chipping short game simple golf tips Nov 04, 2021

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Hey everybody Danny Maude here and I have a question for you have you had a plenty of chipping lessons and none of them seem to be getting you results fast enough well in this very short video I'm going to show you one little tip that you can do with your chipping that I found gives me with some of my clients some really instant results that are long lasting okay I just trying to be absolutely brilliant but it's a little bit unusual and so without further ado let's get started and I'll show you what I've been up to so one of the problems when people chip is obviously we probably hear this they can't stop taking the cam and prevent their hands from flicking all the time through impact so they hit these finish up some fact shots it's very complicated one of the reasons behind this is we basically take the club around the body back here and then around again and that's that's not actually a really good chipping action is where we simply follow the body on a gentle arc the problem is is when somebody's been struggling with their chipping that's not easy to do because it requires quite a lot of control to do that and and discipline so there is one thing you can do that makes it super simple and a lot of people over the years have done something very similar in puting heard of the broom handle not really you can't anchor that anymore or one of the advantages about the broom handle is vertical right and it helps when somewhere put is vertical to consistently get the club going back on a straight line okay now as we don't need any rotational power in chipping because it's only a small shot we can actually do something very similar in chipping to really improve the quality of your chip shots and what we do is we simply hold the club up so it's very vertical and almost the toenail is just on the ground and the heels of the ground okay let's a bit strange then we're going to simply put the club in a palm and you'll notice it's very much up the lifeline of the left hand if you're left-handed golfer or right honey go for the lifeline of the right hand and then we grip it okay now from here you'll notice that we stood very very close to the golf ball and we're going to do is get the club going straight back and straight through and it's a gentle rock of the shoulders you can put a little bit of weight on your left side to encourage you more downward strike but all you're doing you're keeping everything very very quiet and you're simply swinging backwards and forwards with a toe only the toe striking the golf ball okay now one of the beauties about this is there's a lot less to go wrong the club basically follows a much straighter path on the way back and and a much straighter path on the way through and the create benefit about this is there's no need for the hands to have any rotation sometimes when we're swinging backwards and forward you can see here then that requires a lot of discipline there's some downsides to this when you want to swing longer okhane you want to hit longer golf shots like it may be a pitch you can't really use this technique so it's not really scalable okay but it is brilliant around the edges of the grid and there's plenty of top players doing exactly this so what I'm saying is is this is a specialized technique for chips around the green the other advantage with it is out the rough is brilliant if you put the toe in here look at this angle you've only got a sharp angle here as opposed to the full width of the blade so when your toes in the ground that is again going to cut through the rough a lot more particularly if you even close the face of fraction all right so I'd really that's all I'm going that's all it is not complicated movement at all it's very very straightforward we really give it a try and if you have if you get some success with it please put it in the comments box below and if um if you know anyone who's really struggling they're chipping who could do is advice please share it and until next week have a great golfing week hi it's Danny did you like this video if you did there's two things you could do right now want to subscribe to my channel and receive this content on a weekly basis the second thing you could do is you could head on over to my website right here and receive my weekly newsletter in that newsletter we have various different advice in PDF format you can access my podcasts about many many things that you cannot on this channel head on over to it here until next week have a great golfing week.