Strike Your Irons like a tour player using this EFFORTLESS GOLF SWING

effortless golf swing irons strike your irons Nov 08, 2021

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hey everybody Danny Maude here thanks for joining us in this golf lesson i'm going to share with you exactly how you can start to strike your irons so much better with an absolutely amazing drill a drill that i mentioned i would do for a recent um question i had on my facebook page james asked me to look danny i am literally fatting my irons thinning him along the ground i just can't get a consistent strike every time i put myself on camera i've got this kind of flicky position here i'm losing loads of distance can you help the answer of course is yes so this video is for jane but i'm putting it out on youtube because you know what i really think it could help you too before i get into it though if you're new to the channel it's one of your first videos of mine please consider subscribing press that little bell button next subscribe when you get notified every time i release a video just like this one and remember there is a free practice guide everything we do in this video i'll put into a downloadable practice guide so you don't have to remember a thing so let's help you and james now start to strike your irons so much better with a cool simple trini that you can simply make at home this is a bit of plywood it's three feet long it's a foot wide and i've got an old golf club what we're gonna make together is a rocker board now full disclosure i did not come up with this idea this has been around for about 20 years 20 years i think a pga pro called chef dick originally came out with it but i've adapted it a little bit to help you strike your hands better let me show you how it works you grab an old golf club just simply place it on the ground and place the board right down so the club is right in the center now if you are striking your iron's paw you get into this flicking position you're not striking them consistently the chances are you're also in this position what does this look like well my way my pressure is on my back foot through the impact area so stage number one to strike your irons we've got to get the pressure at impact onto our lead side there's the first stage and this rocker board is going to help you do that because it's going to do two things it's going to provide a sound and also a feeling right so let's start with that first goal number one is to get the pressure onto that lead side it's not the final bit but it's the first stage we're going to work on so what we're going to do first is this start just getting the feeling of just going left right now some people might you might be looking thinking well isn't that going to be swaying danny no there's a difference between swaying and pressure shifting here all i'm doing is simply pushing both feet down this would be swaying you see so i'm literally just push push now as i do this and i get to feel this all i'm going to do now is if one hand i'm going to start to allow this club to swing in a real rhythmical fashion i'm going to try and get the timing of this so that watch this the pressure here goes down it starts the back swing and then look the pressure on this where on the lead foot starts the downswing one two one two one two and you can see almost a speed increase now i don't just have to do this to my my trailer hand i can also do this in my lead hand and this is going to organize your swing so that ultimately you get that weight on pressure over that lead side so you don't end up here now the problem is i see it so often you may be trying to stay still you might be concerned about movement and in doing so staying still means that you freeze and then ultimately you've got no space you end up trying to almost like leaning back to try and generate any form of power right so just be don't be afraid of literally allowing these pressure shifts to work backwards and forwards and apply that force to the golf club organize your swing then what you do jump off it before we move on to step two jump off it get the sense now of this pressure shifting one two one two one two so the backswing the downstream are always starting with the pressure shifting not a sway just one two get that organized make sure the pressure's on you on your lease out of impact get that feeling there before we move on to stage number two

a little bit left but we haven't done stage number two yet so you may find that seriously some people you've been trying so hard to get forward and you try to get this pressure but you still flick it and here's the second reason so you may get forward but just getting forward without clearing this side be clearing the hips without extending this lead side you don't have any space to hold this angle you get cramped so your body responds by going like this stands up maybe flicks the club because there's no room so you need to be smart you also need to create space where space created watch this we're moving on to our lead side now watch this there's a the hip turns out the way the lead leg extends the left shoulder goes up as it happens look at this this naturally holds the angle but we want to do this in a flowing way i don't want you to hold on to this and try and force this angle and try and keep the handle ahead because you know what you'll lose a load of clubhead speed i want you to strike the ball and generate speed so that you can hit the ball a decent distance as well as get the strike so let me show you now how to feel this motion going through you can also use the board for this so you've you've got your pressure shift you've organized the swing now what we're going to do is i'm going to put this club at around about a 30 degree angle it doesn't have to be perfect and i'm just simply going to put that pressure board there a little bit further over and what we're going to do is you'll notice now the board is going to go backwards and forwards this way because watch this when you come down here right when we come onto this list and then we push down this way that the weight moves into the front part of the trail foot here you get the rotation this rotation creates the space as i'm creating the space here look what happens this leaf shoulder keeps going it naturally holds the angle and you get the other bonus of this watch this as i fire down fire this club down i throw the mass of this golf club down towards the ball generating power but the other thing i create is this bang as i throw this down my body works up that gets the upward motion again pulling this club up and holding this angle naturally so you get the compression and the speed can you see that so it's not um let's hold this no no speed in that we want to go one bang says the pressure going down to the ground here and into the heel of the lead foot so it's like bang let's show you from this angle so from this position all we're gonna do here is go bang bang bang and as i'm doing this coming down i'm firing that club and as that fires i then fire through and up on that shot this is what's going to give you that rotation and naturally help you keep that handle ahead let's have a look at this in action so you've got your horizontal force you've got that sensation now what we're going to do we're going to feel like this toe is rolling inwards it's throw it rolling in the club's flowing down and we're going to generate some speed

come on though so not bad so all we're doing just there in summary is you've got to organize the position you've got to organize the balance so what you're doing in reality is this you want to get that beautiful strike you've got to get a ball tur strike where the weight ends up on the lead side the handle ends up on the uh ahead of the golf ball but you don't want to do that in a rigid fashion yeah the club is always flowing you just got to learn how to time it so you organize it by literally shifting that way not sliding just shifting shift swing shift swing shift swing shift swing shift swing now you've got the shift doesn't guarantee because even from there you could just flip it so you now need to create room how do you do this i almost look pressure pull weight goes to the front part of the the trail foot heel of the heel of the left and you practice that and that is throwing the club down as you throw it down the momentum because it's a pendulum throws it back up again this creates the speed and it also look creates this motion here which holds the angle with power with compression you get both of those two things now look if you're working on this and this is all new to you start with stages one and two first just swing the club freely get the pressure shift organize that that'll be enough particularly you slice the golf ball because slice is always hitting off the back foot so that's the way i would start then add the rotation in after that all right so really really hope you enjoyed this video if you did give it a thumbs up and share it with one of your friends if you think they could benefit because i think this could be a real game-changer for so so many golfers and of course look remember you do not have to remember a thing there's a free practice guide in the description box below just download it and of course look remember if you're new to the channel it's one of your first videos of mine please consider subscribing but until next week have a great golfing week