downswing iron tips Nov 05, 2021

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Hey everybody Danny Maude here head professional at Canterbury golf club in Kent and look we got a beautiful day today not great for playing but you know what we could stall little coaching this right this week what I want to discuss is is how do you create a golf swing that first of all repeats and secondly if you're a slice through the golf ball you starting to cut the ball away or you're not striking it's consistently as you like what factors could you do in your downswing to improve the likelihood that you're going to hit it much straighter and strike you much better now in a previous video I discussed how what we should be doing with the legs I'm going to cover a little bit of that today again so what the leg action should be doing on the on the word down to improve the quality and the power of your shots but I'm going to focus predominantly here on one of the major factors which is the upper part the body and what happens with so many of my own little golf what do they do on the way down that causes them to really lose a so much power and create so much curvature on a golf ball so let me get started what do most amateurs do when they get to the top of the backswing here they throw the right shoulder over here creating this is of what the course a very steep angle of attack they come over here they come outside the line in the golf ball and they come swinging left and they start to get that big curve left the right for right-handed golfers from this angle you also see some other problems so when they get here and they throw this right shoulder over they come over this way look what happens sometimes to the body as well it gets them spinning out a little bit so the weight goes backwards and they start catching the ground behind the golf ball one of it as you can see is going to be any good so what I'm going to focus on today is what should we do with this right shoulder here what can we do with it right side to really improve this stance in position so you can stop all that and start striking that ball far more efficiently so got a wonderful drill for you it's really very simple and what we're gonna do I'll show you how we set it up so first things first take your left hand put at the top of the grip and just [ __ ] your wrist here so the turn the closed pointing to the sky opposite your left leg take your right hand put it underneath here so it's opposite your right leg now from this position here just make sure that you've got a nice good posture there so you kind of feel that your feet are almost balanced gripping the ground a little bit here and you're you're really really balanced now from this position we're running a deal like a half swing we're gonna swing just to about this position here so no further than that yes this position here let me show you from this this place here so at this stage you can see I'm nice and balanced my right shoulder at this stage is not forward it's it's back here and what we're gonna do is we're going to start to start to move now into the back seat as we do I can really feel a pressure start to build into my right side my right elbow started to fold and I'm really starting to kind of push up into here now at this stage my right shoulder is nice and stable and it's back and what I really want to do when I transition now I want to bring it back and I want to maintain that that right shoulder here is back in position I don't want it to be from here throwing over okay so what I'm doing from this position keeping the right shoulder back and I want you to swing down to the positions so let's just go through that again so setting position holding it here swing it back and then what we're going to do as we transition into the downswing here we're going to keep the right shoulder back I'm gonna bring this shaft down so it's level or parallel with Atos back here drive into the downswing here keeping the right shoulder back back up back down keeping the right shoulder back and it gives you a wonderful feeling as to what should be happening right here let's go through that again one more time back here grip it this side you see here left down right and wine the club back up here slide back down keeping that right shoulder in the slot here from there we're going to then naturally look everything starts to rotate through into impact and into a beautiful full position let's see that in action in a full swing so from we're gonna wind it back we don't want this motion here we want to keep that right shoulder back in place as you rotate with my shoulder it hasn't gone over I'm rotating through right shoulder steam back gonna come down and rotate through here not a bad shot off this deho all right so really really simple drill let me just summarize this for you so what we try to do we want to stop people slicing it once not people hitting the ground behind the golf ball one of the biggest problems is the transition from their backswing to their downswing and how they go about doing it we've said that what they tend to do golfers is they tend to go this way so if you're doing that if you're coming over the top look at your right shoulder here pay attention to it just double check is your right shoulder coming around if it is this is a wonderful job we want to hold it back easy to say isn't it hard to do this is why we use a drill so we put the club in position get yourself there swing it back hold that right shoulder back or turning through here look it up position you're putting the pressure down into the ground here and that is staying back from there you can just rip it through all right wonderful way of getting the sensation of what you need and you know beauty all this you can do it indoors all right now remember to complement this I will leave when my previous videos which shows you what goes on with the legs to help help help improve this video even more always training anymore but if you've got any questions to the meantime look don't hesitate to pop them in the comments box and I'll do my best to answer them if you think anyone else would benefit from this training please share it it'll really really help until next week have a great golfing week.