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hey everybody Danny Maude here thanks for joining us this week I want to share with you how you generate explosive power in your iron play and your driving I'm gonna give you an example of Richard a chemist in me a couple of weeks ago who was really struggling to get any justice with his irons and by the end of the session we might have to add fifteen or twenty yards and yes we really covered a lot of things like you'll see with the top players how do they get this squat how do they get that explosion we're going to cover all of that in this training so it can help you get some extra few yards out of your irons and your woods before we do if you're new to the channel and this is one of your first videos consider subscribing I release content like this every single week to try and help you improve your game so how do you generate power and explosive power in your shots I'm gonna give you a little example of a lesson I give literally a couple of weeks ago I was on the Reg and I was with a junior golfer and I won't mention them but I was his dad was saying you know I was calling let's call him tom his dad was saying Tom please slow down slow down your swing so he's trying to slow down your swing you're trying to you know keep it smooth etc now the problem with all of that is if you're telling that yourself to keep the swing smooth don't swing too hard at the golf ball how realistically are you is that the right message that you're sending to your body if you want to generate power you know it's it's so not for me you imagine this if you are gonna lift something very heavy at home and you know you're an adult you know howl if you know that you don't want to damage your back right so what do you do if you know you've got something heavy to lift and what would you do you would prepare yourself wouldn't you you'd get wrong let me get myself set for this because I need to get myself sort of protect my back I'm going to be my strongest position to lift this but it you won't walk up to wearing this guy's just take it nice and easy you know and because that wouldn't be giving the right messages to the body now the problem is what Ines what a better instruction would be and is what a give that's calling Tom what a give Tom was I said hit the ball as hard as you can but maintain your balance if you intend to hit the ball really hard right and but your intention is to kind of hold balance you're gonna start to set up you're giving your body the right information your training your educator you're going right you're telling it right I need to be ready for this how am I gonna hold my balance well look I'm my cause already starting to tie it a little bit and now I'm gonna swing I'm gonna try to hold my balance while hitting it nice and firm it's very different it's worries YP I see people a lot of times swaying around when they're swaying around this often because they've been told to swing smoothly and gently and you know be careful and what I've done and that careful kind of doesn't get you set to hit the ball hard and long it gets you a little bit soft the muscles are a little bit soft and that gets you kind of this smooth little swing which is all a bit loose and limp we need to have some energy so the very first thing I want to get from this is look you want to hit the ball longer you need to prepare you need to get your body ready to hit the ball longer you know just imagine if you were going to explode you want to be there to get right I'm gonna get myself ready to smash this ball if I want to jump high I'm going to get myself ready and explode upwards I'm not going to go right okay I want to jump as high as I can no problem and have this kind of soft approach so get some energy in before you start the next thing is is talking about explosive so I gave a gentleman called Richard a lesson last week and we managed about 15 or 20 yards on to his iron play and we use this that starting block as get yourself ready and then the second piece of the jigsaw was how do you then get exploding through the shot like some of these top players what Richard needed to do here is this he needed to get on to his front side his front leg and then from there he needed to explode so what you'll see with all the top players and anyone who generate a lot of power is this they get a squat down followed by an explosion upwards question is how do you do it so many people I see when they're working on this they even try the squat they try to squat down etc a squat is so unnatural to try and do this your if that's making it moat waiting mechanical I want you to think of it a different way you get the squat by right got to cause reverse-engineering squat if you know you have to explode upwards through the shot to generate power you have to explode upwards from a place yes if I know I have to put it any other way so it might be easier understand if I know I have to exploit upwards with the jump do I stand here and just jump on what do I do no I'm gonna explode I'm naturally going to squat first to explode upwards the same is true in golf start with the end in mind if you want to generate extra power and you know that extra power comes from this an explosion upwards then what we need to learn is this end bit here if we can learn this sensation at the end you'll naturally start to create the squat that achieves it and funnily enough just a couple of days ago I saw Luke Donald working on this exact drill so let me share it with you he was using the ground and energy for power so watch this we want to get into an explosion here so what Luke was doing was this he was working on swinging back nice and slowly coming into impact here and then watch the watch my legs exploding off the ground it's working this person here standing up now this is subtly different to xed we're extending through the shot you may have come across a town called early extension where a lot of golfers do this they stand up too easy so they are exploding but this exploding too soon you just need to remember that when you're coming through here you're turning through and you're exploding later so let's have a look at this how do you get there we're swinging back and as we're coming down we then come down and then explode up let's have a look at this

back down and watch I'm going to get into this position here of explode explode the bodies explode used in the ground sploded up with through impact now look look at the difference what part of the body how are we use in where's power coming from it's all coming from the ground and the whole energies if we exaggerate this this way this is great for those of you who are maybe a bit weaker on the top part of the body most people attract generate power with brute force with their legs so with their arms and they upper part the body we want to generate power using the correct sources you use the ground as a form of help and this is a great drill for it I see this one more time so we've got an intention to hit the ball hard I'm feeling my legs already activated and now what we're going to do is this we're going to swing back we're gonna get since you don't have to go up or set off with we're going to get into position here as we're rotating here the hips has turned through a little bit here at that stage then these pointing outwards a little bit and now what to do we explode we explode to the extension here happens here it doesn't happen here it's not this try it do it wrong set off with here and turn then do it right get the explosion from the ground this have another look at this back and through now I could say that I'm probably working on that with two full-swing you could just go no golf ball to start off with keep it nice and simple and then gradually introduce the ball so you could do an exercise where you're swinging back here you're just turning just get the sensation of that working that's all you need to do and then gradually put a golf ball in play

nice and smooth just get that sensation of explosion so I hope you enjoyed this now let's just summarize what have we done if you want to hit the ball stronger hit it further you've got to get yourself ready to do that how do you do that we'll prepare to hit the ball hard yeah but there's a rule with this hard in balance if you can keep your balance whilst weird it's swinging to a good positive and purposeful follow-through you will generate more power a period and you're also sending the right messages to the body your body in a sense will start to become more powerful just with that intention as long as you maintain your balance through the process the second thing is we need to have something that we can explode the best players in the world they squat down they explode upwards so many people try to get this squat and it's they find it difficult the squat is you do automatically when you jump you squat down to jump here that's how you generate power the only difference is in golf you just need to you need to know when to do it so we reverse-engineer the process we get to here we're going to turn slightly here and then what we do then we explode and it's as simple as that it not really takes a bit of practice but look if you've got any questions at all leave them in the comments box below and I will answer them within our within the next couple of days if you enjoy this video don't forget to give it a thumbs up and share it with a friend who could do with a few extra yards and of course if this is one of your first videos consider subscribing until next week have a great golfing week