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Full Transcript - so if you've been struggling with your chip shots around the green what we'll do is why don't we um look at a basic chip shot first and then maybe go around the green you put the ball in positions that you don't like and we'll work and show you how to get out of those positions whether it's dodgy rough lie you name it yeah yeah all right so let's start with this basic chip shot first because if you don't have a simple technique to start off with it's going to be quite difficult so let's let's have a look at you okay

i've got a 56 degree 50 well that's absolutely fine here because you're going to have to land it over the fringe we want the ball landing on the green around a bit this area here with a little bit maybe a check and then releasing out into the hole that's the trouble i've been having actually what's that okay getting a bit of a check you don't get any backspin uh very little okay so we want to teach you that kind of like one bounce check roll that's right yes yeah yeah yeah i tend to maintain to run run too far yes okay cool i'll show you how to play that one

bit like that yeah i didn't get it and i thought i thought i got that quite clean it wasn't bad it wasn't bad i mean another one for me because i know you can chip a bit better than that

better yeah better isn't it okay now yeah there's no consistency though

i get the point i'm quite nervous chipping yeah at times yeah so what you're doing uh initially is your the key we're chipping is to basically let the gravity of the club fall under the ball okay so we want the club here to naturally under its own momentum fall underneath the golf ball okay that makes life easier yeah if you let the club fall under the ball beautifully okay two things are going to happen the club is going to bottom out beautiful underneath the ball and you're going to be able to use the bouncer club right right therefore you don't get it fat it beautifully glides underneath but what else do you see you've also got the true loft of the club there's the second thing so you get some height what else do you see when it well now you get the club sliding underneath this sliding under yeah right that's right so those are the kind of things you've got to have a technique that naturally allows that club to bottom beautifully underneath the ball okay right what you're doing in the first move in your takeaway is with and i see this a lot is is you're using your wrists and your hands well if you look at that there if you let that club drop now where's it gonna drop it's gonna drop in the wrong place right right you see that yeah yeah so what you have you can't you can't you can't allow natural forces to drop what you have to do is roll is roll yeah so then what happens is you're actually creating almost like a top spin shot in tennis yeah no backspin you're actually just running yeah you just de-loft in the club right so what we need to do is just to start with is for these small only for the small ones right these tiny ones could we could change it around the green for the slightly tougher ones in a second but for this nice easy one here i want you to get quite close to the ball get the shaft quite vertical here okay and left toe just pointing out slightly here okay don't worry if your heel is off the ground on this one and the reason why if you make the club nice and vertical it makes it so much easier to do what to get to get the ball in the ball yeah the club under the ball exactly the more angle you have the more you like to go around and therefore look harder to get the pendulum working yeah so on this tiny one here we're gonna get nice and vertical now it's a slightly different grip because it's going more up the lifeline of the hands yeah and then all i want to do on this one here is literally let the wrist just soften up a little bit here and then just imagine the club look bottoming out underneath the golf ball okay now just to finish off here what i'm doing what gets the club to bottom out look is what do you notice about my posture yeah exactly why because as the club gets as it bottoms out the club's getting longer so i'm getting out you're getting out of the way out of the way okay so all i'm doing literally here i'll do a slight gentle one let the club just drop makes sense it just pops beautifully up in the air now my ball has gone a little bit to the right there and one of my problems sometimes is and i see this a lot as well i dragged the handle now if i drag the handle what's happened what are you shooting the face down nope what's that well if i drag the handle forward what happens oh you're coming across the ball is that all right look at the face it's open and where's the ball going yeah and also what am i stopping happening if i drag the handle i'm stopping the club

if i drag the handle the club's not allowed to drop but if i let the club just drop here what's the difference it goes through square watch this

makes sense yes yeah yeah so straight away you've got a nice accurate shot that if you let the bounce of the club work you're actually going to get maybe look that's a lot check there yes and the check comes from you naturally letting the bottom of the toe of the club look it comes underneath under the ball under the ball runs up the face and it creates the background exactly look at that that's a gentle one that one look at that starts really quickly makes sense yes yeah so all and all you do now is you just distance by just hitting it a little bit harder there you go yeah a little bit yeah yeah makes sense it does okay there we go it's a bit close to the ball weight on the left yeah the weight on the left side get much more vertical in that shaft so you're going to that's it so the trap the grip will uh hold that they'll come up from the lifeline yeah so this isn't like that's it and then just literally let the club just that's it now when you do this a lot of people do this and do this they're trying to get the club going down with their wrists okay you've got to feel here just get the slight little wrist set here yeah or here just a little and then watch this just let the club you come up and let the gravity just fall down that's it see look here look there's none of this is there if you see this using your hands but if you literally just swing up and back and then out of the way that stays naturally much more stable yeah it's not flicky is it you can see that okay that's

it and then they hold that then are we good see how accurate is yes okay keep going we want to hear this nice clip in a second there you go that's the sound now you just got to use the distance control that's the sound i'm after okay

there you go watch this there's the check makes sense it's running a lot less that's right so now you've shown me where i'm he's aiming to right that's where i'm aiming exactly so it's accurate and now you've got control the ball where do you have it in the standstill you can have anywhere you like ball the further forward it is the more height you get the further back it is the lower it's going to go right so with a short chip then what would be the preferred stance they were to work with so you want a little bit of height here don't you right so just off the front front of the foot is absolutely fine the key is as long as you get the toe working underneath the ball you'll get that little bit of bounce and check all right

there you go

oh yeah yeah makes sense yes okay that's not that felt a nice clean strike there and if you want more check okay so even with that one there yes um even with that one there there's still a little bit of this too far this way which means you're gonna have to have a bit of this so again just be careful what you want is you want the club just working more this way a bit rather than do you want it here not here and then when the club toe works back towards the ball look you're going to keep that loft on and you get the check okay right let's now work around the greens you actually you grub off the balls and start putting me in places okay

now now that's like that noise hear that noise yes that's the noise that we heard on the first shot on the last one so you've gone back to rolling around really yep so get that club working right watch thing it's all set so even on this one here get that club working more here so the gravity of the club can fall and here but if you go around you're gonna have to use your hands there's no downforce there you're gonna have to close that first yeah so you got to get that club working much much more what you feel is out drop so it can drop down on that ball there you go now you've got a stronger strike

hear that noise yes now watch the spin now now see how it's come up short yes right so i'm going to give you another another option you've got to hit you've got 56 there oh yes right so you've got to hit that really hard on a shot like this which makes brings in problems right but that technique was better better strike got the check yes i've got a nine-nine here right okay don't change your technique do exactly the same with a nine-iron and all you're gonna do is use this as maybe your running club so you've got a stock i like to have people having a running club and a stopping club when you have lots of green like this yeah choose your nine-nine do exactly the same technique okay seven ten eight one in and you'll just run out exactly so don't change so you're getting simply get the club working for you a bit more there so it can drop down not around here so you have to roll you can't have any downforce from there if it comes here you can now drop the club beautifully on that ball so you're gonna get a consistent strike

watch this uh look at this makes sense it does yes yeah yeah so what you've got there is is that is going to be more consistent and a lot easier to play yeah when you so when you've got a lot of green choose like a nine iron as your running club get used to how far it runs yeah then when you want it to stop use your 56. when you get more advanced you can change it and maybe add more clubs into your army like eight times seven irons but for now what i would say is when you've got a lot of green it's faster far safer to use a straighter finish closure yeah like the nine yeah because you can just uh have a nice small swing all right yeah cool let's move on to next bit okay so you've chosen this one where you haven't got a lot of green to work with you've got to get the ball up fairly quickly landing softly yes ideally with maybe a bit of spin because you don't want the ball rolling too far um what do you struggle with when you're right why here uh well no no

do the face have to be slightly open yep to get the height and if you buy that by getting that you should hopefully get a little bit of backspin a little bit of stopping it yep so my preference probably would be uh to have the club face open slightly yep um and hopefully uh show me show me how come on okay you show me how you play that shot normally i'd i'd have it sort of sort of yep

keep working on my left yep and just swing through okay

i love it i love it i feel it's beautiful it so it's a great show what i love about the fact that the way you've played that one what i really like about that which a lot of people don't have is is when you're swinging there you let the gravity of the club just literally just beautifully go through yeah yeah and you let the club slide underneath the golf ball absolutely perfectly there's no form of snatching at it no and the key that's the key with this particular shot you don't have to open up your club face but to play this shot i did i do i do prefer that because i know i know i'm going to get the height yeah yeah it's like exactly i mean i i i did not probably open the club first you just got to make sure that when when you do open it up that toe here starts to work underneath the golf ball so it actually lines up with your heel a lot of people when they open up their toe yeah they don't do what you've done they actually leave you like this and they shank it thin it you name it what you did beautifully where you let the gravity of the golf club just fall underneath so the toe worked under look at the height on that yes makes sense so the toe goes it just goes straight up in the air because you have let the gravity just fall so the tough catches up with the heel works beautifully under the ball and pops it airborne compared to something like this where literally someone does open up and now they go yeah and they blurred it yeah yeah because they're not getting that tour back right so you don't need any product this is perfect what are you worried about oh not worried now he's i'm quite happy with that result actually so let's move choose another area let's look at another area right so you've given me a bit of a shot here i haven't okay so um not a lot of green to work with in deep rough you need a lofty club so i've got a 60 degree wedge okay the other thing we're going to do very similar to the shot we've just played right but the problem now is this because the ball is now nestled below the surface of the ground we want to let this gravity i've said it before we want to let the gravity do what fall oh yeah we still want that to happen so we want we still want the same print we want the club to be slipped underneath that golf ball the problem is if the bot the the ball's underneath the ground a little bit it's hard to do that because the grass is going to get in the way and you could end up just fluffing it or thinning it so somehow we need to cut the grass behind the ball and get the club underneath that ball and in the same way look we still want the loft on we still want to get the potential bit of spin as well right so this time what you do you make a couple alterations you have to be prepared that this is going to be a slightly fuller more powerful swing because there's going to be more resistance in the grass so whereas a simple chip shot you don't need a lot of energy this one you do need a little bit more the other thing here is we're going to take a slightly wider stance because there's going to be a slightly longer swing yeah okay and finally i said we want the gravity of the club to go underneath the golf ball but in order for it to get underneath the golfer when it's in the rough it needs to attack steeper yeah now when i say steep i don't mean drive down with the handle miles ahead what's wrong with that well that's shutting everything down shuts everything down and look can we get that bottoming out no the bottom if we bought the club out there it would bottom out somewhere over here so you'll thin it fat that you name it we want the club look bottoming out so that lead arm and club form a straight line still underneath the golf ball when you say bottom in out daniel when how how how far behind the ball does it need to be in this kind of a line well most people get confused the bottom now i want the club bottoming out underneath the ball so people think bottoming out is when at the point at which you hit the ground it's not right it's the point the club bottoms out its lowest point and i want it underneath the ball yeah yeah i don't want it after so most people drive the handle they bottom out we're too late so there's not enough loft they thin it you name it yes i don't want you bottoming out over here either right because then you'll think it's at it too i want the club butting out so it's almost the handle and the header lining up at the moment you strike okay so the way you're going to do this the ball's forward in our stance okay i'm actually going to be swinging the club now i'm not stood like this anymore i'm still like we were before yeah and i'm going to make a swing where i literally again i want the toe lining up to the heels the toes going underneath the golf ball yeah that makes sense yes it does sliding underneath the ball not driving where the heel now is leading i want the toe catching up to the heel i'm working underneath the ball going left it's coming it's coming through yeah and you'll notice can you see how my body's almost kind of standing up how does it do this yes that helps when i when it stands up a little bit that helps to throw the club down at bottom out if i stay down here i've got no space we end up thinking so you've got to be confident of getting look out of the way you can hear that noise the bounce is working now in the ground that's what i'm after that noise thud right so get myself set

get myself set here work and imagine it coming down bottoming out underneath the golf ball while i get out of the way

oh that's nice yeah makes sense yes it does yeah i've got the height now you see can you see how full that swing wasn't quite a full swing yeah because there's a lot of energy there but you don't have to worry about it going too far the ball because actually the club will bottom out hit the ground and you're using the loft to get the ball up on you're not compressing it which is what you do off a fairway shot and that then it would go far because sometimes when you're going through this length of grass yeah you can actually get twisted as you're going through yeah yeah yeah well that's how you why would you try to live without it you don't want all this limpness yeah so when i'm here when i'm when i'm when i'm i've got what we call the pressure in the arms here i'm not flicking it i'm not trying to flick it round like this i am my arms are swinging down and left with a a good force that stabilizes the club you look at here look yes when i finished here i'm literally i've still got stability in that head even though it's falling naturally i am not doing this i'm not artificially doing it and that's going to cause problems right all right so you have a quick go at this so get yourself set so right on this side on the side now just imagine when you're swinging you're going to try and get this the the the club bottoming out right underneath that golf ball i said let it feel about let the bounce feel like you're going to throw the arms pressure down so the balance is going to kick in so you don't you don't want to hear listen now here all i can hear there is the tops of the grass right so you're skimming the top we want to hear the bounce working on the base of the base of the soil better not it makes sense let gravity work up right off you go

so you played that really well yeah you just didn't hit it hard enough that's all it was that's all it was so you see how the ball popped up beautifully right so you've got the height now right we should bring it i'll nestle it down again now what you've got to do is you just got to kick commit to that now played it really really well let the gravity of the club work

there you go

this is why really really hit that quite very hard yeah you've got to do because you're not in theory striking with compression like a normal shot no that's what's going to get the height and that's why professionals come into roof like this are in golf tournaments and they practice it because you've got to get used to what rough feels like you know if you think that you can just just as control straight away from this it's almost impossible the keys are get the technique you get the height and it's a lot easier than it looks you can make a terrible shot look really very simple yeah all right great awesome