Swing SLOWER but hit the golf ball FURTHER - This Just Works!

driver irons simple golf tips Nov 08, 2021

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hey everybody Danny Maude here thanks for joining us did you know that with your irons and your driver you don't have to hit the ball harder to hit the ball further and i'm going to show you with some a couple of simple simple changes to your swing you could actually hit your irons further and straighter and your driver without changing your speed trying to hit it hard at all super super simple now before i get into the video look if you're new to channels from your first videos of mine please consider subscribing just press that little bell button next subscribe button you get notified every time i release a video just like this one plus i always put a free downloadable practice guide in the description box below so you never have to remember a thing great so let's show you how by swinging slower you can actually hit the ball a little bit further we'll start with our irons then we'll move to driver so how do you go about doing this it all comes down to your release and when you release it see if you are generating some serious speed but you're still not hitting the ball very far the chances are you're either striking it inconsistently or you are presenting too much loft to the ball at impact thus i've got an a-time here you present too much loft you started to turn it into a nine-nine or even a pitching wedge you're losing that level of compression so what i want to do is using trackman here i want to show you how you can start to kind of improve your strike and improve your compression through the impact area so that you provide less loft through impact so the ball comes off much faster and not only are you providing less loft you're also in a strong position where you're using your body to put pressure into the back of the ball too compared to look this is quite a weak position not just in terms of faith but also the body too now how do you do this you have to keep remembering that the body leads the club head the club head swings because of what you do from the ground upwards now let me explain how you go about feeling this now if you can grab a golf club and do this with me feel the weight of the head right then what i want you to do is this look at my legs and i'm going to go i'm going to move my pressure forward back forward okay now when i show you this it's going to look like i'm swaying a little bit but just bear with me one two three now this that momentum is going to give momentum to the club watch this one two three and notice already it's starting to organize the club watch this one two three i'm starting up with momentum to already create some form of lag now this angle what we said we wanted to start with compare that to this if all i did was go one two watch the difference one two three and this is what i see a lot is is people don't get this natural one two and then three so they end up getting behind the ball fatting it flicking it so what i want you to do is count that rhythm with me all right we'll start small then we'll go to a bigger swing one two and three and with an iron we introduce in the and one two and three and these words represent the pressure shift in the feet so look at this i'm gonna do it wrong first i'm gonna show you me going one two and then literally just releasing it and just show you what the difference is watch this so one two release so i've prevented a lot of loft now look at this 80 mile an hour worth of club head speed i've got a lot of spin loft on the on the golf club there 33 degrees and a carry of 133 yards what i want to do that spin loft ie compression that number needs to go down when that number needs to go it goes down we should start to the carry go up so what i'm going to do now is i'm going to add in the one two and three yeah so i naturally start to get that handle naturally ahead let's look at this in action so one two and three

so look at that 27 there only slightly more clubhead speed 80 miles an hour just playing nice and soft and 154 yard carry so a lot more carry from barely any extra clubhead speed so once we've started to kind of feel that timing one two and three you can then start to build it up and start to add some more speed to it and to do that if you want to start to swing longer build it up from the ground so how does the club go up well it goes up and around does it well how if the club is reacting to the body what should you do with the ground one two we need to pivot with the ground so it's twisting the ground like i'm stood on a screw i'm twisting it i'm pushing up yeah now look at this push up that gets some rotation as i come down i've gone one two and three i'm now gonna it's one two and pivot through so we're gonna go one two and look at this i need to get back to the golf ball now look so i'm going to pivot through and the extra pivot as i go up and i push up off the ground that is what releases the club just as you would do if you were throwing a frisbee throwing a ball we're going to go one two and pivot through this is what's going to give you the speed after you've started to get the compression so let's have a look at this before we go into driver so it's one two and pivot through one two and pivot through so a little bit extra speed on that one 87 miles an hour there so look at that efficiency i've added a speed look but my distance hasn't gone up massively so let's see if we can get that kind of spin loft down a little bit more so get that compression back one two and pivot through there we go look at that now 165 88 spin loft come down got a bit more compression with that so what it basically means on my last one didn't get over the ball as i said previously didn't give me the distance so let's see now what we do with driver driver's slightly different what you want to do with driver is you want to release it a little bit earlier so unlike an iron where you're trying to get much more over the ball so you get lots of compression with a driver if you want to swing slow and hit the ball further you need to hit up on the driver to do to do this all we do is we make sure now rather than going one two and three what we're gonna actually do is go one two and then what we're gonna do is we're gonna actually feel like we're releasing down so you're gonna start to get the pivot either twisting the disc here or the um the screw and the pushing up you're gonna really push up here so the release of the club happens what you're feeling is much more behind the ball and down versus here now what i'm seeing so often with golfers if you're struggling with power you try to put loads of energy in and you're not any fire it's nearly always this you're swinging back here and then from here look you are simply turning through with your body there's no fire downwards look where i'm going down as i'm pivoting right that gets me good not only does it get me releasing the club naturally effortless with speed it also gets the low point of the club behind the ball so the club then goes up and hits the ball up off the tee versus look if you're doing this way you're coming over the top of the ball de-lofting the club and actually hitting down on the golf ball losing power as well so we're going to go one rather than one two and three we're going to one two again feeling like the the club is always reacting to the body notice this i'm not snatching it away i'm not hitting it here i'm one feel this gentle pressure shift i'm gonna exaggerate for camera one two three and we're releasing where three so it's a pivot one two and pivot through we're gonna pivot right there behind feel like we're behind in the balls it's one two here we're still going to this leg and pivot through one two and pivot through and fire now here not over the ball that you did with the iron let's have a look at this now start small first one two three let's have a look at this so 110 speed uh 10 mile an hour worth of club head speed there we got a tack angle of 3.6 which means that means a positive number means i'm hitting up on the ball which is great so if i start to see that all i can do now is it means my efficiencies in carry is two six two all i'll then do is to start so for an increase that carry is then start to work on increasing my acceleration with the ground how do i accelerate this club do i hit it no with this part no what i'm going to do is really push harder with the ground up and then look here look i'm going to push harder with that pivot to release that club even faster down my shoulders my arms they're ready they're passive ready to be thrown downwards and i'm doing it behind the ball not over it and i'm certainly not turning through this just keeps the flat trajectory okay so let's have a look at this in action add a little bit more speed so one two

let's have a look at that one there there we go 115 miles an hour of clever speed tack angle fought 4.6 271 carry so that'll rolled out for almost a 300 now what we would say is there i could say we could still increase that so all i do now is my efficiency is clearly going up i just keep working harder and harder on the speed by the way not by going ah and trying it here these are always passive it always starts initially from a slow beginnings one two three and i really sense that release just that how's that club releasing is releasing because i'm doing this no it's releasing because i am extending pushing off the ground and pivoting here i'm not turning here that is what releases the club behind the ball here it also by the way for those if you swing over the top this is over the top watch this never is that going to go over the top when you release behind the ball with a pivot with the ground bang that's going to get you hitting up so let's summarize really quickly organize the swing first of all allow the club to react to the body pressure shift and yes i'm exaggerating this just for camera one two and follow through okay then you get bigger one two we want to get the club up so we pivot upwards one two up here and pivot through the club gets released because you are using the ground you're pushing up off the ground golfers worry about pushing up because i think they're gonna top it you won't top it your body knows where that ground is you've got to trust this it's so so important that's your eyes then work to drive you simply release it a little bit more behind a bit earlier here that's going to get you hitting up off the uh off the tee hitting the upper driver with the same speed hits the ball further once you've done that just simply start to amplify all of it until you start to get longer and longer and longer all right so i really hope that helps so give it a thumbs up if you if you did share it with somebody else who you think could benefit i remember i did actually put a free download or practice plan in the description box below so you never have to remember a thing i've also put a did a video last week which will complement this one really really nicely i'll put that right here go and check it out and then another one i did on the short game which i'll put right there go and check that out but until next week have a great golfing week