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hey everybody Danny Maude here thanks for joining us this week I want to talk about the subject of power how do you get more power in your game I wanted to talk about because so many of my clients go about trying to get power in correctly and that was a situation for a recent client Eric this week so sixty-seven years old I've been playing the game for quite a while but was really struggling to get his irons high enough high enough in the air and was twenty or thirty yards behind his playing partners and it was getting frustrating for him so he came to me I wanted to add a lot more power to his game now by the time we finish the session in our session we did exactly that we added 20 probably 20 I think we were at about 25 yards and in the end to his game and I want to share with you exactly what we did to achieve that so a lot of golfers when they're trying to add power they go about it the wrong way what they tend to do is when you swing to the top a lot of it a lot of golfers they tend to hit very very hard and attempting to do it with their hands their arms and often shoulders so that is not the right way to add power T again now Eric was doing a little bit of that but it was also doing another thing that I see so many golfers do in an attempt to hit power a lot of golfers rush the downswing they get here that before they've even completed the backswing they're starting the downswing and that is just it's kind of obvious obviously common sense isn't you know if you don't complete your backswing here that you know this is a completion there's a lot of energy stored if it's only here you've got half the amount of energy stored compared to up here right so if you don't complete your backswing it goes without saying that you're gonna lose a lot of power so what we first need to do with Eric was he was definitely doing this he was very very short who's rushing that downswing and that was compromising not only his distance but component compromising the consistency of his strike so we gave him something super simple and it worked almost immediately right so the fall we gave was simply this I said take long to complete your backswing I didn't ask him to do exercise like this to try to make a big turn or a big stretch or anything like that because that can sometimes I'm immediate initiate a lot of tension in a golf swing it works by the way sometimes as an exercise but I wanted quick result so it was heavy for an hour I want to see some result pretty quickly so all I said was take longer to complete your swing so if he's only swings are here it's really short right so I said look just see if you can take a little bit longer to complete your swing so he did it take a bit longer and naturally as a bi-partisan try and take longer he immediately completed his swing it's really improved and it um started to see some increase in distance so what you could do is exactly the same there's nothing more complicating that just under the golf ball and when you're going to hit just feel like your backswing takes longer to complete nothing more complicated than that nice and really curl nice and smooth just take longer for your backswing to complete now that on its own we met we saw some big differences so we immediately we saw an increase in distance not complete 25 yards at this stage but we saw an increase in distance is probably about between 10 and 15 just been doing that just by storing more energy at the top of the swing now what you could do you could try that one exercise what you could also do is look at maybe using a rhythm focus exercise where you can say the number 101 let's say so if you were to go 101 that would give you enough time to complete the swing and finish down here watch this if it's to shut 100 and you'd never get a chance to complete it I'll complete 101 if you're only swinging sit here watch this 100m but watch this 101 okay so jump sometimes verbalizing the sound of a of a number like that will help you do something very similar to it like we did with Eric in to complete that swing and get the rhythm and the time to come back down without rushing so we managed to add look about between twelve and fifteen years to arias game and and I was pretty good but it wasn't the end article I knew that Eric wanted a little bit more and just extending the swing and finding that time although felt lovely for Eric it wasn't kind of giving him exactly what he wanted he wanted some more right so then we went on to the second part lesson we worked on some sequencing now if you've seen any of my videos before on lag and effortless when I put them in the iCard just that above here it should help and complement this training but we needed Eric to improve his sequencing and what was happening on the way down was because Eric had had such a short backswing here and it was very and it was also rushing his swing it would become a very arms II and shoulder swing there wasn't any leg action whatsoever so what I need to do is I needed to help him once it completed this swing I needed to help him in the transition and the best exercise our giving which almost immediately we're simply this if you just let your arms hang down this is something you could do at home if you let your arms hang down and put your right hand behind your left hand here right so what I'm doing is and look at this I'm cooking this behind here and I'm forcing it this way now what I'm gonna do is I swing back now I'm swinging into this completely swing so it was taking longer to complete the backswing now here I'd ask him to move his left knee towards the target this way wealth resisting the urge for this to come down so this is holding it back now and he's just getting that sensation of separation or delay delay in the arms delay in the tosser just enough for then to snap that's what we want to have we want to create the completion in the swing first and then what we want to create is the correct sequence in the way down let me show that one again so left arm down right hand took it behind the left when they'd show we took time to complete and then we start to initiate the downswing with a left knee that's rotating towards the target whilst resisting here can I feel this wanting to come down yes I can right and you will too so it want to come down but you're resisting the urge and then after you get to about here it hips get square you're going to fire through what this looks like with the golf club here is we're swinging back and what we're doing is we're delaying as we're turning and this is the correct sequence so once we did that didn't happen straight away but once we did that halfway through the second part this lesson we saw some big increases in distance so let's have a look okay so we're gonna complete the swing and we're gonna Ischia at the downswing with Ali left knee rotating towards the target first

I know where we go so in summary how do we get Eric to hit it 20 to 25 yards further we focus on two things he was seriously rushing his downswing and with that came inconsistent strikes and a huge loss of power he needed to complete his swing now there's plenty of stuff out there that you can work on in terms of exercises to control keep the shoulder turn moving etc and they all have their I'll have their place I just wanted something that was going to be a lot simple that Eric who wasn't gonna be a big pressure could take straight to the Gulf Coast so what we worked on was just hold him look take longer to complete your backswing in terms of time just take longer to complete your backswing that for Eric worked absolutely fine what I've done as I mentioned in in the in the earlier the training is you can also use numbers words I grew up with Ernie else playing golf and you we'd use Saenz like Ernie else because it would help the rhythm and just saying the words out there would help us complete the top of the backswing but as I said as well you can go 101 101 and that just in order to find the time to get that word out you'll have to complete your swing on the backswing and therefore give you more rhythm now it is slightly different on your wedges just to kind of add a little bit extra into this into summaries that when you're playing a wedge shot you might want to go not 101 because the rhythms are even slower it might be just 1 & 2 1 & 2 rush that a little bit 1 & 2 there we go so that's the rhythm of the wedge is slightly different but ultimately all we did was complete the swing right now that alone made a big difference straightaway likes a 10 or 15 yards immediately more energy stored at the top more power then we said look you want to get some all we need to work on the sequencing this is always the trickiest thing because people search in such a rush to kind of hit it with that therefore part of the body so we then worked on sequencing and it gave you this exercise here putting your left hand down take your right hand stick it behind your left then complete the swing and then feel that you're delaying this section as you rotate the lower knee left knee to lead me toward the target all is it's a feeling inside something you can do right now at home you do more of this you start feeling delay of your tosser the delay of the hand and ear and then that's what then creates this snap through just like you would do if you're doing a whip you know there's a delay and a snap through and that's how you get those extra few years we worked on those two things boom twenty to twenty-five yards further almost immediately so I really hope you enjoyed this training of course if you're looking for power or you know some friends who could benefit please share it as you know it really really helps and if you enjoying the content and you want to sieve it in your inbox every week don't forget to press the subscribe button and the little bell and of course if you've got any questions at all head on over to my Twitter and Instagram or even Facebook channels that you can ask questions over there alternatively you're here on youtube and you want to post your comments down below I'll answer them over the coming weeks and until next week have a great golfing week