best iron tip ever compress your irons Nov 08, 2021

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hey everybody Danny Maude here thanks for joining us how would you like to strike your irons appear how do you get how do you like to get a lovely compression that creates no vibrations up the shaft the ball fizzes off like a rocket I know you've had them you've had that experience where you've just struck it absolutely beautifully how can you repeat that on a consistent basis how were you actually doing when you actually do that well in this week's training I'm going to show you it with you exactly what's happening when you when you create those lovely sounds and loves it love the strikes and help you do it on a more consistent basis with three simple drills that will help you learn the feel of it alright before I do that if you're new to Channel and this is one of your first videos of mine come and join the community press that subscribe button and the belt so I can notify you every time I get or release a new video just like this one so what's happening when you strike those lovely lovely shots well at that moment in time when that ball fizzes often there's no vibration up the shaft you're getting a strike where you striking the ball first there's a lean of the shaft here your body's probably opening a little bit but there's this lovely compression so that the lot of bendy lofted and you look you will look something similar to this those times when you're not striking it so good yeah fitting it and batting it you'll look a little bit like this so you're kind of flicking it becomes a little bit of a flicky Martian very weak awful for striking catches the fat catches that you name it so the question is how do you go about achieving this motion on a regular basis well there's free simple steps and they're really easy step number one which I refer to in a previous video of mine which I'm going to put up in this top right hand corner the first thing you're going to do is make sure that you truly have a swing and what I mean by that is is I don't want your brain to be full of loads of information thinking of this think of that that creates it's wooden that's in your swing you cannot have that that is not how we naturally move so the very first thing I want you to do is first of all sense the swinging action so you've got to have this as your core motion so this these arms here are being swung by the movement of the feet it's a foot two hand Martian I'm swinging the arms using the movement of the feet what I'm not doing is isolating these arms I'm swinging them like this the arms are moved by my feet moved I'm using pressure swinging them back and I'm swinging through so try this now try and get sensation of those arms being swung backwards and forwards this stitch number one once you've got that sensation pick up a golf club and do something similar start to swing the head backwards and forward notice this I'm not just doing this motion it with an isolated arm motion what I'm actually doing is that Army's being swung back by a movement of the ground a foot to hand just like I would do if I was throwing a ball I'm going to go into too much more detail on this I've covered it loads in this in last week's training which you can access right here once you've got that sensation you now need to learn how to feel how to then while you're doing that get this sensation of compression through the impact area and I've got a little game you can play about two drills but the first one is take what let me give you the drill first so let's give you a job so grabbers through guru Doug everyone's go screwdriver I've seen this done with all kinds of things like alignment sticks on what I view but grab a screwdriver stick it in the top part of your grip here so it sticks out nice and simple and all we're gonna do here is this most most players when they're not striking the ball very well they swing back here and what they're doing is they're simply flicking if you start flicking here this screwdriver is going to start to hit you in your sight so be a little bit careful and but what's happening is it's gonna flick here what you want to do is get sensation that if you swing naturally you're gonna miss through here if screwdrivers not going to hit your side I'm literally swinging backwards and forwards and the screwdriver is missing if I flick through it's clearly going to point at me at my bellybutton quite quickly I might even hit me just watch out people sometimes get it wrong by okay they start to do stuff like this and again that's an isolated motion they are missing their body with a screwdriver but that's not what they actually wanted that's why we need through stage one first you need to let the club swing through freely first okay once we've done that then you can start to play a few shots and all we're gonna do now I'm gonna hit a shot I'm getting that sensation look how my body's naturally clearing and watch this if it doesn't clear and I get flicky it's going to hit me in the side so where we go nice and smooth and away we go misses the side beautifully get lovely amount of compression and you know what for some of you you might find this feeling a little bit weird to start with it might feel like it's a little bit stiff I'm happy with a little bit of stiffness initially just here but I don't want to stay like that okay it's very important that you have this flowing Martian Golf isn't a mechanical thing you've got it I've always rhythm and flow to it this is just fine-tuning it and helping you get that compression or the feeling of compression we do another one like this and away we go I'm really getting a sensation the balls traveling off naturally a bit lower because I'm avoiding that simple exercise most people can try that learn the feel of compression then this one I love this one's even simpler than that this one gives you a great feel so watch this I get myself set I'm gonna open my stance really wide open but keep the ball position kind of central now if I allow my hands to release and I get flicky here where's the ball gonna go miles got miles left isn't it so I'm going to try to keep the ball nice and straight on this motion so the only way I can actually do that look is by getting this sensation here if I allow myself to kind of flick it's going to go left so this is a fun game and because your body's a wonderful problem solver it will solve the problem by naturally holding that spirit face and much-much squarer through impact and therefore holding the angle not because you're trying to hold the angle because just it's natural to do that so we get ourselves set let's do a couple of shots from here so I'm going to literally try and get the sensation of keeping the ball on line still

while keeping its dress a beautiful strike even surprised myself without one so let's sum enough oh look at that

so you can see here I'm aiming miles to my left ball still central but obviously if I kind of released this here and get the flicky Martian that ball is gonna go left foot I felt let's just show that if I flick balls gonna go miles to the left straightaway and that's going to give you that horrible sense of flick no strike whatsoever so again in order for you to make a change in your golfing you have to learn to feel what compression feels like you need to feel what it's an go feels like but without forcing the angle make this mechanical make it stiff hot trying to hold on to this there's just no swing if you just becomes an artificial manufactured move give yourself your body a challenge it will naturally try and solve the problem so I million miles to the left here my targets over there and all I'm going to do is is a look at how naturally I'm an honor for me to kind of keep that square clubface kind of facing where I want the ball to go I naturally have to hold this there without all the stiffness so let's play the game I'm going to try to set it off a line

look at that beautiful some another look at that in action so we're still swinging freely we're still getting that sensation of compression but it's happening much more naturally by giving us body a nice little problem look at that that's a beaut so you can see there there's three stages to learning this sensation of getting this motion coming through so we're basically the first thing you've got to do you've got to make sure that you still have this flowing Martian I do not want this to be kind of artificial because we try to hold the angle get the sensation that the arms are being slung by the body if you don't quite understand exactly what I'm talking about there it's such an important factor check the video out are putting this top round corner it will really really really help get the flow you've got to allow this club to let go no control over this Martian once you've got that sensation of letting go then you've got to then say like it I need to learn how to add the compression on the feel of compression to that we said look yeah you can try it nice and simply with putting a screwdriver in I've seen people use alignment sticks of these in training aids you can add twist but training it's cost money so look most people got screwdriver stick it in there get the sensation of swinging freely and as look as I literally avoid that hitting my body my body turns beautifully out of the way if I flick here it's going to start hitting my body it's a simple Martian the key those who don't use it with an isolated motion that's to mechanical and there's no power is to be practice swinging through just naturally avoiding it my favorite however is this motion a miles to the left for a right hander ball central and give you a body a problem it's gonna have to solve the problem by doing this get that sensation and it'll be give you a great way of starting to get some form of compression with this shot it's just fighting it

that's lovely and then from there you can gradually move the stands back around to square get the sensation again at the okay I'm maybe not doing it as much now but I'm going to see if I can transfer that sensation back and through I know where you go and I will just play around with this the key with golf is remember it's a spa it needs to be dynamic you need to have this you develop feels so many people understand what to do but they don't really know how to do because they don't understand how to train their body to body needs to requires much more feel orientated exercises these games like this will provide the body with the right information so it can learn learn the fields learn the strike and then I where you go I really hope this helps if you know if somebody else is struggling with their striking particularly with the irons share this video it will really really help and of course let you enjoy the video give it a thumbs up maybe come and join the community just by subscribing to the channel and pressing that bell but if you're not already but until next week have a great golfing week