Swing SLOWER but hit the golf ball FURTHER - 3 things you need to know

distance swing Mar 29, 2022

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hey everybody Danny Maude here thanks for joining us in this video i'm going to show you how you can be swinging slower but actually hit the golf ball further with your driver see not everybody has the ability to swing like a brighton chamber not everyone has the ability to swing long but whether it's injuries flexibility you name it and look there's no point in adding more club head speed if at the very first fact you don't have the right type of contact with the ball so in this video i'm going to give you three things on how you can add more distance before you start looking at increasing your length of swing or even your clubhead speed now before i do though look remember if you're new to channels from your first videos of mine please consider subscribing just press that little bell button next subscribe button you get notified every time there's a video just like this one plus i always put a free downloadable practice guide in the description box below so let's give you three things now that are going to help you hit the ball further with a driver without necessarily having swing any faster or harder at it now all three things are super super important so make sure you watch all three now the first thing you're going to need to be able to do is common sense but you're going to need to learn how to hit the center of the gut club face more often because look if you hit the heel of the club that is going to produce a lot of sight a slice spin if you hit the toe of the club the driver you're going to hit a lot of hook spin if you hit way too low on the driver that is going to produce a lot of backspin again losing you a lot of distance and finally if you hit too high on the face which i see a lot you're going to basically start to kind of hit the ball sky almost the ball up in the air right and you can always check that by looking at the driver if you've got lots of scratches on the top you know that you're hitting too high often because you're coming down on it so the question is is how do you hit the center well look one of the things that i guess when we're out doing on-course lessons is oh danny i struck that poorly okay great so what do you do with that when you strike a ball poorly well how where did you strike the face because knowing where that ball struck on the face is crucial for you then for you to allow your body basic to make some subtle adjustments to then improve it for next time but if you're unaware of where you're striking on the face or you can't feel it then what do you do so that this is a sturgeon one you need to get good at feeling where your ball is hitting the face now get some foot powder spray okay super valuable but a lot of people misuse this and i'll show you how in a second spray the face and it produces a white film over your driver face now all i want to do is simply hit a shot okay now i've got to be careful because i've damaged my back at the gym just a couple of days ago but watch this now i hit that off the toe of the club and i know that because of feeling watch this i've hit that look towards the toe how valuable that is for me because i can feel that i can naturally make adjustments for next time so that is stage number one for you i don't want you just use foot powder spray just to say oh i'm hitting off the toe i want you now to be able to get the guess correctly so just like i've done i said that was off the toe and i was correct that's what i want you to do get yourself to a driving range spray your face up hit the shot don't look at it and guess where it's coming off if you can start once you start to guess correctly that feedback is massive because watch then what we can do is move to the kind of more advanced game which is this i'm now on purpose now gonna try and hit the ball off the heel i'm not gonna do anything fancy my setup i'm gonna use that feeling that skill i've got to hit this ball off the heel of the club watch this i've now hit look the ball off the heel how have i done that because i have the feeling through the skill i've developed through club face awareness which i want you now to develop if i can hit the ball off the toe if i can hit the ball off the heel because of that feedback do you think that's going to help me and therefore you to hit the ball off the center more often of course it is just imagine someone playing tennis we're having a game of tennis you hit the ball slightly towards the rim you don't start thinking of complicated movements to try and hit the center you just keep going and eventually you get a feel of racket awareness well that's what this will do for your driving too so test that out that is point number one point number two is this in fact it's almost point number two and number three we're gonna uh we'll deal with number three in a second but point number two is this science proves that if you want to hit the ball longer you need a high launch but low spin what does that mean well we need the ball launching high up in the air but we don't want it going with loads of backspin we actually want low spin so we'll deal with spinning a second but for now we're going to teach you how to launch it now before i jump into this i want to deal with a misconception one thing a student of mine recently had was this he was hitting the ball really really high now he assumed that was because he was getting underneath the golf ball but actually it was because he was hitting down on the golf ball the ball was hitting the top of his driver and bouncing straight up into the sky so what did you do when the ball kept going high he started hitting even more down that's a disaster right so what you need to have is to get the high launch we need to be hitting up on the driver so the club needs to be ascending hitting the ball on an ascending blow here's how you do this let's start with set up first put your feet together with a ball directly in line with the middle of your feet take a very small step towards a target and then a step away from the target now the ball position is in a is in a place which is going to allow the club to bottom out behind the golf ball and then you hit up on that ball that's the first stitch second stage is this another student of mine really struggled to hit up on the driver thus losing distance why because at the start here his shoulders are way too level tilt your shoulders away from the target here check this in a mirror reason being when i got paul actually doing this he felt as like he was like this we put him on camera he barely done it right he just couldn't believe it right so check make sure you're tilted away from the target this is going to give you that ability to hit upwards on the shot now when you're in the swing what you can do is this look make sure your head will allow your head to move away from the target and then keep it looking away from the target here as you swing down because look if you allow your head to move towards the target it drags the club across and gets you coming down steep i'll show you from this angle so when i'm here look if i allow my head to slightly tilt away from my target here keep my head looking this direction still look at the bottom my head's here i'm able to hit look upwards on the ball but if i allow my head to sometimes move back towards my target it tends to get the club working steeply on top of that golf ball so really simple tip to help you get the high launch aspect of this motion so let me show you this in action so i'll hit a couple of shots for you and the first thing i'm gonna do is this so there's me hitting downwards on the ball okay look at that low point club head speed 90 miles an hour 6.8 down on the golf ball no distance whatsoever why because i'm hitting straight down on the golf ball immediately if i start to hit up on this ball here okay

watch this so i hit up on the ball i've got less club head speed i've hit behind the golf ball the low point behind and i've hit it a total of 211 simply by hitting up on the ball no length of swing just a little tap that's the advantage of basically getting an ascending blow on your driver so go and test this out make sure you get set up right to keep your head pointing behind the golf ball as you swing through that will help let's move on to point number three so before we move on to point number three look if you're enjoying the video make sure you smash that like button of course look consider subscribing to the channel so you don't miss out on any future videos now look we said look you need high launch but we don't want that ball just launching up in the air because that will actually lose you distance yeah what we want to now have is high launch but low spin here's how you get the low spin element you need to make sure that the loft on the driver remains the same as it strikes up on the ball what i mean by that is this we don't want to be hitting up on the ball like this and adding loads a lot on the driver because that will just get the ball up in the air you need to keep the loft down while the head itself goes upwards can you see this so in an exaggerated way look see how my handle's almost ahead it's not quite but it's kind of literally this is the motion of visualization you need this is going to create the low spin but how do you get the feel of this well look first of all just take your lead hand look at my thumb here it's pointing towards you and what i'm going to do is in my back of my lead hand initially i'm going to imagine look hidden look upwards with the back of my hand on a ball rolling the ball putting top spin on the ball notice this no stage have i gone put my hand this way with my thumb pointing in this direction because this would be look an open club face at impact neither have i rolled my wrist this way and put my thumb this way because this would be a closed captioning not available

do the same now with the right hand look i'm hitting up not by flicking up but by wiping up you see the difference like i thought this was a cloth i'm wiping the table and then i'm going upwards okay really getting that top spin it's keeping the loft down but the club going up once you've got that sensation start really small do this with a recent student of mine got in first of all to visualize top spin on the shot but i then got him in a really small way i grabbed all of this club and i said look at the face now keep that loft down and imagine doing this up up up really really small to start with now because he was so used to chopping down this was already a big big big difference then goal number one is can you put some top spin on so it's really small you've got your setup in position now here your head's pointing this direction now all i'm going to do now is try to put a very small shot hit some top spin on this shot here watch the difference and there's your topspin so once you've got the topspin and got the sensation and by the way this can take a little bit of time to get a feel for it with rodney it took just a few balls to be fair once we really got into keeping it small and building it up once you've got that feeling and if you struggle with a feeling you can do exercises like this just make some swings here get yourself into that setup position add loft so you feel what adding loft is take loft away

add loft feel what that's like take it away this could be almost your routine on a golf course if you wanted okay then clearly then you've got to add some snap this once you've got the feeling of it you need to add snap because if it's just this motion that could be a bit too wooden so get a rhythm and a snap one and two one and two so once you can start to create the snap again without really increasing the length of your swing you can start to hit the ball even further so i've got myself set up i've got the visualization of top spin i'm going to add a little bit of snapping to the bottom of this let's just see what happens again no big swings at this stage but hey presto there's an extra 20 yards there and i really are doing too much extra just creating that extra bit of snap okay so three things that will add more distance without necessarily having to hit the ball harder or swing longer okay get the feeling of how you hit the center of the club face make sure you do that super super important then look hit up on the ball make sure you've got the setup to do that all right angle your head slightly behind the golf ball stops rotating and coming down steeply on it high launch tick low spin get a feeling of low spin keep the loft down on the driver that is going to help you create the low spin one final thing and a bonus tip here check out this video right here because a decent grip will also massively help you with this kind of strike okay so do check out that video and look if you're new to the channel remember come and join the community by pressing that subscribe button and the bell and of course look i always put a free downloadable practice guide in the description box below so you won't have to remember a thing but until next week have a great golfing week