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hey everybody Danny Maude here thanks for joining us if you're an amateur golfer the chances are that you're using your fair woods on a regular basis you don't hit it as far as the likes of the bryson de chambers where they're driving power fives in like driving irons you're probably using having to use your fairwood on the path fight you may even find on par fours you're not reaching them in two without hitting a fair wood for your second shot so your ability to use these is really really important and if you find yourself hitting balls along the ground topping them striking them inconsistently you know it's so frustrating isn't it so what i want to do in this week's school video i want to help you out i want to help you overcome one of the biggest hurdles one of the reasons why i see so many amateurs hit these things consistently i want you stop i want you to stop doing that i'll help you stop doing that i'm also going to give you one in-swing thing one simple tip that you can do during the swing that will really help your consistency now before i do though look if you're new to the channel and this is one of your first videos of mine please consider subscribing press that little bell button next subscribe button you get notified every time i release a video just like this one plus look if you watch the video and you do enjoy what you see there's a free practice plan you don't have to remember a thing just download it take it to the driving range and go and enjoy so what are you supposed to be doing to strike a club let's get stuck in come and have a quick look at this so what we're supposed to be doing here we in order to strike a fairy wood off the ground what we want to do is make sure that we're striking the ball then the ground so there's a descending blow what do i see most of the time we go for struggling apart from obviously hitting off the toe and the heel here what they're doing is they're hitting the ball at the bottom part of the club they very rarely hit it in the center they're hitting up on the golf ball as opposed to slightly down on the golf ball these are the factors that are happening the question is why why might you be basically striking the ball all over the face and certainly not in the center and slightly high a lot of time you're hitting it too low why is that well it's two phases one's in the setup and the second is in an insulin we're going to start with a setup and i see this not just with fair woods if you're struggling with some of the other other inconsistencies this spreads all the way through but this is one of probably the biggest thing i see golfers struggle to reach the ball the principle here is this throughout this video we're going to talk about the golfers struggling to get the club low enough to the ground to strike their fairways it's if we want to get the club low so we can hit higher in the face golfer's ice theory fair was they're just hitting too low on that face so how do you get that club lower well it starts an issue with your setup first thing i see is this golfers in poor setup usually this is the number one reason their bum here is basically pushed too far beyond their heel line so they're stuck out like this they're bending too far over what does this do well it gets them bending too far over here this then sets a distance now watch out for this watch this this is what we call a position that's potentially too athletic to start the swing because when you're here not only are you going to struggle to rotate from there but what's going to happen your knees want to do this straight away they want to do this to add power boom so as you start to stand up quickly now in the downswing people might call this early extension you're moving away from the golf ball so now you're struggling to reach it you're going to have to stretch i.e you struggle to get the club head low enough to strike the golf ball here it's going to lead to those inconsistencies what's the honesty other golfers doing this their knee flex again two to the opposite they're now tucked in here but they're hanging back again struggling to reach so you're going to have to do what watch this we're going to straighten the legs and we're going to get the pelvis much more underneath the torso here so your backside line here is more in line with your heels or just a bit behind now suddenly watch this because you stood a little bit tall you're naturally going to be stood a little bit closer to the golf ball if you're still closer it's a lot easier look to get into the shot but the other thing it does is this what do you see with all the best players when they're stood here you'll always see them squatting getting power very naturally by the way so you'd have to think about it very naturally why well when you start here you give yourself scope to go backwards because you can that's going to get you lower and again more powerful but if you're already here at the start you're going to only going to go one way which is stand up this also look at this when you start to stand up you throw the angles away and you get this flicky almost chicken wing strike so nice and simple just get your butt line much more in line with your heels here so you're naturally stood a little bit closer your arms hang and this is going to be the first part on helping you get the club lower to the ground you probably naturally find yourself being able now naturally by the way to get your backside going backwards on the way through to help you get lower that is stage number one you don't have to think of all the in-swing things they will generally happen more naturally stage number two is golfers who when they even if they have this posture they're so used to using you might be the same is that you're using too much of your hands and your arms and what's happening here is this these shoulders aren't working in what i like to call a pivot fashion where the lead shoulder goes low in the backswing and then the trail shutter goes low in the downswing so it's kind of like this what you might be doing again and it will stop you from getting down to the golf ball you're swinging your hands and your arms but the shoulders look like this they're staying too high they're not pivoting so you're simply swinging too high above the ball you're literally swinging here you're not able to get down to the golf ball so you're swatting at it you're literally wafting the club at this golf ball the club's out of control it's swinging all over the place it's impossible to get down so how do we get these shoulders working in such a way where they work more efficiently this way down and down versus not much going on here and the swing just become hands and arms well i've got a couple of videos that i've done on this i put one in the top right hand corner here and in the description box below where i'll show you a simple pivot where we simply pivot the shoulders going back down here and through you could even check this visual out here stretch stretch i'll put more details of that in the description but while you're here i'm going to show you a nice simple exercise you can do with a towel put a towel under both arms here it's quite an old exercise this one but really really good so you've taken your posture and what you're going to do now is this if you've just been swinging with your hands and your arms you can't move now what the towel does is connect both biceps to your chest now watch you're going to be forced look in order to move the club back you're going to be forced to use the shoulders the shoulders and work they're going to work more down here and then look down on the way through because i'm using i'm forced to use the whole body as opposed to my abs if i use my arms on the way back shoulder this comes out and again on the way through you can imagine it's just going to fall straight out so simple exercise to feel the connection and force the shoulders to work so that you can stay down through the shot versus swat above the ball so let's have a look at this in action i'm not going to reach for this because it's only a small shot and that's how you don't do full swings of this but we get ourselves set in the posture position here so i'm ready to go i'm just going to do a few chip shots initially with the fairway one two just nice little shots down the fairway no big shots at this stage just chipping them down there and all you're doing at this stage is starting to feel the connection with your body remember the problem of the principle is getting the club low enough to the ground to strike the golf ball how do you keep low well you've got to get the body working effectively so you can go low you've got to have the posturing position so you can go low so hit two balls like this on the range just kind of getting a feel of that connection one two so little taps nothing major just tapping them down there then once you've got the feel of that what you can do is take that feel i feel like my biceps a bit more connected now to my chest so i've got some coordination and i'll start to kind of increase the


so you can see here what we're trying to do ultimately with the fairy woods is get the club down to the ground we've got to get it down to the ground we're struggling you might be struggling like i said if your posture is not right if you're already in an athletic position here you're going to want to jump out of that position think about any sport we start here we're waiting for a tennis shot we start here we go down there if we're going to jump we start here we go here and we jump yeah so we want to do that in golf we want to start with the back side more in line with the heels so that we can actually go lower on the way down with athleticism we don't want to be kind of going starting here getting our distance set and then literally watch this if i do some slow motion as i start standing up i'm moving away from the golf ball i'm gonna have to stretch to hit it so posture is vital and remember it will feel strange if it's new to you check it out in the mirror you know go in there just double check in the mirror roughly where you are here get yourself in a nice relaxed position you'll probably feel quite close the second thing if your body isn't able to get down to the golf ball how do you how do you play you know it's gonna be difficult to hit the golf ball so we've got to get our bodies working in a way that encourages a downward strike if our bodies at work and it's just our hands and our arms our body's not going to help us to get down we end up turning off turning around here and we're floating above the ball we're playing golf this way that's what gets people swaying or or doing this a lot okay they start to work this way we want to go that way down to the golf ball use the towel exercise to encourage the feeling of those shoulders working again it's forced to and it's only for short shots remember you won't want to keep this completely connected all the time into a full shot eventually look i'm probably going to let go at some stage but it's a great feeling initially just to go look at that i'm forced to use here i'm forced to use it on the way through it helps with that connection helps to get that going throw it away hit a few shots trying to sense the same type of thing and it will really really help and finally check out the video that i did on the pivot it's gone down so so well people are saying it's one of the simplest and easiest videos to understand i'll put it in this like i said description top right corner and the description box below get the pivot of the body here where the lead shoulder goes down here the trail shoulder goes down look at how easy it then is for me to strike that golf ball through that shot versus what's the difference if i raise up those shoulders i can't get down to the golf ball end up throwing this and this is where you see all these flicky motions but you struggle to hit the center of that face and you hit in the bottom of the club so two very very simple things go away and practice them let me know in the comments box below how you get on and of course look if you know some of your friends i'm sure you do who are struggling with their fairy woods please share this video i would really really help and of course look if you're new to the channel this is one of your first videos of mine consider subscribing subscribing by pressing that bell button and the subscribe button and give it a like if you did enjoy it now until next week have a great golfing week