STOP HITTING THE GROUND BEHIND THE GOLF BALL: How to consistently hit the golf ball first

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hey everybody Danny Maude here thanks for joining us this way how would you like to start hitting at the ground behind the golf ball this was the number one question in my recent chat that was coming with a few of the members of my Facebook group do you want to come and join it's completely free I'll put a link in the description below but they were getting so frustrated when they were hitting great drives and then they get in the middle of Thayer and then the Duffing the shot and they come tell me I've seen the videos I've tried to stop hitting the ground behind a golf ball but I just can't stop doing it well the problem is is there's one thing in your golf swing that if you do not change no matter how hard you try to stop hitting the ground behind a golf ball you just won't be able to stop it alright so I'm gonna share with you that wall that one thing is I'm also gonna give you a cool simple training aid I can generate some speed and some consistency with this it cost me like three pounds which is basically five dollars and it is it's quite cool actually it's quite simple so I'm going to show you that in this week's training so but if you're new to a channel and you don't see one of my videos before please consider subscribing press that little Bell button next to subscribe aren't you getting notified every time I release a video just like this one so what what are we supposed to be doing at the moment of impact well we want to strike the group at least a ball first yeah we don't want to be striking the ground behind the golf but we want to straighten the ball first so let me show you what an impact position should look like first and then we'll work on how you go about achieving it so what you'll see first of all the people that don't have a good impact position they'll tend to be be their body tends to be quite a long way behind the golf ball they tend to be quite a lot of flicking their wrists here the club's going up very quickly you might even see a little bit of chicken wing here hitting the ground behind the golf ball as you can imagine not only you can get the ball going a lot off in different directions it can lose your stack of power so with the best ball strikers that people are striking the ball incredibly well it looks something like this Bob positions with I've got 700 of Center the weight is on the left side that lead hip here is out of the way there's a lean of the shaft here like this and we're look at that there that's the position they're in there's a lot of weight on this lead foot not a lot in the in the trail foot and that's the position we're in now if you if you try to stop this I'm sure you've seen this position a new much time before but you still can get into it and is the one thing that you're probably doing which is stopping you remember your body's a genius and it'll do anything in its power to make sure that you hit the ball somewhere down the center of the fairway so the first thing I want to have a look at is this most people who hit the get into this flicky position here and hit the ground behind the golf ball when they're approaching impact here this clubface is in an open position right so what's happening is that it's in an open position what do I mean by that well a square position would be at impact as we're coming in a bit as we're coming into about here look at the clubface here that clubface is parallel to my spine look at my touch my shoulder angle here that clubface needs to be parallel to that what's happening is if your clubface is in this position as it approaches impact your body smart it realizes look if you were to try to keep this angle here and try to create this lovely in position worst of all gonna go it's gonna fly off to the right isn't it okay for those right-handers so you your body's smart it's not gonna allow it yourself to do that so what it does instead is it goes I'm gonna help you out I'm gonna do my best now I'm gonna move back a little bit to give yourself time to hit that shot you need to straighten that club up and I'm going to flick it a little bit because that's gonna help you straighten the club up and as it does that it does its best for you it advances the ball okay really you know pretty straight or strengthen it would have been if you try to keep it handle ahead but it as a byproduct you obviously hit the ground behind the golf ball you might even top earth in it as well so unless you fix your clubface unless you get that clubface in a better position as it's coming down your body's not going to allow you to allow you to get into this position on the way through so how do you work on this well you first of all you've got to get used to the clubs you've got to learn to feel it so there's one thing me saying look you know try and get it there but if you can't feel this clubface you have no experience of feeling it how you're supposed to get there on a regular basis well you'd do it slowly what you do is you first of all just make a few swings and what you do is you start to swing the club backwards and forward and if you watched any of my rotational videos I'll put a link in the description below you start to get the body working like this okay and as it's working like this backwards and forwards not in a rolling fashion we don't or the club rolling away we get the club work in a way like this okay now as it's doing that you'll notice the clubface is parallel to my spine there it's not rolled this way so now what I do is is I'm going to do and when exaggerates I'm actually going to close it even more so it's probably almost incorrect now now from here watch this because it's closed if you were to flick now what's going to happen the balls going to go left isn't it so again because your body's a genius what's it going to want to do instead it's gonna want to open up a little bit here and if anything keep the handle ahead in order just kind of trying to hit it straight so just as your body's being a genius at doing this because the clubface is closed now it's going to go like a golf ball like that it's gonna hit it miles over here it's gonna start to kind of try and help you to square it up so it will do the opposite to what was happening before so here's how you work on it you just get a couple shots you get to here and all you're going to do keep it close and just play a few shots trying to get back the ball going nice and straight in my case into this net here so I'm gonna swing just about here there and all I'm going to do is try and hit it straight

so look at it from this angle so I've got some rainbow balls you can do this in your garden so I'm just gonna hit it against his fence here have a look at this so watch this I'm just going to swings it here the face is way down and I'm gonna do now is this look at trying to keep that square if I was to kind of release it now where the club's gonna go miles left look at this just to here and then through look at that natural I'm really having to exaggerate this motion just to kind of keep that clubface square white my body's clever now this will give you the initial feeling you could hit a few shots just doing that but clearly that in itself could be a little bit wooden so what we want to do for them we want to develop this we want to add some kind of softness to this and I've got a cool little trainee which I'm going to juice the second bit before we do what I wanted to do is this you can do this with a towel that's nothing a towel but now you've got this feeling which can take a bit of time so I probably spend a good 15 minutes maybe just working on that Marsh and hitting some shots I'm gonna put a a practice plan in the description below so if you're on my email list you're going to get it anywhere it's completely free of charge and if you out my email list don't worry just sign up below completely free and you get a practice plan with this video as well so what we're gonna do is we're going to get yourself set and what you're gonna do now is this just like you would if you're throwing a ball what you want to do is you just want to kind of get this kind of little lag so there's some softness in this motion so you've got the feeling of the clubface square and then just watch this just move back it's like a little shiver here like you're just snapping it you could you could do this with a wet towel or even better you could hop off to your local pet store and get one of these ever see one of these before these are dogs ball throw I don't even own a dog but I saw this moment this could be really cool first of all whoops what do you notice with the angle of this thing it's this way why because this with your lead hand at your hand here so you try on a head of this is the most powerful way to throw this ball they don't put the ball they don't put it at this angle so they know that's how you generate speed but remember you can't have this angle unless you talk the face out but get one of these because what this will do is it will help you then add the speed and the power to this Martian so clubface first speed second this is how you generate speed so all I'm going to do now with this thing is I'm simply gonna toss this ball into the net now the great thing is is if I flick it which you just won't make any sense it's just gonna feel weird so this is just just smaller swing just just tossing it straight just getting a sense of what it's like here to toss that do that once or twice and then what you do is you bring in your golf club again you've been working on your face you've got this sensation now what you do watch this you've got you just swap between the two and you toss it watch this just to here and then

you just toss it so you rehearse that once or twice get that sensation you go back here just keep it really close it down really the more you exaggerate it almost overdo it the more you're gonna get the body working better the more the hands are gonna be a better place to strike that ball first and not get a horrible flicky motion so we do it one more time we get to here look and then now once you've done that get your little tool again remind the body of the feeling again you can't think about all these things it happens too quickly so using drills like this really appeals to the body helps you experience the motion without cluttering your head for a load of stuff so get yourself set again just go it here throw throw throw you if you're left-handed playing golf right-handed no problem just do the backhand throw throw look at this position throw now keep remembering the throwing motion all this stuff all that comes second to the clubface you don't sort the clubface out your body will never allow yourself to throw you just won't do it so let's just summarize really quickly how do you start hitting the ground behind the golf ball go on the one don't solve this problem he won't be a saab hit the ground behind the golf ball sort the clubface out how do you do this you get a feel for it initially you know spend some time hold the golf club indoors get the sensation of where it is you know close it down really get it short here and then just feel how cut what it feels like it'll feel very strange and then practice just trying to hit a few shots trying to hit the ball nice and straight it will feel warden to start with no problem just get a sense of that then add a little softness to it and add that motion in then a hand slap Martian by buying yourself one of these these are super cheap and what a great tool this is to kind of really get that sensation of speed and relaxation with this okay and look I'm gonna put a practice plan like I say details the practice file in the description below and if you haven't joined my first week unit and you want to come and join in and start asking some questions hop on over over there too we have a good time but if you enjoy the video give it a thumbs up maybe come and join the community by subscribing to the chat but until next week have a great golfing week