if you look at here there's no mark whatsoever on the ground but why is that why does this one-handed exercise works so efficiently well I wanted to show you something when you're chipping here and should be one-handed what do you notice the club its head itself is moving reasonably quickly occur okay but what about the but the but itself is not moving very much at all so the handle of the golf club is staying pretty steady while the club head is moving a lot now this was completely the opposite to Martin and a lot of the clients I'm coaching when they're not striking it very well what a lot of people are doing is because of this misinterpretation of keeping their hands ahead what they tend to do is they swing and they move the handle Lots but the head isn't moving at all so what happens is they swing here they get the hands ahead and they end up digging into the ground were still watch this when you swing back if you move your handle forward what happens to the club impact nail the club head is too high right so watch this if i move my handle here this way the head itself comes up now from here I don't if you've ever experienced this but have you found that something you dip sometimes you found yourself like almost we call it a chili tip where basically your knees are going a little bit and you're jumping at the golf ball well the one of the reasons that is your hands have gone forward their heads come up and now their heads too far too high you then have to try to get the head back down on the ground watch this you don't have to do that when their hands are back here right so what the key thing with this is what we got to do is get the head of the golf club working a lot more and the handle working a lot less so it feels like you're actually releasing the golf club which is a lot is counter to a lot of things that we've been we've been taught right so when we finally and we got them to do these exercises going to hit the serve some balls one-handed and it was consistently getting this wonderful clip here with a bounce here it's just bruising the back of the ground now when he was doing this he then said okay what can I put two hands on right so as soon as he put two hands on he immediately lost his strike and immediately what happened was was the leading edge would then get stuck again into the ground so what we did was that okay why don't we just put the left hand on but do it gradually and what we're going to do is we're going to put the left hand and put it on really lightly because what we don't want to do is when you here look is that to get that handle working forward we want the club head to be swinging right now notice of what I'm doing here I'm allowing the club head to swing through the impact area here yeah I'm allowing it to swing so the handle itself is finishing much closer to my leg here and the clubs out here I am NOT finishing like this yeah something to look at that so we continue with Martin and we got him to keep that left hand very light on the golf club just swinging the club head feeling the way to that club releasing through the golf ball so that the leading edges get stuck in but instead the bounce of the golf club sets of two bruised the ground here okay as he did this it's sunny see but here the ball was just clipping off as absolutely no mark on the ground whatsoever but well you didn't just stop there what we do as parties practices we'd all tener because he would clearly lose the feel of it right and you might be you might lead to right so we're going to grip down the golf club with his right hand and we got him just again return back to swinging the club head just with his right hand here all right wait still favoring the left side a fraction backwards and forwards just allowing the club to swing through freely here and you can see here let's pop it up lovely I'm not making any mark on the ground one a couple of things just to watch out for the right so we've seen that look what's happening here when we're swinging the club is swinging freely the butt end of the golf ball the grip end here just swinging and then when it finishes here it finishes very close to the pocket and the clubs out there at no stage we're trying to get this motion here right but the other thing what I was doing as well was I was making sure that Martin wasn't staying too still with his head right a lot of people have been taught to keep their head down and they'll end up doing they become very static here with their legs and their tosser and it all becomes a bit wooden we want this flow to continue look through into the legs and the chest so we're actually flowing through the shot here much much more relaxed isn't it when you do that right it's much more natural when you're chipping here and you're allowing your head and the body to flow through far more natural when you're playing the shot it gets the club stable and flowing through impact as a post to the the Jabby stilted look that you might see with a lot of golfers when the chipping poorly alright so let's summarize that so what did we did what was manning doing right at the start so my name was clearly hitting those horrible fat shots with the balls jumping off and leaving in front of his nose and every so often he would thin why would he thin because what happens is this he's leading the handle way too much here and then all what's happens at the last minute he flicks it with his hands right so what are we gonna do we but again move the handle less and allow the clubhead to move more is this tricky not so much when you swing one-handed but what we don't like is human beings we love control right and when you let that clap head swing a bit free a particular feed hopping chippy very well it can feel a bit reckless and a bit dangerous and it can feel a bit wrong actually right so you've got to get the feeling you've got to start to build some courage and some trust in what you're doing you've got to allow that club head to swing much much freer you might not be used to that right so start with one hand allow the club had to swing nice and free let the but stay very close to the leg here and when it swings through a good check point here's when you're swinging that you're your legs are going turning through your chest is facing the target now and the butt is very close to your left orly pocket right start with one hand here backwards and forward just get the club swinging through and then once you've done that once you've done that once or twice then what I would do is then very gently put your lead hand in barely at all really right just feels you almost it's just they're just the sake of it then start to allow the club again to swing backwards and forwards get a feel for what you're doing and then we go back and through and that's when we start getting that lovely Cris straight with no digging into the ground is a lovely rhythm it's a great way also because it's rhythmical it's like throwing a ball it's a great way of learning distance control if you're jabbing in and and jerkily too much you can never just just as control let alone strike okay let someone look at some close-ups

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