Strike Your Chip and Pitch Shots like a Tour Player - Super Simple Technique

chipping pitching short game Nov 08, 2021

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How often do you get to about 50 yards or your approach shots to the green well you know now this is your chance to maybe get it up and down or at least get on the green and give yourself a two putt and you mess it up why is that well in this week's video i'm going to show you how you can stop doing that every time start striking your pitching your approach shots from about 50 yards plus more consistently show you how to control your distance control how to get backspin on them as well i'll show you all of that in this week's video so before i get into video look if you're new to the channel from your first videos of mine please consider subscribing but just press that little bell button and of course look remember i always put a free downloadable practice plan in the description box below so you never have to remember a thing okay so i'll just laser this up so we've got here i've got 50 ads to go to the target now pitching you know not united it should be straightforward and you know this is a should be a simple shot but we all mess it up from time to time and one of the reasons for that is is either you're too handsy like this the body's not working at all and you get very very handsy or your body just works incorrectly that then forces the hands to do stuff that you don't want them to do they get flicky flashy fat thin you name it so how do you basically control this just like the pros do each and every single time well here's the first thing we've got to realize we can take it's a short shot we can take advantage of this by allowing the club to work up and down we don't need masses amounts of rotation on this one we can get the club working up and down to the ground so the very first thing i want to do here is this i need you to allow the momentum to work or get a feel of momentum first before we talk about how you direct it so watch this allow the momentum to go up and then fall down to the ground now i like to imagine a line between the middle of my feet here allow momentum of the club to fall up and dr just fall down to the ground up and down i would also do this with both hands look up and down i may even hit golf balls just like this now that's all well and good but how do we make sure that that club works up and down all the time well you need to make sure the body works now here's what i see too much i see either people not using their body correctly because you um you're doing this you're turning and turning right just backwards and forwards now that's okay if you're playing baseball but what do we need to do we've just said we need that club look going up and down well if you're going around well how do you how does the club go down well you're now going to have to do this to get it down well that's going to put you in a position that's going to hit the ground behind the golf ball or get handsy or watch this you're going to have to come over the top that gets you coming down too steeply on it all right chopping on it so how does the body work well you're pretty probably good at this turning and turning but what you need to do is also have what we call look side bend this one right so it's neither just this and this or round and round look it's an in between my lead side bends my trail side extends slightly and then all the way through look backwards and forward this is how the body works it doesn't work like this neither does it work like this it works left side bends or lead side bends trail side extends on the way back and look that supports the club up here my i'm supporting it here then look as i come down and actually come down look my trail side bends and my lead side extends as i follow through that way look we're now getting the club supported here i can allow it to fall down to the ground and away i go so literally get the sensation of literally that motion all right so let's have a look at this in action get ourselves set here i've got a 56 degree wedge here we'll talk about this as control in a second but just for now i'm going to get my lead side feel like it's bending trails are extending and then on the way through just simply do the opposite

okay nice and simple so all i've done there is i've made sure look i've got the lead side bending here and then that supports the club trail side starts to bend here as the lead side extends now notice this it isn't just lead side bend like this we have a pivot to this motion so what can really help this pivot all right is also the visualization how you start to see the flight so notice this i'm pivoting back here yeah there's a still a turn but i'm going where upwards now on the way through look i am now going to visualize that club coming down and then me look flowing to my target this flowing to my target upwards here is going to help me to get through the shot absolutely perfect so lead side bends trail side extends coming through and allowing the club this is important to literally fall through the shot yeah and i could just simply repeat that over and over again just watch out then it's very important that we understand this here are some of the common problems i see if you start to work these independently now they're not being directed or supported this is the one thing i do see this arm's not moving here the arms move away here they're not supported now the problem look at this well i'm stuck i have to get handsy on the way through it's very hard to repeat notice this when this lead side bends i'm pivoting and i'm looking i have really supported that whole club with some strength here if i just move this back and i've just arms it's not supported therefore i have to get very very handsy so watch out for that phone that one the second one i see is this big one i see golfers watch out for this driving forward you drive forward towards your target trying to keep your handle ahead that's going to get you flicky no drop handle drive just like the chipping if you missed my chipping video i'll put a link up in this top right hand corner just like shipping video we allow the club to fall on the ground so notice this the club comes down look at the butt end it goes upwards this way almost like you're the letter l shape here that's what we're trying to get how is that created well watch as i extend up the club comes down the club goes up that's what gets me barely striking any divot just gliding through the surface right you might be asking does this work in the rough absolutely it does all we're going to do in the rough is the same principle we're going to get that lead side bending you might move the ball back in your stance you just drive down towards it if you fall down and through but exactly the same principles so let's summarize if you're playing this shot watch out we want to get we're not turning and turning we want the club to be flowing up here and literally falling down to the ground flowing up falling down to the ground we'll do the same with both hands get the feel of that you might even look watch this i might even hit a shot just one-handed just to kind of show you up flow down okay just get that sensation once you've done that once or twice then now you've got the feel of the flowing club start to match in the body how does the body work well it doesn't work around and around neither does it work like this it's a combination look see i'm pivoting back pivoting through so big one here lead side bends trail side extends supports the club loud to fall all i'm doing is i'm not guiding my hitting it trail side bends lead side extends as i flow towards my target and then away we go one more see how close we can get this this one

oh wind's taking that one a little bit a little bit left never mind okay so i hope you enjoyed this video if you did maybe should give it a thumbs up maybe share it with one of your friends and of course look there's a free downloadable practice plan in the description box below so you never have to remember a thing and if you're new to the channel join that join the community by pressing that subscribe button it's completely free to do so but until next week have a great golfing week