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Hey everybody Danny Maude here thanks for joining us have you ever wanted to strike your irons more consistently are you finding that times that when you're out on the golf course you're striking the ground sometimes behind the golf ball maybe catching it a little bit thin but either way you're just not getting the consistency in the distance and the accuracy of your irons well if it is this was a situation for Charles this week Charles comes to see me and he's a pretty good golfer but one other problems was is that when he's out on the golf course he just doesn't get any consistency with his irons and therefore his distance is all over the place sometimes he's hidden it 20 yards further sometimes 20 yards less and he's sometimes striking the ground behind the golf ball sometimes of catching a little bit thin but either way he just doesn't get that consistency and I think by Charles the Charles doesn't have too much time to practice so he wanted something that he could do reasonably quickly maybe even at home that would help his ball striking on the golf course and so I give him a real real simple exercise and it worked a treat and I want to share with you so what we did was this with great ball strikers they have one thing in common and it's very very similar right so great ball strikers are their irons their left hand here he's directly underneath their left shoulder at the moment of impact so when they're coming down here all right when they come down into impact their left hand there's a force of pressure going downwards and it's directly under the left shoulder right now for most people who aren't striking their irons solid and powerful they tend to be something like this when they swing back they'll tend to be either they'll they'll throw their hips at the golf ball here and now the hands are back here at impact leading to all kinds of fat shots hitting the ground ground behind even thin shots from there and then you're always off to get the pair of the golfer that does this they go it to the top of the backswing and they throw the club out here now select the hands outside the golf ball and it's nowhere near underneath the shoulder so this is a really really easy and simple exercise for you on practice so what we do is you get yourself set and you just feel the gentle in a force particularly with the left left hand here I'm pushing the palm here underneath and pushing it down underneath my shoulder there now what I'm going to do now is it's very close to my left leg as well what I'm gonna do now is I'm gonna push back and then I'm gonna throw it back down underneath my shoulder close to my left leg nothing more complicating that throw it back up throw it back down now you could even when you're doing this exercise do it incorrectly you could either swing back and then go like this feel what that's like we don't want to be in that position if you're an over at a top swinger swing back and then go this way feel what that's like you can see a cap there's that hands way out there so what I want you do again is this push down here left hand directly under the shoulder feel the pressure here push down up and then throw it back down underneath the body I'm gonna show you what this looks like in the golf swing so from here what I'm going to do is I've taken my left hand I'm going to just push the left hand on the butt of the golf club feel like it's pushing downwards underneath that shoulder right this has a real great benefit which I'm going to share with you on the on the backswing in a second as well from here I'm going to push down with a handle here now with a push down here pushing directly under that shoulder push it back and then throw it back down again push back throw it back down again look what it is right as a post to this we don't want that we don't want that simple exercise to get our ball striking let's see what this looks like so I'm going to push you back and push you back under that's a great strike for that first one of the day let me show you what it looks right like from the other side so here's why I really really love this exercise I'll show you from down the line so there's your left hand put this applying a force towards the ground and it's directly under the left shoulder what we're doing is we're gonna throw the club up and throw it back down directly underneath the left shoulder what did I mention most people do they do one of the couple of things either sling it up throw their body at it so the hips have gone out position here the whole shape of the body is gone and we're really out position there we can meet all kinds of strikes generally fats things you name it then you've got the slices of the world that people come over the top what do they was that look like well there's your left hand go it into the body under the left shoulder they throw their hands up and then generally throw them outwards here look at the difference here look at the space we've got right so they see what it looks like when it's performed well push up and then feel it going straight back down hold that there so you can get a feeling of that so can then transfer it eventually to the golf club right those exercises done at home will train yourself in two very different sensations for that what you're probably used to right now now here's why I also like it because I think it gives you a double whammy in one of my videos called the three death blues I put it up in the top left hand corner here I mentioned something called the first time he was the first definitely actually where a lot of golfers don't stick the club around their body well watch what happens when the club comes around their body what's happened to the left hand it's gone outwards look at the space we've got here right watch this using the exact same exercise but now with a golf club I'm going to feel a force pushing down with a left and it's directly under my shoulder I'm gonna keep that force pushing down pushing down and keep the hand very very close now to my legs look at the difference in that position there push push push push push push down still in line here look at that position there I'm gonna throw the club up and then watch this I'm gonna throw it back down underneath my left shoulder look at the difference there of that backswing it's a wonderful thing compare this to this if I were to allow that left hand to move away so away from my left shoulder what happened to the golf club now Amelie go to the side alright so watch this let's see this in action so and get myself set feel a force pushing down I might do a one or two rehearsal push down push down push down get that motion and then back down under and let's have a look beautiful not bad for the second shutteth day alright so it is a very very straightforward exercise that is designed to promote the feeling of what really good ball strike is sense at the moment of impact it puts her pressure down onto the golf ball so you get our ball turf contact so how does it work we push a force down the left hand here is directly under the shoulder we feel that force pushing pushing back on this line here we don't allow it to go out push it up and then we're going to throw it back down underneath the left shoulder here and through what a most people do they throw it back they sling their body at it here or they may swing their arms out here either way they do not bring the left or left hand here directly underneath that shoulder we also said it's very very good for the backswing why because most golfers again they put their arms out on the backswing causing the club to come in here keep that left hand underneath keep the pressure going down down down in that straight line and it helps you to get that Club much much more on line here and again throwing it back down it gets you to put pressure down on the golf ball as opposed to watch this if you're here how can I put a downward pressure on my boy if I swing my arms out it here I can if I sling over the top I can't really put a pressure down on either so when that hand is directly under the cavity here on they're not sure that I can do where I can put a pressure to that ball turf contact very very straightforward simple thing to practice at home but if you have any questions on this at all don't forget to leave them in the comments box below or head over on to my Instagram channel and ask them over there and of course look if you know someone else who's possibly working didn't have too much time to practice who could benefit from a simple exercise like this don't forget to share it and if you join the content please subscribe to the channel and press the bell and until next week have a great golfing week