Simple Takeaway Drill - This golf swing takeaway drill was a GAME CHANGER for a recent student

driver golf swing takeaway irons Nov 08, 2021

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hey everybody Danny Maude here thanks for joining us can a simple change to your takeaway really help you hit the ball straighter and longer well it was certainly the case for two of my students this week craig comes to see me hitting a great big booming slice with his driver why because in the takeaway he wasn't managing the face as a byproduct of that when he finally came back down to impact the face was wide open and he sliced it once we fixed that with a real easy change he simply hit the ball so much straighter then just yesterday mike from london comes up to see me mike's in the ball pretty straight but he was putting the club in an inefficient position in the backswing because of the takeaway that meant he had to make all these different compensations in the downswing which was kind of wasting energy and as a byproduct he lost distance in fact by the time we finished with just a simple change we had to look 20 yards to a six sign really really easily now in this week's trend i'm going to share with you what we did i'm gonna share with you exactly the things that you need to be looking for in a takeaway i'm gonna and show you how to achieve it with three very very straightforward drills before i do though look if you're new to the channel and it's one of your first videos of mine please consider subscribing press that little bell button next subscribe button you get notified every time i release a video just like this one plus look if you do enjoy the video there's a free practice plan in the description box below i'll also put it in the top comment as well so just download it it's complete for free you don't have to remember a thing so take away why is it important what are we what are we supposed to do in a takeaway well like any backswing it has two purpose two purposes you want to return this club face don't you to straight to square so you can hit much straighter shots the second thing you want to hit a decent distance as well so therefore the backswing is designed to you want to get the backseat in a position which is efficient enough to simply deliver that club straight to that ball and powerfully what both mike and craig were doing and i see with so so many golfers they weren't managing the mass the big lump of metal and they certainly weren't managing the face what they were doing was this they were rolling the face open so the face was literally doing this and they were throwing the masks behind them now this has a couple of factors clearly you've opened up the face so that's obviously a big problem because if you the face is open you're going to have to know somehow roll the wrists that's going to be difficult to time on the way through so it's going to affect your accuracy but the mass is probably one of the biggest things when you throw the mass behind you here what was craig was doing he was reacting to that mass throwing the mass somewhere back because obviously if you masses behind you here you're not playing baseball so you're going to go and on the balls down there mass comes over you come over the top you swing over the top and you hit these great big slices so clearly if you manage that might manage this much better but because he was trying to manage it he did manage it quite well hit the ball pretty straight but that's a lot of wasted energy that he was losing so what do we do well i'll show you the positions we want to get into and i'll show you how we do this we want to keep the club as one lever so we want a very much a coordinated move away at no stage look am i throwing this mass around this lead arm and club are forming a lever and i'm not going to activate that lever in any shape or form if i activate it here too much the mask gets thrown behind me and we open the face so we're going to keep that lever completely intact here all right now the checkpoints you want to be looking for look at this here when we get to almost this position here the club face look is parallel with my spine angle i haven't rotated it at all as you take the club back further you'll then see it's completely in line with my foot these are kind of simple checkpoints but they are checkpoints they're checkpoints in time what we're not trying to do i'm not trying to achieve this line without which is what i see with so many people when you try and achieve this line people start to slide towards it they start to tilt towards it this line is just a snapshot in time the golf swing is an arc as we're moving it back to here look it is a line but just a microsecond later it's off that line and it's working up here so remember that very very important so here's the first exercise we want to try and work on for now managing the face and the mass here's what we're going to do we're going to drop we're going to get a little kink look in this lead arm here i'm going to literally drop it most people when they're throwing the mass away the handle gets very very high so we're going to push this handle down get a little kink here push the handle down now from here what we're going to do is just with your lead down just simply keep your butt end very close to your trail leg as you move this coordinate and motion away with just one hand now i've put a tpeg in just as a guide here you could do this as well just moving the club backwards and forward just with your right hand after you've done this once or twice bring your trail hand in make some measurement motions right you could do this this way around or you could do it the other way around you could take your trail hand you could simply look at this move the club away look i've got my checkpoint here everything is parallel with my spine i haven't rolled the wrist in any shape or form i've literally worked it away as one unit and then what i can do look do that once or twice and then bring my lead hand in once i've got a rhythm of this take it to the top and then away we go let's have a look at simply that in action so i might do a few of these just kind of get the sensation one two put my right hand in here get a feel for this and then away we go this is drill number one

so nice and simple shot it's pretty straight a bit long but not too bad okay so we could just simply do that simple exercise okay now there's one thing i've got two more drills there's one thing that can get in the way of this and it's a misconception in the way you move your body now a lot of people who i see do this misinterpret the word turn often we're trying to turn in a golf swing and watch this the golfing really isn't a turn it's a pivot when people try to turn they start to turn their shoulders this leads shoulder gets high the right shoulder gets low and that throws the club behind it creates this type of action turn and this is just slice yeah very inefficient watch what really happens in golf golf is a pivot it pivots it works in straight lines it looks like i'm turning i am but it's force is going in straight lines my lead shoulder goes down my trail shoulder goes up i aren't turning so much does that make sense so look at this it's a pivot yeah and i believe a pivot is different to a turn turning is this great maybe if you're playing baseball but in golf we're going at golf ball here now this makes a big difference doesn't it because if if you're trying to do this movement and in you're also trying to kind of turn it's you're almost almost certainly going to do this so what we want to do now is imagine doing the same thing now with a pivot suddenly look the club is going to work more up in position versus around because you're seeing the club in a pivotal swing should i say in a pivot here now so just even that alone doing these exercises here just start to imagine the club now watch this when i get to here look if i see the club as a pivot what's going to happen the club's going to work up a bit more now as a poster watch around yeah i'm working here look and then i'm going to work it up as a pivot and then back down let's have a look at this in action nice and


should be nice and straight looks like i've got a bit too much club yeah a little bit long not too bad though okay so simple take away backwards and forwards now drill number two because not everyone can feel the same drill sometimes you've got to change it up a little bit so drill number two has exactly the same purpose but you might prefer this one over that one so drill number two grab a line misty old garden cane whatever you want and same principles right so you still imagine the entire golf swing as a pivot if you want to learn more about this i'll put it in i'll put it in the description um here and in the icard above just on rotation so all we're going to do here look i've put a cane on this side of my body and i'm going to keep it attached to my body okay so look at this here i'm simply making a swing look and all i'm doing is keeping that alignment stick attached to my body if i allow my lever to activate it's going to come out it's nice and simple so i'm keeping it attached get a feel for that again just do one one of them and then from here from this position i'm going to allow it to now from this it'll come off my body i'm going to pivot up and hey presto now we come back down again it's going to come back to my body one here take away pivot up back down all right once i've got a feel of that nice and simple i can just go repeat it once or twice you see people like justin thomas feel the guys doing this backwards and forwards let's have another crack at this repeat it quickly

and away we go so that is drill number two drill number three involves a little training edge you might not have one of these but if you if you haven't got one of these definitely worth a uh a pickup i'll put a link in the description box below wherever you are in the world um really useful till a lot of people have who have had them think they're just like warming up aids but i i did at one stage but this is a great great training tool tool big lump of metal a big lump of weight at the end if you start to swing this mass around it just gives you immediate feedback remember the purpose of the backswing put the mass in a position that makes it easy to work very very important watch this now i'll put a link to another takeaway video where i talk about the kink in the lead wrist in this top right corner really worth a look but what i'm going to do here is look i want to manage this mass so what i do is the handle goes down to manage the mass up everything what the mass always wants to pull the hands up when the hands come up it throws the club inside i'm always feeling it as a force on the grip and pushing down holding the mass up in the air watch this so as i take the club back away nice and simply i'm managing the mass going back here i'm not allowing the mass to be thrown around get feel for this don't let the mass disappear up pivot it up then i can literally let rip on the way down put the club into position and then you can give it a rip watch the difference here don't throw the mass around because as soon as threat throwing around this hamster to rotate and we're in our position here backwards and forwards watch the mass and then away we go really great feeling this one so in summary three things we've done here first thing let's go for what we're after checkpoints here nice and simple we're taking the club away we're literally want to get club face parallel to spine we want a coordinated move away you'll often feel that your lead hand here your forearm is underneath and your right on your trail hand here is more on top this is quite a nice feeling as you take the clubber back you'll see that the grip here is very very close to your body these are check points that you want to be looking for certainly in your takeaway how do you go about achieving them well three drills drill number one single arm drills just simply coordinating motion keep the butt very close to your body here working the club backwards and forwards then bring the trail hand in get a sense of what you're doing once you've got that feeling simply just take the club away

and away we go okay that's drill number one pretty good drill number two use an alignment stick all you're going to do drill number two same principles nothing really changes all you're doing here is this you're literally keeping that alignments that connected to the body all of the time going backwards and forwards it's the same principle it's just a different feeling you might prefer this get a feel for that keep it connected here eventually clear it will go once your hands pass about your trail leg once you've got that sensation don't waste no time get yourself set and again

just hit away okay so and drill number three basically obviously involves

actually before i go into drill number three remember with all this at the moment remember the rotation keep the pivot the overriding factor i see with people rolling their wrists and swinging around is their misinterpretation of the golf swing it isn't a turn it's a pivot yes of course the guys are turning it looks like a turn it is a bit of a turn but how they achieve that is forces that are going straight back and straight through we are rolling lead shoulder goes down right trail shoulder goes up it's a pivot motion very very important get more details in this video in the top right hand corner so third and finally orange whip just when you've got a big lump behind here it just helps you start to swing that around it gets all wobbly the shaft you react to it just get yourself set work this club away manage the mass and then from there just simply pivot to the top and then from here look just let rip get a feel for that it's as simple as that go and enjoy now you know if you know somebody else who has an interesting looking golf swing like you heard it is possibly coming from their takeaway so go and share this video if you can of course look if you enjoy the training don't forget it's a free practice plan in the description box below give it a thumbs up maybe share it with one of your friends and if of course you're not already subscribed to the channel so i can give you some more content like this next week but until next week have a great golfing week