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hey everybody Danny Maude here thanks for joining us that this week had Jim come and see me from Holland he had a wicked slice on him and wasn't striking the ball as cleanly as he possibly could and what am I doing this witch training is if you are looking if you've got a slice on you and you're looking to improve not only your ball striking but get rid of that slice and possibly turn it into a draw then this week's training I'm going to show you some before and after images of Jim's lesson on how we basically turned a swing that was very steep and across the line and then coming across the line on the way through with chicken wings face open you name it now do you lovely lovely chap agreed to share this video with you so I'm really pleased with that so thanks for that Jim but it will really help you so if you if you're a slicer and you're looking at improving that quality two-strike maybe even turning to draw than this training should really benefit you so before we go ahead if you're new to a channel and this is one of your first videos consider subscribing I released content like this every single week to try and help you improve your game so let's get going and if you have a quick look at Jim's video on-screen here you'll notice that what he tends to do very very quickly he's pick the club straight up in the air here and as he comes down he comes across the line in the golf ball here the elbow comes out a little bit the face is wide open and this is really really normal for people who are slicing the golf ball so what did we do to get Jim basically in one session turning that slice into a draw he'd never done it in his entire life but we managed in that one session turn into a drop well the problem is what Jim was focusing on a hell of lot with so many mechanics now he knew as a slicer the club needs to come down on the inside here in this position here as opposed to come over the top so you've been trying to get the club in position here and get it through but his swing was becoming mechanically was finding that he had so many things going on in his head that he just got very very confusing and so what we did was we basically give him something really really simple think think about and I want to share that with you so one that problems did a lot of golfers is is when they stood over the golf ball there and so wrapped up in the mechanics of the game they've got so many swing thoughts here how do I take the club away when I get here I know I don't want to slice it don't want to cover the tops I must take it on the inside I need to swing into out etc etc how do you get your club coming on the inside swinging into out to clear that lovely draw on a regular basis let me show you so here's what we did I said to you Jim if you're gonna play what's the opposite to a slice a hook right if you want to get yourself to stop slicing it the first thing you'll do you need to move yourself out of the mindset of I don't want to slice I need to stop coming over the top instead let's focus on the opposite let's focus on what you want to have happen so I suggested to Jim what I wanted to do Jim is I want to try to hook it because that's so far away from where you are right now if you were hooking the ball a hooker would come into out too much and the club would wrap over well if we could get somewhere close to that you would make a substantial change and improvement in your golf swing so the first asset to do is I want you to take your right hand no golf clubs at this stage and I want you to just get your right hand and if you were to visualize a hook what would it look like it would set off to the right and it would curve round so I want you to do this make us a movement now I just imagine that ball curving setting off to the right and curving around so he started to create these shapes just with his arm backwards and forward now what do you did this initially because he knew he had to swing this where the arm was going a little bit low so I said we're going to link it to golf just a bit more so remember that we've got to come down on the golf ball as we're doing this so sit right now when you do this next time still visualize the image out there the ball setting off to the right curving back but remember you've got a golf ball to collect on the way so we're going to swing we're going to come down towards the golf ball and we're going to create that curve down towards the golf ball and create that cursors creating the ship would it make any sense if he would start start the ball out to the right and hook it what do you make any sense to do this

how's your heart when you're watching this it looks weird doesn't it you just wouldn't do it and this is how simple it can really really be so I'll show you the images at Virginia's where is he swinging backwards and forwards you can see have a look at them easy coming over the top now is he coming is it a steep backswing no is it coming at the top absolutely not we then moved him to the one-handed swing so now with the rack a let's keep that ball moving from right to left to keep imagine it grip down the club now in your in your right hand and now just imagine doing the same thing backwards and forwards creating this shape seeing the image out there letting it drive the swing through here the way I like to see it imagine this is this I like to see like the matter the clock the target itself is like a magnet it's drawing your swing out of you okay you aren't having to direct it all the time that is the complex way of learning through a golf club if you're stood there with a million and one things thinking about how you're gonna play this golf is too difficult let the target lead so what do I mean by that by having an image of what you're trying to do my arm takes and more aligned to the right hand side why because of wall want the ball set up to the right and it also starts to turn through because we want it to do this it's driving this Martian I'm not having to give it too many instructions the same is true with this golf club swinging back and just trying to get that feeling here now I didn't get any golf balls one-handed I just let him to get that feel then the second hand comes up and we known start to hit a few shots I said right now it is the same thing make a few swings now look and imagine the ball setting off to the right and drawing around just keep the get that feeling and that swing backwards and forwards keeping that image in your mind and the direction of the swing starts to get the ball moving now Jim didn't suddenly turn into a wonderful drawer just up that one exercise but what he did do was this he tried his very very best to get that drawer get that Club swinging around here keeping the image in his mind but when he did this the boss had off left a target but he hatched the drawer he had not the DRA be had the curvature right to left so for you if you're slicing it and you're struggling to strike the golf ball one of the things that you got to do you got to focus on a couple of things you got to make sure that the first of all the clubface is closing down to create that movement right to left ie the opposite to a slice and you've also got to get the club path as opposed to coming this way coming much much more straight on now Jim didn't get that turn away he actually got the ball curving which was great ticking the box but to get the ball turning I said to him look don't think about swinging into out for a second don't think about coming in here which is what you needed to really do just imagine now you're gonna try and hook the ball just imagine now look out there let that lead you're gonna have to imagine the boss that no further and further right because he was trying to draw it but that wasn't enough now we need to imagine a really getting a ball setting off to the right and really hooking it was he did that you'll see in a second from the from the video I'm going to show you suddenly now his swing even with his hybrid started you'll see a little even shallowing did I time to show the club out absolutely not I just it actually happened because he knew we needed to get the ball setting off to the right to hook it in his mind that's all he was focusing on this shape it's completely opposite to what he was doing and therefore it created a completely opposite swing it didn't create this swing it created as you can see from the video here a swing that's coming much much more on this position and then releasing that is all we did to turn Jim's slice into a draw simple as that and you'll see it on the video so let me summarize what have we done if you're slicing it one of the problems is is you're probably stuck in a slices mentality so what is the slice of mentality as slices mentality is somebody who's trying not to slice it they visit they try not slicer the trouble is down the right hand side they're trying to avoid it as much as possible so the em left and they end up slicing even more okay so they're in the mindset of not slicing it they try not to come up the top so they're trying to focus on coming in need to these positions here very mechanical very mechanical and had it hard to / to reproduce how do you get out of that slice of mentality focus on what you want focus on trying to get the ball moving right to let the complete opposite you may not do it to start off with but the the mere fact that you're trying it will create a completely opposite swing a swing that heads in to our creating a movement right to left through the air sure assemble it one more look at this Jim's over-the-top action with his intention now to start with his hand first get a feel for this motion then link it to the right hand get a feel for this then put two hands on create the shape and hey presto we start to create that movement I'm really really hope you're gonna try this because it is so so simple to do and it's much more natural and much more natural place approach to averting the game and you won't have a thousand swing thoughts going on in your head so I really hope you do enjoy this video if you do and you think some of your friends might benefit from getting rid of this slice or improving their ball striking please share it and of course look if you're new to the channel and you haven't subscribed already consider subscribing but until next week have a great golfing week