How to Stop Swinging Over the Top

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Hey everybody Danny Maude Here  thanks for joining us today and we're going to focus on how do it says help you stop swinging over the top I don't know if you air you've had a curse and lessons in the past or some people have spoken to you about your swing about this type of motion here where you're swinging over the top some people even cut out to win on the way down it kind of leads to pull shots slices and sometimes the occasional shank well today I want to go through a few points okay that will should give you some understanding as to what's happening in those moments that you're coming up the top and always some real key tech ways that you can go when practice today to help you get rid of it now just a little caveat here swinging over the top can be caused by a few different reasons and I'm going to mention just a few today so you know certainly look into this and give it give this a try so the first we're going to look at this is what is over the top will open the top basically is when somebody gets to the top of the backswing here and the posts around moving down into position they move around and over the top okay so my question to you first of all is just a question of understanding okay now were you aware that in a golf swing the golf swing actually is supposed to wind up to the top okay as good again we're winding not around but we're winding up to a high position here and then the first move on the way down is a downward motion first followed by an around motion now that downward motion is an emotion that a lot of people miss out okay so what tends to happen is most people when they swing to the top they whine to the top and they naturally okay instinctively get off at a ground here I'm just going to turn left now the downside to that is as soon as you start turning you immediately bring your arms out in front of your body and you come over the top so just the first thing just understanding so the first thing we take away is understanding that the swing is a winding up to the top of your backswing here where hands nice and high and there's the first thing then for the first few inches there's a downward motion here we're basically quick check point here is that your right elbow starts to move much closer to your side here and then we work around the second thing if you've got a little bit understanding now you understand that the swing is a winding up and move down and then around again then we've got to look at some common problems which kind of initiate that over-the-top movement because a lot of our swings by the way and the over-the-top they're actually fairly natural moves and the fact that you're swinging over the top is probably your body trying to help you in somewhere so let me explain that so when I see with a lot of people and they can be down to flexibility that problems one of you they don't tend to move their body away on the backswing they tend to move the hands and arms away very very quickly and when that happens the club has to get around the body too much here and then if you can imagine if your clubs work around here too much your body without realize it reacts to that but I think on a second if I stay here I'm going to hit it over there so I'll see what I'll do I'll swing this way and we overdo it and boom we swing over the top so we end up creating a swing that looks something like this in route in and around and over it's kind of a loop by this okay and that's the body actually been fairly clever it's kind of healthier it's realizing you're off track and it's putting you back on track that are trying to get me back on track but often over does it which is why sometimes you hit those poles and those slices so if that's the case and that tends to be the one of the biggest problems I find when I'm coaching people that one little ingredient there is an inside movement that inside movement can actually be caused by because we've been told that they need to be swinging much more this way okay the be told of swing what are we can lure into out to avoid this but that itself can be actually poor advice because when you try to swing more this way it encourages even more of this way on the way back and as you said if you swing more this we're trying to get that way actually what happens is this you loop it right so this is where gulps it's a tricky game sometimes it's very counterintuitive weirdly enough the more you swing out there the more likelihood is you're going to do the opposite you're going to reroute it this way and many coaches in the past described that there's really no to Westar swing people swing around inside and over and people who swing outside and under okay so if that's the case what we're going to do is is we're going to work on the first major tip I'd like to take away and practice today the first thing I like to do is double check your backs in position maybe gets a little video a or but just check where are you on the backswing okay if you can't do that or are you uncertain then by all means I'll leave my email address in the comments box below ping me an email with your video and I'll have a look and a little comments back basically what I'd like to do is I'd like you to get from here your left biceps and chest connected and what I want you to do is I want you to imagine this left and club forming a straight line here and I want you to practice moving the club back just together a bit more okay so avoiding the movement with their hands here and just moving it back here okay from this position what I'd like you to do is we're going to move it back to here okay and when we get to this position here what I want you to do is you want to try to get the club nice and power with your feet but from here I'd like to wind it up so it goes straight back and then it's kind of like a lift okay straight back and a lift okay specifically for people coming over the top straight back here then I lift up here okay now from this position all we do is only just focus on only one element which is hitting straight down towards the ground straight down towards the guy so we're taking it give it there okay

as you're doing this one thing to to look out for now is the learning process you know I'm very keen on skill development and how people go about learning and and one of the things when you do this is something this is not something you can take to a golf course so don't even try if you try to take these steps to a golf course it's going to be very confusing to way too technical so what I wanted to do is get yourself to a driving range and work on these slowly preferably in front of a mirror okay really it really helps so what you're doing here is is you're setting yourself up and you're going very slowly here okay now it's not an hour movement this be aware of this okay what I'm doing is I'm really keeping the left hand connected and it's a move away here my left shoulder is moving away to this position here from there I'm turning but I'm lifting also it's like a turn and upwards motion so really since that your hands are going nice and high here up there almost feel like you're going high above your shoulders it feels quite strange to start off with okay then from this position here just was to start off with focus on just one Martian here which is going straight down what I do here is I almost do this okay wind up come down then I go around and I do it very slowly I go pushed it here wind up down and around now back on oh can you imagine I got the cat it's a golf course way too technical but what you're doing is he's just getting a sensation of the swing and how it's supposed to work something for the driving routes take it steady maybe do two patches wings where you go up wind up down and around and actually go and hit a golf ball something lies where we simply go wind up down and around okay so you're hitting I'm personally probably gone 40 or 50 yards that's all we're going to watch Fox on stuff with where you're getting that sensation at the club working on this path on the way down as a posture the over-the-top mushroom I would love to say you can just swing away and hey Presta that other top starts to disappear but it's tricky to do that is which sometimes so ingrained in us that we sometimes have to break things down just a little bit to slow it down and then gradually build it back up again okay now one final tip okay for some what some of the other guys so that's so going inside is one of the causes of swinging over the top one of the other ones is actually their legs and a lot of people work so hard on the goal swings that they tend to work so much on their upper body and it completely disengaged the lower body now this is what over-the-top looks like from the lower half we swing here and there's a collapsing here or below a part of the body so what I'd like to do is just really simply this start hitting golf balls really simply just feel the engagement in your legs here start to move I want you to steal that you're going to create some athleticism in the legs so completely forget about what's going on the backswing here down low doing everything just feel it you get into math lettuces and in the legs and you're driving into the ground you're not sliding around you're not spinning out here for instance when you spin your weights going to your right side will really feel left letters up in the legs and you're just bouncy bouncy back and through and you're really sense of those legs are just active in that golf swing okay and I'm not saying active in side to side I'm simply they're just being used okay have a practice with this as always this is a tricky one okay and I'm going to produce for more videos on swinging over the top and I'm really keen to answer any questions and create video specifically for you so in doing that what I want you to do is I like to leave some comments in the comment box below please share it with your friends the other thing is I'll leave my email in the comments box below as well so please ping over your your emails of your of your swing and I will absolutely get back to you certainly with insert within seven days with some pointers and a my if you took here with you including some of my later videos until next week have a great golfing week Jeff by