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hey everybody Danny Maude here thanks for joining us this week I have super excited because I have got a simple simple drill if you hook the ball or sliceable to help you get rid of it for good I to clients come and see me one was a hooker Richard this week I gave him this particular drill from a show in the second and another one was a slicer and I also gave him this particular drill both drills got the guys hitting it so much straighter more importantly when they left the session they have something very concrete to work on so they could develop the feel necessary to get rid of those things one of the biggest problems obviously if you hook or slice a golf ball is you sometimes you probably know what's going on you know that if you're hooking a golf ball the clubface is closing down through impact I'm pointing this way causing that spin to go to the left for right-handers and if you're slicing it you're also aware that the clubface is opening through the impact area and causing that those slices the problem with all those things is is how do you change it well you've got to have drills that basically help you improve the feel of this clubface if you knew where the clubface was every single time you'd be able to much more accurately start to square the club face up through the impact area and hit the ball much straighter that's what we're going to cover in this week's training before we do that if you are new to the channel and this is one of your first videos consider subscribing I released videos just like this one every single week to try and help you improve your game so what is it what we're doing today well this is my reverse-engineer exercise one of the things that we're finding very simply is this when golfers come through the golf ball let's say you're a hooker to start out with right what generally happens for hookers they sent a swing a little bit to the right of the target and then the clubface closes down through the impact area here okay so what we want to do is is they kind of know this I don't know if you're a hooker you might know this but what you've got to do is you've got to somehow get the sensation that this clubface is coming through much squarer now in order to do this you have to do something that's a little bit more exaggerated you got exaggerate the feel so what we're going to do is this I want you to reverse-engineer the process what we're going to do is we're going to get the club uh put three shafts down here so if you or a hooker what am I gonna do is this I want you to practice turning your body here I'm just turning my chest towards the target and I'm pointing the clubface it's completely square now to the shaft along this slide so the point the shaft actually pointing left the target now you're gonna feel when you do this for the those your hook the ball they think hang on a second I'm hitting the ball over to left why would I want to swing over there it cannons is counterintuitive well you want to swing over there because actually hookers always swing generally this way and then are forced to flip the wrists what we want to practice is reverse engineer zoom tire process we're going to swing to the left here we're going to turn our bodies to the left here keeping the clubface power lil with my spine angle here there's no rollover it's how it's going to feel quite strange so let's have a look at this in action we start that this is a drill you start there you feel well that's going to be like you get yourself set and we're gonna start with some very small shots and all we're gonna do is swing back and swing down that line okay no chance of hooking it if for instance you do this and the ball still goes a little bit left of Tiger you still drawing what you might have to do is this you might have to exaggerate this field so look we start with the square motion here square shoulders and what we're gonna do is gonna practice we're gonna turn our bodies to the left you might have to feel that the clubface is actually not just power with the spine angle but actually open a little bit exaggerate the feel is that wrong yes but it remember it's only feel the real will be very different okay so we do that so you get feeling and you just keep going down this line until eventually it straightens up that is all we did be Richard and it eliminated he's hooks completely now imagine you're a slicer he's not gonna do four slices what we're gonna do slices slices come this way they come across the golf ball with an open face so we're going to use this line now pointing to the right and what we're gonna do is we're gonna turn this I'm going to take the right hand off for a second we're going to turn our left alley down here over to that way and we're going to shut down the face as we're doing it so we're almost feel like with point in the face now to the ground we're then going to reach over with our am i right I mean in my case and we're gonna feel that position so watch this we're now going to get yourself set and we're gonna turn there we're gonna start in that position that's the feeling we want to get to and then we're going to come back and we're gonna repeat that process and now we're going to swing and hey breasts are now we get for me I've got this lovely draw shape okay moving towards a target now what I love about the reverse-engineer drill is you don't have to get confused about what's going on around this section generally imagine this if I'm going to throw a ball to you I don't have to think about my back so now do I because I'm throwing a ball to you my hand is going to come back here in a in a straight line it's going to come through to you this is the other great thing about this motion here the swing generally takes and swings much more towards what I call one plane you're swinging if you wanna swing in a sense this where you try and swing this way the club swings back this way and through this way vice versa it'll feel like you're swinging this way and this way so improves your level of consistency so let's have a look at that I'll just show you from this side so we'll see what's happening here so from this position here as we're coming through for those of you a cook you're going to simply just this you're gonna rotate here look everything's rotating beautifully through and you're keeping that clubface square to the to that shaft pointing left and if you if it's still not working still hooking it a little bit you might have to feel like you've opened the face just a fraction okay for those of you it's like slicing it you're gonna rotate your Li down this way towards that outside shaft and you're going to stretch and put your trail arm in make sure the clubface is down feel that motion and then do that Martian okay let's have a look at this in action so as most people slice let's have a look a slice again so we're going to swing it back here just Maul swing start to get feel feel that motion got it back and hey presto look at that ball turn there yeah that's all you do a reverse engineer it's entire process one more to the left now for those of you hook we're just going to simply turn this way feel the clubface is now much squarer and we're gonna go swing back I hope Resta know I'm getting almost a fade for me they're simple way like all these exercises and one of the difficult things with it when you've got a hook or slice is learning to feel it and learning to stop it you've got to get control over this clubface reverse engineer in this process will help you do this remember when I started this we've both Richard an in they didn't jump on it and get it immediately there's a few things you've got to do you've got to build a routine so what we did is is don't rush the process you get yourself set feel where you need to be here pause for a second come back swing and then just try to repeat that position notice I'm not going for a big smashing swings I also asked them both by the way to stop here a little bit so that they can measure what they're doing if you just stand there and go okay okay I've got a swing down this line and then and finish all the way over here you have no way of measuring whether you've done it correctly or not so what I'd always do with the guys is I get them to hit a shot and I said right what we're gonna do we're gonna swing here and I want you to just hold that finish here and check so imagine this watch this way too long no way of checking but if I did this now I've got a chance to look up position there I've got to Chum half way through I've got a chance now that cool hasn't wrapped over I've got a chance of doing it you could even be a little bit shorter I'm trying to hit this 150 and you might want to charge that with just 50 hours to start off with so I really hope you this helps it's a simple simple exercise but the reverse-engineer exercise will work so so well if you enjoyed the video give it a thumbs up and if you know someone that helps you struggling where the hooks on their slices please share it and of course if this is one of your first videos maybe press up subscribe button and the Bell so I can send you more training next week but until next week have a great golfing week