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hey everybody Danny Maude here thanks for joining us i just literally just finished an online lesson with a student of mine called colin um striking the ground behind the golf ball on a regular basis and what we noticed in his swing very typical of when you strike the ground behind the golf ball he's basically getting into this flicky position here the weights on the back foot now the problem is he'd often try to get that weight forward try to get the handle forward but for some reason he just keeps making apparently this mistake and certainly what we saw on camera so one of the reasons you might be the same is that sometimes you've been doing something so long so incorrectly that to do the right thing often can feel strange and it's sometimes difficult to feel so in this week's golf lesson i'm going to share with you exactly the feeling of what is a wonderfully beautifully struck iron shot about a strike that strikes the ball first then the ground then what i'm going to do once we've done that the first stage i'm going to show you then how you can start to add some speed and power to it so you don't just get the ball strike but you get the power too now before i get into the training if you're new to this channel it's from your first videos of mine please consider subscribing press that little bell button next subscribe when you get notified every time i release a video just like this one plus i always put a free downloadable practice plan in the description box below so look you never have to remember a thing just go ahead and download it great so let's give you now a very very simple three-step process to help you strike your irons so much more consistently first stage look you might understand what to do but you struggle to learn to feel what to do right so let's teach you now the feeling of a great strike now the way to do this in my mind is to focus more on the end result rather than the strike itself you see if you are trying if you look if you've been strongly strike you're desperate to strike the ball well so what often happens is i go like you get ball happy you start to focus more on striking the ball but that then takes a strike further away because the more you try to strike the ball properly the still you stay here when you stay still your weight doesn't naturally go forward you don't in get this handle ahead because you're not intending to go this way you're more intended to to stay still your head stays still and you end up getting this flicky position sometimes you might find yourself falling back why could you get to the golf ball here there's no space so you fall back so we're going to start with the end in mind right so we're going to focus on getting you where you've got to be finishing here because watch if i focus on finishing here look i naturally get my handle ahead i naturally get my weight forward because i'm heading where over this direction just like as i was gonna throw a ball to you my body naturally spawns and i go through the shot and i get all the kind of necessary things for great ball striking just in golf we might need to learn a few little things first first thing is yes the weight is on our lead side but one simple tip to kind of get this initially right is just when you're finishing just make sure you get your shoulders a bit of a tilt at an angle when you're finishing through often when i've given this drill before people end up like this i'm going to finish through don't okay and they end up kind of like this we don't want that we want to get your shoulders just at a bit of an angle here right and what that means is when you come through look it means that you're going to use your torso all the way through just to finish in that lovely simple fold through position there from this angle just there right so now you've got that we just simply go now that feeling just get a bit of a rhythm backwards and forwards and see if you're gonna arrive on your lead side with the club out in front of you here nice and connected through simple as that just imagining your shoulders finishing that angle and then you get to the golf ball and you simply hit a few shots this is stage one we're going to add some speed to this in a second focusing on your target and finishing at this angle here shoulders a nice angle just pitching him down the fairway small little shot no big shots at this stage just literally find some momentum backwards and forwards just chipping it there now as soon as you start to try and follow finishing this position you're less likely to stay static here finishing like this catching the ground behind the golf ball okay start with that first then you're starting to learn the sensation of having that pressure on that lead side you get the sensation of being almost a bit of a head of the golf ball and driving through but it won't be the power yet what you're going to need with power and this is what that causes daddy says i'm often scared of hitting chopping down on the golf ball well to avoid this you've got to remember that the golf swing is a down motion yes but then through here there's a upper motion i call it it's almost like a spiral upwards yeah it's almost spiraling this way we don't just go down into the golf ball and stop because that will just chunk the shot so how do you learn the feel of that because you can get spiral you can keep the handle ahead and watch you can generate some speed too so watch this what i like to call is like the spiral the ghosting's like a spiral jump spiral jump this way so what we're doing is is when we're coming through it's like this the body goes down and spirals up this way as it comes through the shot now this is really important now you might find well you know danny i'm a senior golfer i don't have that i can't do that make it smaller just imagine the thing is this is you're trying to add a little bit of a motion into this shot and if you do this a little bit you'll get a feel of what the feet are doing how they work without complicating it seeing it as just a spiral jump this way will give you the sense of okay now watch this

look at this we now invert we now start to put this motion into that little swing we've just done yeah that then starts to give us some power as well as the feels it's a stepping stone you feel where you need to be first that becomes just a bit too mechanical not very powerful then you start to make it more advanced a bit more tricky by adding some speed but how do you have speed well through the spiral jumps i'm feeling now i'm gonna spiral jump here now it gives you one amazing benefit which i'm going to go into a second but let's hit a shot just feeling a little bit more power

just a little bit more power into that shot there using the spiral jump now that then is a great way now the one of the amazing benefits for this is it can simply get a rid of so many backswing thoughts because the great thing is is once you know the end result your body your brain knows the end results a little less if i know that i've got to do a spiral jump right to hit this shot am i going to sway side to side it doesn't make any sense does it would i just kind of people talk about things like early extent would i just do this no that's not spiral jump that's just a vertical jump so watch what happens my back swing can actually help me look to start to spiral up down and then up again you see that it goes up spiral up now look i'm getting myself ready to do what the spiral jumps your body kind of in a sense doesn't need to think so much about the backswing because once the intention's set of what needs to do ahead of the game which is spiral i'm automatically going to do this does that make sense so you start to add that into the mix and you set to really simplify it of course you have to learn the timing of some of these things yeah but start small learn the feeling of where it's going to be here do some small shots think gradually just even if it's just gentle motion just get a sense of what that is and then start to add that into your motion

and you'll start to use the entire body to play the golf shot while simultaneously keeping the handle ahead because you yes you can now get the handle ahead here but you bringing it out of the turf with the jumping action so you get both so you don't get a horrible chop in all right so let's summarize we need the handle ahead we need that weight forward how do you do that well you've got to get the feeling first of all of where that's supposed to be at the end result don't make ball striking your goal make it the byproduct of what you're trying to do and i just said just to help you to finish in a great halfway position through just imagine the shoulders being a slight incline here right just there if you do that you everything naturally stays a bit more connected you're working as a unit just a simple thing to do right do some get some momentum going hit a few shots nice and simple to start with yeah then once you've got that sensation start to imagine without club maybe just what's the spiral jam feel how the whole legs the body work to create this motion then gradually start to add that into the whole swing you get the backswing for free because your body goes oh i've got to do a spiral jam oh it automatically does this yeah it makes sense so i really really hope this helps it certainly helped colin loved the idea didn't have to overcomplicate all these different positions in the backseat what's an absolute treat so i hope you did if you did give it a thumbs up let me share with a couple of your friends and of course look if you're new to a channel this is one of your first videos of mine please consider subscribing by pressing that bell button and remember there's a free practice plan i'll leave it in the description box below but until next week have a great golfing week