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tare come back come back when's helping me it was last night so we played a few holes do you fancy a bit of a chance a bit of a lesson yeah come on so play last night and you were slicing quite a bit weren't you well yeah not hitting very far driver definitely definitely slicing driver not hitting very far and then when you did actually hit it straight where did it go leftish how far left a lot a lot right so you're still when you when you're taking out the goal in practice you want too bad but you're on the golf course you're getting out there and you're still swinging massively out to in here which is why you're slicing it the club first is miles open so this is what's giving you that kind of slice like a glancing blow on glancing blocks well you're not hitting it very far i mean you're a pretty good distance behind my drives but not through strength but because actually all your powers going the wrong direction you're not getting it through the back of the ball right when you did have a couple square it would go straight left yes so law yeah so i know we haven't got loads of time to do a lot of swing work but i reckon we can get gain some yardage and get you hitting much straighter with just a few simple changes okay right so get yourself set i want to show you something so in mia i'm going over that yellow corn you know that yellow pyramid yeah yeah cool right so pause there for a second so one of the issues that we've got right is get yourself set again so on a golf course people often try and make loads of swing complicated swing changes when sometimes all you need is just a change in your alignment right so what you're doing a lot is is you're basically your feet are rearing sometimes a bit right of target then your shoulders aim over here your right arm's a bit over the top so basically everything in exaggerated wear if i showed you is aiming left to target here yep your right arm is too far on top of the top here right right now if you imagine here if you're setting up like this i'm exaggerating a lot where are you going to swing across the net this way but what you do is you go around because of it but ultimately on here if your shoulders are there and your arms are exaggerated here you're going to come across add that to the fact that you know it slices what you were doing yesterday funnily enough just playing with it yeah but you start to even do it even more you start to exaggerate and it went worse it got worse yeah it did the end of the round it did it got worse right so you were exaggerating because you wanted to avoid that so even more it came here right that's going to provide more of that slice so get yourself set what i want to do is this is done there for a second i want to build a little bit of a routine so i'd like you to start with exactly that so you pick your spot here yeah yeah put the club behind the ball put your left hand in play okay and what i want you to do is take this take your stance and to put your right hand okay and just put it on the back of your your leg what this is gonna do it's gonna draw that right shoulder back a little bit and it's providing this space now you would normally invade this space we're going to simply keep away from it the right arms underneath we're going to bring that right arm now underneath so when we look down the camera line now you're going to be able to see the top of your left forearm whereas before all right that makes sense to me makes sense yep straight away yep now we know you have a bit of a loop in your swim we're not going to touch that uh because we're on a golf course right so we need to make simple change they're going to make big differences so build this system in place left hand in right hand down the leg get yourself into a much more what i call draw or straighter setup okay

okay pause there now the other thing here okay which is not all helping lee if you want to come around here just have a look at this so your ball position here yeah is also miles forward is it yeah now if you think about it so we so if your ball positions miles forward what's that also going to do to your shoulder alignment yeah he's going to twist it he's going to twist even more yeah yeah and again why would you do that well again if your troll's been over there you probably gradually moved it further and further forward to avoid that yeah so what i want you to do is is just with this put your feet together yep take a little step to your left slightly bigger one to your right so the ball's just inside your left heel okay remember all this is we're designing to stop you coming across the ball and more from the inside okay see yourself set here that's it feels different now yeah just there yeah see here look at this that's just that's it there you go so you feel like you're just a little bit more underneath that position there now look from here you've got this space look to come on the inside so come on the inside remember if we're going to hit driver where do we want to hit it from on the open the inside it's weird don't we yeah now you imagine just go back here go back into original position if you're over here and this shoulder's over this way can you see the angle now it's over it's more that way isn't it but suddenly as you just just subtle changes there yeah now you can go into this angle here let's give it a go

you happy with that yeah

that yeah it's more solid yeah it won't the glance is not exactly in your face like exactly so let's just set another one so all you've got to do is build this into a routine it's not happening straight away and what we'll do in a second we'll we'll see if it applies to irons as well because it really does i saw one of the previous holes where you'd your divot was going miles left to target with your irons yeah cool yes so we'll see how it applies to eyes so the subtle difference and then what we'll do is we'll we'll we'll continue on to the next hole and hit a few drives off there but it one more here just for that routine i like it now you know ikea yeah a first look at it then i know i'm right it's just a confidence builder for me then i'm right routine routine's everything creates consistency

look at that now look how straight that is

that's dead straight

yeah it's just a sounds better in it yeah but you must meet them on the up because they're teasing and it's just must be doing that as well completely right so let's and and so you you you know started off just simple simple setup changes can make a massive difference well it has done it and it's not if anything i've got a bit of confidence with like just go there i know that's okay you know what i mean exactly exactly so let's see what it looks like with the irons now because again same principle with the irons um we need to get you striking much more through the ball so you can get that much straight above flight okay and then we'll test it out so just to see if you haven't lost it by the time we get to the next tee all right okay deal so the first one's there right

your others went super straight i just can't see where they were the one left one more onesies there yeah jeez look at that

i don't know what that is i mean obviously we were playing on links lance it's gonna run but the fact that you've hit the fairway so look at that so i know you've hit the fairway here that's gone further that i'd let's run that with the first one with the camera first one this is the second one almost same distance because you've hit the fairway you've been it and obviously you've got more um solidness into the back of the golf ball that's a hundred yards yeah we'll just say it's got 20 room where you don't get your run dude we're on link's land right so you're not going to dip this on on soft ground uh necessarily but it's you've hit the fairway yeah right so it's a massive difference you know like you've you've got you know part five you've got 189 yards left in with your iron shot compared to 289 yards yeah yeah that's per pair looking at it in it let's have a look now i am play i'm a little bit confused now the irons are nearly though but no i'm confused with a setup okay because you made me different with the driver you see so is it the same pretty much but there's one small change right so what you remember with driver we want to do what hit up on the ball up on the ball so we've created this kind of tilt and without sliding down the leg to help you hit up on that ball and create this space yeah with an iron we want to naturally hit down on it okay so all we do is we change a couple of things we change setup so rather than have a little step and a big step what we're going to do is the ball position with a 7 iron needs to be just ahead of center so the steps now are a lot more even can see that yeah so in my terminology i'm thinking right 50 50 50 50. right okay so that means that you're going to catch the ball then the ground on the way down but you'll only catch the ball in the way on the way down if as opposed to sliding all the way down here you're only going to slide just a little bit right so it's more neutral much more neutral but what i love about for you keeping this routine going is it's going to draw that right shoulder back for you as opposed to we know you tend to be a bit more here right okay so drawing that right shoulder back is just a nice reminder of like you've still got to come even though you can come down on this golf ball you've still got to come down from the inside okay okay now before we go into the help you add distance with your driver i think what would be really handy here with your irons is just trying to visualize you're going to also get a little bit of snap in there too so right let the hands go let the club just because sometimes with your eyes or solid today you're kind of looping over with your body just create a little bit of snaps this lead almond club are going to line up at the impact area we'll go into that with a driver in a second or two it's going to add a bit more distance

makes sense yeah okay

it's all 50 50 50 50. just follow the same routine keep it simple

oh my god that's like a perfect draw how does that feel look at that draw

how does that feel oh class the sound hang on and let's just check something let's just check something now your divot where was it on the last hole on the par three oh we're going over the miles left coming up look at this divot now look at the entry point of this divot it's completely square now where you're going have a look at this yeah because it started right i just did it and drew doesn't it exactly so changing setup create the snap you've completely changed your pattern actually struck it beautifully it's gone further with a little draw yeah let's show you now how you add that to a bit more speed now with a driver yes please right how simple is these so simple this isn't it yeah it's funny though like golfers like me bad habits sink in yeah and that was so quick easy fix i know i ain't done it on the next hall but there's two good shots aren't there yeah leave them three because i had two drives i just think you've got more control there you know and and this is gonna be you know when you're playing in windy conditions as well if you've got that slice you're gonna lose so much yardage and there's look at the roof around here you're dead yeah so that was a classic you just underclubbed it 189 yards was seven nine i'll take that yeah so you you were just a bit short six time would have been perfect

that's easy isn't it just like that

you need a putty lesson now go on nxt okay so now you've got set up let's see if we can sneak a few extra yards out effortless yards right so when you slice we know that your tendency any slicer does this they tend to get uh get this drag effect so they tend to get power by rotating their shoulders and their hips too much this way yeah that's me in it yeah okay what i want you to do just as a drill hold the club the other way around for a second we briefly touched on it with the irons this here i want you to imagine you're going to get your lead diamond club just lining up at impact and as you're doing this create a snap snap now look at this as i'm creating this snap the path will naturally come this way on the line we want hit up on that ball with speed without the snap you can try and get the snap with this and it becomes a drag that's where you can go either left or right if you release it yeah massive pull left or a massive slice right it's nothing so it's really simple just keep with the system create some snap visualize it lining up and with a bit practice you'll start to gain a few extra yards well we all want them don't worry

that's it nice snap there you go

okay okay just can i get it on record that you've put me on one of the artists halls here at umbrella for a driving hall yeah it's such a good golf course such a good golf course this is it but it's a challenge so you this is almost where you're desperate if you're any slice here and you're dead so you need that straight one uh straight shot here if if not even a draw you happy with that yeah you happy with it yeah okay

look at that so not a draw tiny tiny fair but where's that straight down the middle exactly yeah oh i didn't get through a touch of it but like i said you're not going to go you can't go full circle no we're on a golf course we're only playing 10 minutes exactly it's great uh wait the fairway get in there thank you sir i'm loving this awesome so when you're doing it don't add in the snap too soon you know you saw with the setup that was making a big big difference to your accuracy and you even got a draw with it yeah and you know bed that in first get comfortable with it and enjoy hitting more fairways and only then start to add in that extra bit more time but it's a point i feel comfortable whenever yeah exactly you know it's look how much distance you add just just by hitting your phone yeah so start with that first then once you feel more comfortable then start adding a bit of that snapping do you know what i feel comfortable more yeah checking you on as a match taking me off see cooper that's the master well she'll bring it on bring it on what we play for breakfast you're gonna make breakfast when i beat you done you're on yeah done four rules how many shots

i'll give you four shots one i'll do what done