TOP 5 Tips for the 80 Yard Golf Shot - MASTER YOUR SHORT GAME

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okay look you've just hit your second shot short of the green this is an approach shot it could be anywhere between 80 to just 40 yards shortly maybe even 30 yeah short the green you need elevation we got water to go over you need the ball landing softly how do you get backspin what club should you use how do you make sure you don't thin it or fat it along the ground into the water on these shots i want to give you now my top five tips to master this approach play so let's get cracking tip number one if you want to master your approach play you need to realize that approach play is very different to power play it is a different motion i want you to the simplest way to describe this is look you're only there just there if i'm going to throw a ball to you i can relax or just throw a ball to you my stance is narrow i'm relaxed there's no necessary to get aggressive here because you're just there but if you weren't 50 yards or 100 yards further i might not to get wider my intent now would lead to a very different motion more aggressive more movement of the body more shifting and pressure more power more slingshot all right we don't want that with approach plug because you can't control the strike very well and you certainly want to control the distance so that is the status step number one tip number one set up in a way that matches the intent of the shot so this is an approach shot it's a calm shot the stance is naturally narrower the ball position is just inside my left foot my lead foot here by about a club width and i'm relaxed my pressure is on the balls of my feet and i'm in a nice relaxed position i'm also the pressure favors my lead foot by about 60 40. why for the same reason we've talked about i'm not trying to shift pressure i want to maintain it there i don't need this aggression so i keep my pressure on that lead side here so that i can get a consistent contact and position of that club arriving on the ground if i move around it's going to be a lot harder for me to write i get that club arriving at the same spot every single time that is tip number one nice relaxed position the intent is of calm swing my pressure's on my lead side and then we just make a very calm golf swing nothing complicated whatsoever all right so that is tip number one now tip number two you need to sync up the body so again it's calmness it's control when you go for your power game there's a bigger platform there's more rotation look at my hips are rotating the club lags behind and gets slung like a catapult when you're approaching it everything needs to sync up a lot more what do i normally see if you're fatting it thinning it along the ground struggling with contact i see this so much the arms dominating the swing literally the arms leaving the body out of sync immediately and then everything is controlled with the arms it's not sinks it's so hard to control strike almost impossible to control distance control so how do you go about syncing them up well it's not dissimilar to throwing so watch this if i throw i want to imagine throwing underarm look at the way my shoulders are working trail shutter works up lead shoulder works down then on the way through trail shoulder works down leach all the way up and literally it's like this backwards and forwards all right now one way you can feel this is get a heavy weight so if you just try and swing this with my abs that's gonna be really difficult but watch i'm gonna use my core my torso my core look at this i was gonna throw this it would feel like this i feels like i'm going over my trail shoulder and then watch this i'm going to throw it over my left shoulder so i'm not throwing it over there because i don't have any strength there i'm throwing it over my left shoulder now technically what this looks like is this your lead side bends on the way back your trail side extends and then on the way through your trail side bends and your lead side extends so it looks like this throw over my shoulder watch this over my right shoulder over my left shoulder over my trellis shoulder hold of my lead shoulder so we're now able to stay nice and centered over the ball and create space and coordination to swing let's have a look at this in action so we've got a pressure on our lead side and all i'm going to do now is get the bends here so go over my trail shoulder and then again over my lead shoulder let's have a look at this nice and simple

nothing complicated spin down that wasn't a bad shot look if you're enjoying the video do me a favor press that like button of course look if you're new to the channel consider subscribing by pressing the red button and the bell button so i can notify you every time i release a video just like this one a little bit too far okay so which brings us now you're starting to get the practice now remember this might take some time for you to do and that's absolutely fine go away and practice it then once you get the consistency in your strike now it's time then you can start working on distance control what club should you use how do you know what club to use go to the range first so here's what i recommend approach play get i'm using a 56 degree at the moment but ignore me for a second 60 degree 56 degree um your pitching wedge go to the driving range and your approach play is all about controlling distance therefore you don't want to have to have any hit in there so here's what i suggest grab a your sandwich and play your sandwich and just swing to about halfway here and then nice and easily again throw the club over you'll lead shoulders so we're going to simply swing about halfway throw the club over the lead shoulder and that for me is usually around yeah 50 yards okay now i know this that with my 56 that goes 50 yards do you know what you need to know this too because once you do now you've got an idea of how far that club goes from just this position then what i might do is swing to about three quarter swing here and then throw it over my lead shoulder let's see how far that one goes

that now gets me to the back flag okay so i've now got one club let's look at the adages 75 yes about right so nice and simple so i've now got two yardages so i now know that this swing goes 50 and this swing goes about 75. brilliant now if i wanted more yardages i would repeat the exact same process with different clubs all right so know how far each club goes you must have that down then just simply write it down i sometimes get a piece of paper i've advised people to put it on the top of the club half swing goes this three quarter swing goes this that's it you've got your strike now the next thing to do you take it to the golf course how do you take it to the golf course fourth tip you need to know your distance how do you know your distance so many people guess i use a range finder or a laser you can do gps's i prefer these because they are more accurate all right now knowing your yardage ping it out there because why is it important to know your ads well you've just done all the work building your strike building the control in and doing the practice well i now know i've got 50 yards okay which is 58 oh yeah 50 yards is my sand wedge that goes halfway okay great okay let's do that right so sandwich halfway

is about 50 yards makes sense so there we go it's going to come down right so i now know so i've got a better chance now of then get making sure my practice all the hard work i've done in practice pays off on the golf course know your yardage tip number four laser it's so so important um if you want to know what laser ramune i'll put a link in the description box below very very simple so tip number five is more of an advanced hit you're striking it now you're judging your distance control you might want some spin you might want to control your trajectory how do you do this very simple you want a higher shot no problem finish higher just like if you're throwing a ball right if i'm throwing a ball where i'm gonna fret if i throw it high where's that finish hi if i throw a ball though i'm gonna throw it low i'll finish low so watch this i'm not gonna play a higher shot watch this look how high that goes

there we go beautiful stops with a bit of backspin all right nice and high watch this now i'm going to play this one a little bit lower and how do i do this do i change my ball position you could do move it back if you wanted but i don't i like to just focus on just as if i would throw i'm going to finish lower to throw it lower okay so i've got all the things in place that we started with all the first four tips now all we're going to do is simply finish lower look at the difference in that flight hey presto yeah much much lower and because it's lower it's going to come with less backspin sometimes as well so you're going to get more of a release so those five tips will hopefully massively help your approach play around the green let's just summarize tip number one recognize there is a difference between your approach play and your power play approach play it requires karma gentle narrow stance ball position inside lead heal and weight stays on the left side of my lead side 60 40. nice simple tip two sync up the body how do you do this very simple realize that which we do not want to be just have an arm swing arm swing kills so many golfers get the torso the core working as if you would you're holding a heavy weight this was really heavy and i was throwing it i'd get it throwing it over my lead shoulder throw it over my trail shoulder here throw it over my lead shoulder get that sense then everything's going to sync up in a nice easy way once you've done that you've got your ball striking learn your distances how go to driving range take your free club lob wedge 56 pitching wedge go half find out how far it goes go three quarter find out how far it goes write those distances down put them on the club now you know yeah now that will change over time brilliant if it does then adjust it right fourth know your yardage get yourself a laser priceless for me everyone goes oh like i know my yardage do you know what do you know it or do you think it because when i ping this i don't think it's 60 yards i know it's 60 yards that is going to give me the confidence to commit so when i've got 50 yards and i know it 50 i know even though there's water there if i swing to here and here it's going to go over no problem whatsoever why because i'm not guessing and finally once you've done all that control your trajectory how and why would you need to do it well control it finish high for higher finish low for lower why is that important well do you know what if it's windy you don't want to be floating the ball high up in the air you you'll lose the control get it in lower let it chase we've seen here for instance look there's a two tier if i play this in lower and the flag's at the back i don't want to be necessarily risking flying his back uh the ball all the way to the back that could be risky with the water behind chasing it in a little bit lower i can land it on the bottom level and chase it up all these things can really really help your confidence with the approach play so i really hope you enjoyed this training if you did give it a thumbs up maybe share it with one of your friends and of course look if you're new to the channel come and join the community it's completely free by pressing that subscribe button and the bell and remember there's a free practice plan for all my videos in the description box just below the like button just download it's complete for free but until next week have a great golfing week