Small changes to golf swing bring JAW DROPPING Results - Live Golf Lesson

driver live student lessons Sep 13, 2022

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wow how does that feel yeah that's great you can hear that sound yep you can see the flip stack disappear now the flip that deadly flip change much more full face on there yeah because i hate that flip i wonder if i'd ever get rid of it

that's different for us yeah how's that feel jesus

okay does it work for driver it does seem to work to dry 30 minutes with danny and we're done at the start of this session brian was really over complicating the gold stream but what you're going to see right now is how we simplified with one simple move the backswing and then secondly how we approached impact to completely transform not just with his irons as you see but with his driver too ever lifted a dumbbell oh yes sure okay every week okay watch this so simple exercise so we're going to train whatever you do here is going to help whatever you do with this right hand if i get the right hand working you're right-handed yeah if i get the right hand working okay what happens to the butt now yeah it points back it's go and it goes away doesn't it yeah with my left hand on this where's my shoulder i'm gonna have to go it's gonna have to travel too yeah but your left shoulder isn't traveling because what you're doing you're doing this yes see that yeah i know but if i do this i'm going to add my left hand on it as well yeah i'm going to have to naturally allow this to travel okay so i want you to match it's super simple just jump up there for a second i want to show you this simplex size imagine we've got a dumbbell in our hands yeah and all we're going to do is this i'm going to lift the dumbbell up like this that's it and then from here look i'm going to move the dumbbell back down so dumbbell up and notice what's happening here the dumbbell is going down look how it's going down this way so it's almost like chopping this way see this yeah yeah it's not doing what you were doing which is this is it i'm holding the dumbbell now i'm going to hold it the club look at this with a club there's my dumbbell just lifted it over my shoulder and now i'm just going to do i'm just going to release a dumbbell back down to here see the difference and look at how square the clubface starts to get without me having to try and keep it square yeah yeah so what we're doing very different to when you lose control here now we're going to be all over the place yeah we get the dumbbell and we literally just throw it over our shoulder here where's the butt gun now yeah damn it's over there as well it's even the key thing for you it's not just down it's over it's a way because look at this we're using hinge there we go look at this healer even a small scale it's just this

not this not lifting oh yes look at this and then when you start to get the hinge working yeah as you start to move that dumbbell back here all i'm going to do now is i'm going to throw the dumbbell not there throw it back down to here in slow motion so i'm hinging straight away am i it's it's a blend it's a blend of body motion here it's a blend of the emotion here right yeah but what we're doing is that's a simple takeaway motion where all you're doing dumbbell goes up throw the dumbbell back down where's my hand going my hand's actually going left of target where and where that releases the club face through to the target you see a difference so the hand's going here clockwise going through and i've got complete control of that club face versus the roll make sense yeah okay jump in just hold the club just down the grip a little bit with your right hand take your left hand off okay so this is your dumbbell okay what we're going to do just take the dumbbell and just literally start to lift it up behind you good now when you do it good there you go behind you there you go look where there you go now we're talking see that then from here just imagine now bringing the dumbbell first of all back to the edge so the right hand is back in front of you so when you do this use this bring it back ooh careful cable bring the right elbow back in front of your engine body there you go now watch then you scroll up see your difference yeah so we're now going down throwing the dumbbell now all you do is watch keep the dumbbell working this way feel different yes yeah yeah because i don't get that elbow in at all no because what you'll do from here yeah is this exactly right where from here if you just get a dumbbell imagine driving the dumbbell back to here yeah but then look at where's your hands going they're going where left to allow the club face to square up you see yeah because i'm just going to do the dumbbell up like that that's it and then just like that yeah there you go got it well got it simple isn't getting it getting it getting yeah yeah yeah we don't get it

okay so watch this so it's very normal it's not a drive yeah forward this way notice this the club is naturally look falling down towards the ground here where's my hands going where's the club the club's lining up straight here i am not driving it forward with my hands oh you see a difference it's a big misconception a lot of people are trying to kind of get uh get their hands ahead a lot of time but ultimately here we want the club to drop out and fall naturally on the ball so that the lead diamond club line up naturally and the way that happens is here as we throw the dip we got the dumbbell healer we're throwing it down now where do i go from here my hands are going where do i do behind me okay this way

pressure i'm throwing the pressure of the dumbbell this way i'm not throwing it this way yeah and as i throw the club this way hands the pressure's going this way on the arc what happens to the face it's square it's square if i throw the pressure this way what happens to the ack now where's the face yeah now i'm gonna have to do flip it flip it yeah so we need to practice here rowing the pressure down the line there's my little third that's the opposite to what you're doing yeah yeah okay

there you go how does that feel it felt great i didn't oh yeah there it is yeah that was good you see how straight it is yeah yes so it's just done you know to start with this you know we've everyone's got improvements we need to make on the swing but just i think just sometimes the concept of the swing is important yeah it is you know that's right you know the the way to look at it is is that your body's the center of the ark yeah so we want to move this club

beautifully around this arc and allow the natural forces of the club to do what come around and then fall beautifully on the ball and through yeah so therefore our bodies are in the center of the sack so our bodies need to support the arc on all the way so your whole body on the way back needs to to pivot in a way that's going to create the arc on the way back but we're talking about with you on the way through as you're winding it through your hands have been going this way but if they but if they continue to support the club pressuring the ack on the way this way that club will then beautifully come back out where it needs to get you'll feel like you're cutting it but you won you threw the shot that's gonna from here look if i just that is going to get you if i keep the pressure going this way that brings the club back beautiful in front and away you go you get stuck or your body starts to do this that's going to affect this whole motion it doesn't match up no fuller so your body simply works to help the arc all the way back all the way through

wow how's that feel yeah that's great you can hear that sound yep you see the flip stack disappear now the flip that deadly flip change more full face on that yeah because i hate that flip

i wonder if i'd ever get rid of it

that's different class yeah that's different for us

yeah there you go 30 minutes with danny and we're done

very good

not quite that far a bit of a sway on that one well done he spotted that yes now good so what would a sway just to check your understanding what would a sway do to the arc of the club yeah this way it'll flatten it out probably on the way on the way through it so show me what you mean yeah so what i mean is i'll go up like that and then it'll yes exactly yeah absolutely there you go now you're getting it completely right you want and people talk about they want to get compression on their shot they want to strike the ball then the turf yeah so when you're here if you sway what happens to the club yeah it's not going to work out in front of you now is it it's going to fall behind you you're going to lean back and you're going to catch it thin fat possibly and you're not going to compress it perfect whereas when you're here and you keep turning as you're doing here that club will bottom out beautifully compress the ball yeah you got it you've got it

there you go

get extra distance as well i think yeah definitely yeah well the thing is is you what you're doing is when you start using natural force so when you start starting to use the momentum of the club whilst controlling that momentum with the movement correct movement of the body now you've got a lot more power and control before you could let the club go don't worry a lot of people you know i've often talked about letting the club go overnight let me swing freely yes but if your body's moving like this and letting it swing through you haven't got control of the club exactly but if you work the club correctly with the body in that kind of clockwise direction on the way back um clockwise anti-clockwise direction on the way through including the hands now suddenly we can let the club go and keep it under control yes can i have a go over the woods if it works 100 all right no difference okay

how's that jesus

okay does it work for driver it does seem to work for dry yeah that was sensational wasn't it yeah okay we'll just do can you see the difference in that height though as well yes that's another thing my my drives are very low normally they will be because because basically what you're doing before is when you um flip the face you're also delofting it aha you're complete you're completely deloft in the golf club so you have no choice and what you're doing here with that with the dumbbell exercise as it were is if you look at this when i'm here i'm presenting

there's the dumbbell lift it up throw the dumbbell back down and as i'm throwing it you'd have done this you'd have driven yes right so you're not throwing it back down so the hat the the dumbbells coming back here the hand path's going left you're doing this now the problem is the face is either wide open which gives you the calves there but you won't do that you're you've you know you've played long enough to realize you've got to square it yeah so now you square it with a flip that de-lost the club hit some hooks hit some low shots struggle to get the ball left on yeah absolutely but when you're here now look at how you're squaring the face now there's your dumbbell yeah we're throwing the dumbbell back down but look here we're throwing it where's my hand going now the path of the hands are going this way that then just watch the face squares where is it and what i've now got loft on the face yeah oh yeah coach's got lofts on the face i've got loft in the face that you you bought the club with yeah yeah yeah so now you get the beautiful launch while simultaneously basically not quite not quite but hitting it square versus when you drive as you flip yes yeah exactly yeah god that's so good knowing why yeah knowing you do it and then why is so important well i think it just gives you the tools when you're out playing doesn't it yes and hopefully the nice thing about this is it's not it's not too taxing it's pretty straightforward just work the body in such a way that's going to support the arc on the back work the body in such a way that's going to support the arc on the way through including the hands yeah and hey presto you'll have a square face

just like that that's just world class look how straight that is that just didn't move it's straight yeah height straight and you know that's what's going to happen when you start hitting it that straight you're going to see the natural flight of the shot because it's perfectly square cool