Senior Golfer transforms his chip shots around the green with NEW short game technique

chipping Jun 14, 2022

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Hey everybody Danny Maude here thanks for joining us if you've ever struggled with a short game around the green you're gonna absolutely love this live golf lesson with my dad look don't laugh but he hit some absolute shockers at the start unless it's shanking it thinning it along the green chunking it but by the end of the lesson we kind of transformed his technique and it really needed to be transformed so hope you enjoyed the lesson look over my shoulder right now and enjoy this short game lesson with my dad what's happening to your shots when you're when uh when you're chipping around the greens well quite a lot quite a lot seemed to go right to the target go right target yes and what's the strike like uh it feels uh a little bit sloppy it doesn't feel good a nice crisp contact okay

they say now that

i didn't seem to square up there at all did i how do you mean when you said square up what's happening well i felt that was near the hosel right okay so that was that was because you've had a few shanks as well yes i have yeah okay

there's another one isn't it no you see that yeah yeah okay so you're quite you're quite handsy really

i see that one there see so they're all wanting to drift out down that way out to the right yes okay pause there for a second let me show you something so what we're seeing this is quite normal right is your body and your shoulder and your uh your arms they aren't really synced up so what you're doing quite a lot of is you're you're taking it back quite a bit with your hands and your arms okay and the club's getting very much around then what you're doing is you're trying to the way you're getting it back around in front of you is by using a lot of hands oh i see so if you think of this your club face is now closing down so when it closes down you're getting that top spin almost the problem is look at this if you don't close it down quick enough there's your shot to the right okay the other thing is is when you also when you're closing it down you're bringing in the leading sharp edge too much into the ground yes so you're going to fat it right so you're not really that's what that's that's what i've been doing i've been hitting the hustle that's when i've shanked it yeah you feel as though i've hit this corner of the club yeah the the best not the blade because the club itself is waving around a bit too much it's you're almost having like an open and uh closed door effect right so what i want you to do keep we're going to keep it uh really simple we need to kind of stabilize this club right but we need the body and the arms working more in harmony when you're when you're chipping okay so all we're going to do to start with it's super simple i want you to just get put the maybe actually with that ball first i want you to imagine how would your body move if you're going to throw a ball onto the green just notice what your body does so come down here for a second okay and all we're going to do is just if you were going to throw a ball onto a green just pay attention to what your body's doing and imagine you're going to throw that ball into the ground just under arm

good now pause that look notice where your hips are and that's where your chest is everything's going through our target right yep good now do you keep that body dead still

no you don't do it right do you swing your arm all over the place no is it wooden no is it wristy no yeah so get yourself set and i want you to know just let your arms hang down his side just feel like your right hand is just nice and connected to your side just relax there right now just throwing this ball now just see if you can get a sensation of how this arm and body are working that's it together through to the target perfect let's throw the ball okay now if that ball's gone off to the right what would you do where would you swing the arm backwards and forwards if it's going to one more that way yeah you would and where would it swing back slightly as well if you're going to swing if you want to hit it online where would you swing it back to well uh this right here and that way well if you swing it if it goes to the right where are you swinging your hand oh sorry it needs to come this way yeah so when you're swinging so when it was right you don't have to think about it if you're here look and you want to throw the ball right if you throw it if you bring it around here you're gonna it's gonna make it very difficult for you to get it around right so you've got to get the club working out in front of you here like this

so we can actually throw it right online i see so now you've got the club in your um in your right hand okay what i want to do now is this i want you to imagine now you're going to do the same thing now with this club here one hand just imagine throwing it in the direction of that target okay now hit me a shot now okay literally one-handed throwing it in the direction of that target don't worry about strike or anything like that

so if that ball goes off to the right what would you need to do just keep keep imagining what you're adjusting don't artificially do it just look at this just keep swinging in a way that's going to get your ball on target

make sense listen to that a lot better strike yeah and you seem to have a little bit of stop with that yeah you've got a bit backspin on that one as well and again

better isn't it yes it's is and a different strength is more solid yep a couple of reasons why that's happening okay just down there for a second a couple of reasons why you're starting to strike it now is for the first time as opposed to you getting this type of motion where you're manipulating it with your hands they're not we're not there yet but you're starting to let the club swing up and down and watch this it's falling down on the ground now i see see it's falling on the ball it's staying much squarer versus

right i've got you see the difference so when you start to throw it like this and you let the club naturally fall to the ground as you're swinging through you're letting two things happen the body and the arms are sinking up plus you're letting the club just something far better line into yeah and it's falling down onto the ground just as you would do if you're through okay so keep playing around with that now the direction you've got to start to just like like throw in like if we threw a ball and we threw it out to the right a little bit we just naturally subtly make adjustments somewhere yes we're going to make it comfortable yeah that's correct so keep going we're going to stick with one arm for a second before we bring it in yeah definitely yeah just for now now when you do this okay with one arm um because we when we've been to yeah in a positive position buzzer don't let the arm completely get out of sync with the body i see so when you're here look we didn't do this when we threw a ball keep it in sync with the body

yeah so do that again for me

okay keeping it let the body swing through nice and let it flow that's it okay

good that's not better danielle keep going i want this ball to set off left of target okay left of target not right there's a different strike altogether now watch this stop now next to the hole it's stopped a lot see they're just in height there yes okay so when you're swinging and you're sinking the body when you take the club too much here where's the club wanting to go now out to the right so what are you going to have to do with your hands i see yeah when you take the club naturally more online we synced up with your body so you've got a little turn on the way back now the club comes through look it can stay squarer square and therefore you're keeping the loft on so then the ball of room with a club and that's where you get your backspin exactly exactly so that's what you've got to start to play around with it might feel like you're coming out here yeah i just feel around quite strange actually now when i'm really i feel as i'm coming too far out that way actually but let the ball the results it's going left and not right and it's also going you've got height on it yes and that's on the height you know i'm to close that face down through impact okay so keep going

that was terrible don't worry that's all right you get a few of them you see i've got something i've got to say just don't watch this don't come look at it if once you start overthinking it it won't work so that's it look at this just relax you're throwing a ball yeah let's run the ball that's it and if you know that you're sweet you're throwing the ball bits out to the right what would you do just pivot more to left that's it yeah so don't it's so easy to get wrapped up in all the mechanics don't get wrapped up in the account it's just you've got this inner action here that you can always return to

there you go look at that that's great so why do we do it one-handed first very simple when you've got do one-handed swings you're forced to let the club fall when you add the second hand in we're going to talk about grip pressure in a second people grab hold of the club drive the handle and then they don't let the club do the work right right so we do this first of all so you get a rough idea then we'll gradually put the lead hand in okay to continue there right okay

look at the difference in height on there yes that's what i was just landing on the stopping yeah i felt that when the when the club actually went went through the ball it was more or less keeping square through yep there right rather than going turning it over exactly

look at that now

so let's do let's make it a little bit trickier right so um we're going to go to your left hand now okay so you want to educate your left hand um what to do so again same principle we want to let this club swing through so just with your left hand okay let the club feel like where were the clubbing to swing so look at the club head just imagine swinging that clubhead syncing it up with your body just with your left hand okay right where's it going straight to the right yeah straight to the right so exactly so the why i love the left hand exercise is this the left hand is going to be one of your crucial hands because what you're doing here is is you're kind of in a sense of getting this stuck in here and then just driving it all right you've got to work out now with this left hand what you need to do with this club head look to get that ball online yes look what's that if you did again if your club is going around here look where it is at the moment you've got no chance on getting that club where you need to go look at this where's my head

yeah it's the difference yeah yeah yeah now i can easily come through but if i get my head around here you know where to go have you i've got time no i'm going to tell you i've got time to square up and if i do i'm going to block it out to the right i have to flick it so again same principle just get a feel of and what you're doing here is you're getting a feel of how the natural the arm and the wrists are working again with the body

to hit that ball left


okay so what we'll do we'll do a reversal or two will do a slightly different way okay what we're going to do because sometimes it can be a bit tricky initially do what i call the reverse overlap so you're gonna actually gonna put your left hand below your right and this is a good exercise because what you're doing here is this if you drive your handle now you're gonna shank it yeah so what it's gonna do it's gonna teach you how to literally make sure you're going to release the club through impact here look mm-hmm look at this i'll just play a shot for you it's a small one

i see makes sense yes because if i drive my handle here with my left hand i'm going to leave it open so it's going to train you look to get the s get the release of the club now now what deposit so it's not too wooden get the match it up with the body look that's it so yeah there you go so you got some flow wonderful do some swing spur that's to get a feeling notice how you're gonna have to square that club that's it

there you go

where's he gonna go that was a shank yeah yeah and i said that this is what makes it tricky right so it's a great exercise this because it's brutal it's going to give you a sensation here of how to squat what happened so where did it where where did that club face cause the shank what's that was it the toe end or was it the heel get yourself set

that's how you're hitting it right now there yeah so it's the heel that's hitting the ball yeah so you need to make sure you're releasing that club and by the way when you're doing it you're literally releasing the club with a i'll sit with your body there you go that's it

there you go it's completely different isn't it complete difference yeah yeah so you've educated the right hand and the right side now what you're doing is you're educated by turning this way you're educating what the left side needs to do in the golf shot right then what we'll do in a second not yet just keep playing around with this then we'll jump move back to normal and then you start to kind of get the whole thing working together

there you go makes sense it does great so let's grab these the key thing for us is that we've got you now starting to get some form of synchronization here you've got an awareness that you're doing this and now you're getting a feel of how the lead side needs to work too now what we do now you've got some of ideas make some swings go swinging backwards and forwards with both hands swinging towards the target

there you go okay let's go so don't worry about where the ball goes initially just imagine you're going to hit the ball slightly left to target get a sense of this motion

okay so it's online this time yeah yeah keep going beautiful height makes sense yes much better strike that much better strike

when you sometimes what you're doing you're doing a bit wooden yes so you're trying to get you're trying to stick it out there no so you don't throw a ball of wood in no yeah so even though i want you to in a sense get this line right don't make it this no no if you just stiff yeah no no stiffer no no i'm throwing a ball yeah so i've been throwing it out to right a little bit too much no problem okay i'm gonna swing it over here but i'm not gonna put it over there i'm just gonna swing it yeah over there and then through that's it there and through so even if it's not perfect dad there you go now there's a flow to this you follow that's it now go that's love that love that

there you go that's a proper shot that's gonna spin makes sense yeah so that's much better well it because of the biggest difference there is is you're just that's more natural it's a much there look at the straightaway

wonderful look at that

makes sense yes so that's the huge difference between just putting a club yes we want it to be online but we don't put it there we allow it to flow now there you go now the club's releasing beautifully

oh three in a row yeah that's much better strike daniel you're barely bruising the ground using through the bounce

it's like shelling pieces out

okay that's great

i think we'll finish on that one beauty

so that's really good simple that's great simple

right now