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hey everybody Danny Maude here head professional at the Canterbury golf club in Kent this week I'm going to give you two of my biggest mistakes I personally see when people are striking their irons it costs them the cost of distance it cost them accuracy and in terms of consistency it's a real killer so in this week's training you're going to work out exactly what they are why they are a problem for most golfers and exactly how we're going to start solving them today before we get started if you're new to the channel this is one of your first videos consider subscribing we release tips and advice every single week to help you improve your games so let's talk about irons and whatever I class is two of the beast mistakes I see so the first thing is if you're new to this how do we strike a 9 in the first place what is a beautifully stroked iron a beautiful stroke is right is where the club strikes the ball and then continues and strikes the turf after the golf ball that is the first thing we need that is what we really need to strike your pure iron shot we don't want to strike the ground just level with the ball we don't certainly when we strike it behind we need to strike the ball then the ground and that leads to a pure strike now how do we go about doing that and what do I see a lot of golfers working on so you may have heard for instance in order to get that ball turf strike what we need is a decent amount of shaft lean right so the ball the club's coming in the angle of the shaft is a head of the golf ball at impact and then we work on getting you two hitting downwards on the golf ball now here's one of the biggest mistakes I see I see a lot of golfers try to work on this and they're working really really hard to try and hold this angle as they're coming in and you know what all they're doing is making this swing very wooden very stiff and they're actually losing DISA's control and if anything they're pushing the ability to hold this angle naturally further and further away right what you've got to realize about this the angle is correct what they're working on is absolutely correct we do need shaft lean but how the don't if you're doing the same but how you may be working on this is incorrect right what we do not want to be doing if we want to achieve this angle here we do not want to be trying to hold the angle through impact like this that is definitely not want to do that is unnatural what we want to be able to do is this when you see the best players in a sense and they've got is what you call lag on lean shuffling an impact it's done in a very natural way so they won't they get the stripe but they also get club head speed right I think of it this way if you threw a ball and you want to throw it a long way right it won't look right if you did this you just flicked it with it right when you throw a ball your body's leading and the hand is lagging behind and then fires right we're firing through this way what we want to have in a golf shot right if you want to start to get some shaft lean there's a couple of things that you need to do the first thing is this have the grip pressure light enough so for the wrists to be passive right now it's an old I know if you've heard this before but hold it as almost like you're holding a tube of toothpaste right firm enough to not allow the toothpaste to squirt out but soft enough so just comes out gently right what that allows you to do here is it allows the wrists to be passive right if the wrists are passive then they can work far more efficiently through the golf swing right remember we're going to try and create shaft lean here right but we're gonna do it in the most natural way possible when you swing backwards and forwards right and you allow the wrists to be passive watch this as I transfer my weight from my backswing to my downswing that becomes a little bit of lag and a little bit of shuffling right what causes that as the momentum of the club goes backwards that's going backwards just a sudden transition of something else going forwards creates a little bit of lag right that's the first thing we're going to need right that sensation so you move back here you want to be holding the grip pressure at a pressure that allows the wrist to be passive ie reactive they're going to react to the net strong motion of the swing so watch this as we swing back here as I swing back in trans and then start to transfer there becomes this lag if I hold this firmly now there becomes nothing right so there is no like there's no softening there's and it's very hard to keep that lean right now once you've got that sensation I have a little bit of softness going on then the next thing you need to do is figure out well what do you do then how do you get that in a keep that leaner keep that like through impact and this is the basic the the the major second point what we need to be able to do after that is not then hit the golf ball focus on hitting the golf ball here what we want to then do is focus on hitting through the shot right so in the essence the in a sense the tension becomes more swinging to here not swinging to here because if you swing to here that lovely lag that you have now okay and lean here disappears because you're releasing to there right look at this if it suddenly releases you release all the lag and you end up kind of scooping it right what's the difference here if we got this softness here and but now we release to here suddenly the lag then lasts a little bit longer and we release food to that position they're far far more efficiently than those players who are literally holding it much stiff and they're trying to do this they're holding this position here but there's just no Club at speed right so it might look pretty twist it on camera initially but they're just dragging it right and they're just there's just no power whatsoever so it's not just the shaft lean that we need we need the shaft moving at pace so that you can not only strike the ball well but also generate a stack of speed so you can increase that power all right so let's just summarize that point for a second what are we trying to do we know that we need to get shaft leaner impact but what I see too many golfers doing is they're not working on the best way on how to achieve it it's correct to get shaft lean but we need to work on it in two different ways first first way we need to allow grip it pressure like a tuba tooth but just gently squeeze and the toothpaste out that allows the wrist to be passive so when you move swing backwards and forwards here the wrists naturally break as you swing back and then transferred back down that becomes this natural lag now that's the first thing you need to have a softness and allow that club to swing just a little bit freer right for some people that feels about our control but really go with it once you've got that sensation the next thing is this is where you put your attention if you put your attention I've got to try and strike the ball what happened is that lovely angle you start to create will then set to release very quickly and release to here so suddenly now what happens is you get very square with your hips and you're releasing too early and then this the lean what we wanted start to disappear what we instead need to do is this we - once you've got the softness here we to work on doing a couple of things for you to release there here as we're opening the hips we're releasing two there so the club now is parallel with my foot line and is extended there some back and I'm releasing there simple exercise but now what you've got is you've naturally got the shuffling for impact and you're getting clubhead speed to match with it and see what this looks like

right some another look at that

it's a really really nice simple exercise in order to kind of get you releasing and holding that shuffling through the impact area but at the same time generating speed right Golf is not a series of individual static positions there are positions that we swing through right otherwise it becomes mechanical stiff wooden and you just cannot play golf like that all right I hope you enjoy hope you find this useful if you do share it with somebody who's struggling with our iron player it really really helps and of course look if you're enjoying the channel and you want to see this in your inbox every single week don't forget to press the subscribe button and the bell but until next week have a great dolphin week