THE EASIEST DRIVER SWING TIP - learn an effortless golf swing with this simple driver tip

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how everybody Danny Maude here thanks for joining us this week home to see my parents and my dad kindly invited me out to his home golf course and what I saw was absolutely remarkable I so pleased for him who my dad was hitting so much better than I've ever seen him do I played golf my dad since I was like this high bye dad 75 now and I think he's swinging it better than I've ever seen him in his entire life I think is in a 20-plus dad's murder from when I saw him last time his swing looks easy less effortless but more importantly what I absolutely loved was he said to me Danny when I'm not doing it right I can now feel it you know how often are you being on the golf course when you're hitting Dodgers shots with what you feel is exactly the same swing but you're hitting one shot beautifully on the throw in the next one to the right or left you know my dad could feel now what he was doing so what I want to do in this week's training is share with you because I know it will benefit you as well as how you achieve this easy effortless golf swing no matter your age how did my dad do it what has he done what are the steps he's taken because it isn't overnight he wasn't in 20 pull out every single time but it's getting there so I'm going to show you exactly what we did before I do that if you knew two-channel and this is when your first videos of mine consider subscribing press that little bell icon Nexus the subscribe biker icon and you get notified every time I release a video just like this one so what is my dad doing now that he wasn't doing was a couple of things the lack of power originally and the reason why sliced a lot of time was because he was very torso dominated he would swing like this he would swing here backwards here and from the top he would hit very much just with this section of the body now if you've seen any of my videos before you realize that you know the golf swing is very much like throwing and since like it's it a great golf swing and the effort swing is delivered from the ground upwards if I let my arms relax here and I in a sense throw my arms gets slung it doesn't do this this is a weak way of throwing a golf ball now I needed to create that in my dad and what he started to do he did that he actually now started to get the lover using the ground it's amazing 75 years brilliant he started to use the ground fantastic and then he even got this he even got his firing up so the club supported through the impact area to generate the speed he was not only getting in a sense this strong athletic position which may intense an accuracy but he even got a cup of catapulting now let me explain the steps that we did to achieve that for him so the first thing he needed to do was that to use the ground for the first time and he need two things to happen he needed to get his arms nice and relaxed and I gave them a simple exercise if I didn't get it from one of my videos which I'm actually gonna put in this top right hand corner here and I put also link in the description to it as well it goes into a bit more detail I've got some balance questions you can use with it so check it out here but this is a drill I gave him and because he wasn't using the ground very much I said like we're gonna exaggerate this and I got him to kind of in a sense get the heel of the left coming up and the toe of the right so that's his backswing and then got him to put the right toe down so it kind of looks like it's like a walk almost on the spot like this there's just a couple of things it keeps us centered it's not swaying around and it's how he's now start to use if it's putting pressure into the toe and the heel alternatively okay like this okay right now I want you to do that I said now experience how that the shift did that pressure affects the way you swing the arms now you stand there a nice relaxed Downs watch this okay let's keep going swinging those down now what would he do to start off with and what you might go be careful of naturally he goes into golf mode he starts to swing those arms artificially that's not the point with this just like throwing a ball we don't probably just with our arm around by the momentum and the use of the ground so we start off nice and slow you could do this indoors and as some of you are gonna watch this in winter so this is an ideal exercise let your arms hang down night naturally up down backwards and forwards now as you get to taught watch this imagine in a sense just feeling as I in a sense use my lower half I'm not driving my arm down not forcing this Martian I really sensation of how my body the lower half affects this note the faster and harder I go the more speed and more catapult I get now clearly my dad phones me up he's basing leaves he has Danny I'm doing this but I'm all over the place I lose my balance yes you will do sometimes it's difficult and it's an exaggerated motion but exaggerating it will give you the sensation of this okay now you don't have to do the power excess that comes out leave that to later we'll just for now it's getting the feet working so once who did that you get he's now got the relationship between the feet the foot and the hand I call it's like a foot to hand swing you're kind of the feet in a sense move in the hand now we want is a foot to head swing so we want to be able to experience how the feet impact this head if you want to catapult this head you don't want to be forcing it again with you round you're going to work out how the feet apply that energy to the end of the product okay so watch this so we have to sit let's start short forward here and then look we're gonna put the heel down here and backwards and forwards I'm going to let that swing what did he do clearly same again he uses his arms to take the club away because he's in god mode he's normal so it's enough to take your time get a sensation of this motion now I used a little trick at this stage which I learned from a recent client of mine Rick he's a surgeon in the state and he told the story about his first operation that he did where he's really really nervous and he was going into a patient and he was trying to find out what he was looking for and he couldn't he was getting really nervous I think he just couldn't find it couldn't feel it and he's meant I said Rick just feel it I can't feel it is the small little panic in there so it's Rick you need to want to feel it and Rick turned away from the patient and put his hands in and what do you think that did what do you think he gave his hands opportunity to experience what was inside and he found what he was looking for the thing is sometimes when you in a sense when that ball gets in away and it can get into our head without trying to hit it straight we're worried about where it's going to go a worried about striking it that can distract us from actually experiencing what we're supposed to be working on so a little trick here is to either you can close your eyes with this it's a really good exercise just to kind of get the feel of this you can look to the side of the golf ball but the aim is to distract yourself ok fact what I'm going to look at you at the camera distract yourself so you can actually experience what's going on with those feet and then see if you can get that relationship to the head so watch it as I complete my swing here and I put my toe down and my heel in so I feel that force I'm gonna feel I can feel the reaction of the club head that cops getting slung here it's being slung because as they powered down here into my heel and they power down into my front of my right foot I can feel the reaction of this not always easy initially so let's go with so we're swinging back and forwards are getting this momentum start slowly you might not be ready to do the power yet that's fine just see if you can feel the reaction I can't feeling that I can't really getting that sensation of this working so off we go nice and small to start off with we'll get yourself set no big shots we're gonna kind of feel like the club gets swung back here backwards and forwards and then away we go just with the feet nice and easy

okay that'll do nice and easy to start with no worrying about where the balls going at this stage all we're doing is we're learning to experience the feet if all you did was get them working which sits on my dad get them working at least now you're using the ground now it's going to be difficult not to kind of get those arms being forced in that's fine but just take your time with us backwards and forwards now as he's doing this we then and he start to get a feel for this I said look see if you can now use that precious he's now got the feeling see if you can just push it harder so it's almost like you're stomping stomp stomp stomp stomp the heel comes up here and then you're stomping it down here and it's stunt there yep stomp on both the heel and the totus bang almost feel like you're doing at the same time and then he said what happens here as you do that you get what he described as the vertical force of firing upwards which is wonderful for driver you stomp here you get this cap to pull effect through very different for the people who don't hit it very far who are almost doing this they're hitting it this and moving sideways there's no catapult of the club this we want to talk to be catapulted like this with speed we don't want to be pushing the club forward so how do we do this watch this when I'm swinging back I'm gonna have to pull that Club by stomping here those pressure points let's have a look at this in action back here

stomp down and then he really felt so he's really used in the ground and he was getting this kind of standing up for this catapult effect this did not happen overnight first things first he had to relax the arms used to get experience of how the feets were impacting on those ABS he then gradually built up the speed and then we added one final thing all this is great you're using the feet you've seen how that impacts the club head but then what you got to do you got to have a look at introducing the target and visualizing a little bit of flight so my dad now needs to kind of focus on where he's hitting the golf ball he spent mostly time not trying not to slice it which was which was causing him to kind of avoid the trouble on the right so he was always swinging into a window that existed over here now we needed to encourage him to swing to a window that's much more here we actually wanted to try and encourage him to draw the ball set them off a little bit to the right so what we did was we got the arms here now you've got the body swinging backwards and forwards get a feel of how the sphere working now I said look just imagine swinging and as you as you kind of swing in there the arms imagine them kind of you're releasing that into a window that's over on this right-hand side so backwards and forwards so you still move with the feet but you're gonna imagine that you're swinging the arms into the window here that means he's less likely to then do this come over the top so learn the feel of first of this yeah nice and easy sling then we said look learn the experience with the club head learn that ignore the ball for a second learn to sling the club head really get that relationship so now we're slinging the club head it into that window so again we're starting the fee I'll start slowly swinging those arms learning the pressure points pushing down swing those out freely into that window backwards and forwards clearly what my dad did like done for all of this you were trying to guide it and push it no we are slinging of that they're being slung there by the way you're moving those feet so bit by bit we introduced this target did he a beautiful draw straight of course not but now he's starting to get that sensation of where we need to be going so a little draw here backward and forwards through the impact oh really getting out of bounds being slung really get the club being slung it feels out control it's feels risky to do you know it's not a thing people feel that control us in the field balls gonna go everywhere but it's simply how you use centrifugal force it's how the body naturally marshal it moves it's so much more consistent so what have we done today we base it on three things the first thing you need to do and why do my dad is you need to experience using the ground and then there to experience the relationship of how that links to and moves those arms so you need relationship with the ground and you need to relax these things if you these tension II it's never going to work so I'm getting there heel toe exercise here I'm going to put two or three videos in the video in the description below and up in the top right hand corner here which can go into more detail but this video alone could just really really work so we're swinging those arms backwards and forwards then you get that relationship of how the arms have been slung you need to pass that relationship on to the club head here backwards and forwards do it slowly and then see if you can stomp down when you start stomping in you're putting the keys on the downswing you put pressure to the heel and the front part of the the trail foot here bang that is what will create that catapult at no stater my artificially doing this it's been created by those feet and the final piece of that jigsaw is you've got to introduce a target you got to be clear about this if all it is about swing there's nothing really driving where you're swinging to and that's where the target is to come in visualize the shot you want to hit not what you don't and then start off by again swinging the arms into the box that you want to hit backwards and forwards backwards and forwards for your luck motion and then gradually and introduce the sensation of the connection with this club head keep it as free as you can and then away you go your absolute love it's how you generate speed any tension here imagine me throwing a ball with tension I can you've got to let go it is tricky to let go it takes time and it's much harder on a golf course initially but go with it hope you enjoy the training if you did give it a thumbs up maybe share it with some of your friends if they want to look young create a more effortless style golf swing but until next week everybody have a great golfing week