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hey everybody Danny Maude here thanks for joining us is there a difference between your iron swing and your driver swing do you find that sometimes you can hit your irons absolutely beautifully but your drivers not so good or maybe you hit you drive it really well but your irons are pretty shocking well this was the case for a number of my students this weekend one of them Dave was an amazing ripping his driver when it came to his irons well he was really struggling striking the ground behind the golf ball not getting any real power so what we're gonna do in this week's golf lessons is we're going to cover how the difference is in the setup so exactly what you need to do in the setup where your driver and your irons and then I'm going to give you some real simple in swing things what can you do during the swing that can improve the quality of your driver and your iron shots okay so before I do though if you're new to channel this is one of your first videos of mine please consider subscribing press a little button next subscribe button get notified every time I release a video just like this one so let's start with the driver what's the purpose of driver well we want to hit it long don't we ultimately look we've seen on the tour now everyone wants to hit a longer driver so to hit it long you know the track man stats show that if you hit up on the driver you will hit it long if you hit down on the driver you will lose considerable amount of power so we need to do everything to try and get that ball up in the air first thing should be easy it's on a tee yeah so what do we now need to do in the setup to encourage this well we don't want the ball backing us down here because look if the club is an arc and the ball is back in our stance we're going to catch the ball too early on the downswing that's going to hit the ball on the way down and into the ground we want it on the upswing here so we want the ball look where forward in a sense so we're hitting on the up so what we do is we push it forward simple way of getting this right each time get the ball line up to the center take a tiny step to it towards your target and that's a bigger step away from your target here now it's your ball position set up then all we're gonna do now is this we're going to put the club behind we're going to get the handle opposite your Li thigh here and we're going to get the head slightly behind the handle so now we're all set up getting the head slightly behind gets us tilt in the body here and helps us create a launch pad to launch this ball up in the year you'll notice here finally as well with a driver is I have a wider set up my weight now it's positioned 55% on my back foot 45% on my front foot gets me set up here behind that golf ball to launch this ball up in the air let's have a look at this in action before we then you look at the one more thing before it's doing this you're posting rummaging like if you check out and like a bryce of the Shambaugh right now some of these big hitters you'll notice as wellness set up almost misses and this is so so important we've just gone the technical things but what it's so important you've got to get ready you've got to get dynamic in this process I see too many people when they're approaching driver going through this checklist of stuff but then just sitting down Bryson - amber right now is literally stepping up to the golf ball and going right come on and he's been is it's a very different game now you know and you have to be - if you want to add power to your game you can't approach this your shots with a very relaxed elegant kind of the old style put the tweed jacket on and what I did and the classic swing that is not going to cut the mustard in in today's world and also it's just not great for golf swing so get yourself ready get dynamic okay in your movement okay I've got a video in the top right corner here which will help you and kind of achieve that but just get yourself ready in a dynamic motion look at my feet moving here I'm neurologically ready now to launch this drive this is my setup done let's go

and away we go that's driver now let's look at your iron so with your iron set up what we're gonna do here is with your irons we want to be striking down on the golf ball why because look we want the difference this is the balls on the ground we want to put the face on that golf ball here that's the most important bit want to put the face on the ball so what's going to encourage that well if the ball is forward in essence like driver we're going to catch the ball we're on this part of the ACT well the face then moves away from the ball we hit with the wrong part so we want the face hitting the golf ball so we move the ball look slightly back in our stance so what we're gonna do is from here I've got a 7-iron here so what I'm doing is 7-iron I like to have just ahead of Center my hands by the way never change they're still opposite my left thigh here and I've just moved the ball back and that's because I move the ball back what do we see now my handle naturally looks like it's a head it's gonna encourage more of a descending blow by moving the ball back with other Ryan's at your six five four hybrids just gradually push the ball closer and move it further forward in your stance all that does is it gives you a little bit more time for the long club to strike the golf ball okay so mid iron here now from this position what we're gonna do is we're gonna make sure now slightly narrower stance and the weight now is the opposite it's 55% on your left foot 45% on your back foot why because we want to naturally encourage its downward strike notice what that does is well when I narrow my stance a little bit as well it rather than having the shoulders back here now creating this launch pad I've leveled the moths and my sternum and everything now is more over the top of the golf ball we drive my sternums behind the ball to hit up with this now my sternum is more over the top of the ball maybe even sometimes in the front to help strike that shot so let's have a look at this in action before we then look at the in swing thing so get myself set in position I feel like I'm ready I'm gonna put my face on the ball not hitting up naturally go through that shot lovely so that is iron set up driver set up let's now look at some in swing things with a driver and the eyes that could really help so back with the driver how can we then start helping you hit up on the driver so we can get those longer shots well sir mainly accurate of course so we've done a couple things I put a tee pegs in front of the ball here this is going to act as a simple exercise for you to look if you come down on the driver you're gonna you're gonna get immediate feedback because you're going to get hit the ball and then the tee pegs which gives you a great kind of way of measuring what you're doing because sometimes it's difficult to know whether you're coming down on the driver or not particularly by the way if you find your balls going sky-high it's often not because you a lot of people feel like they're coming up on it too high just double-check the top of your drivers you start seeing marks on top of your driver that's a sure signal that you're coming down on the ground so just double-check that but a nice tee peg in front ly golf ball moves six to eight inches hit this ball and avoid it and then suddenly it'll give you the idea that you're coming up and off feeling that you coming up on the driver we'll do that in a second but second or third thing I want you to take a look at this picture from Golf Digest of Dustin Johnson look at the top of his backswing here and I want you to notice the head position okay his head position is turned away from the target that head position is hugely hugely important if you want to get hitting up on that golf ball you've got to make sure that you're behind the golf ball at the top of the swing if you're not behind the golf ball atop of swing it and you're over the ball how hard is it from there look to hit up on it very difficult you're gonna have to lean back that is not where you want you're gonna hold huge loss of power Dustin Johnson's one of the most flexible players in the world and even he has to move his head to allow himself to complete the Martian so we've got the tee peg in front and we're gonna allow the head look to move away from the golf ball so that you can get behind it okay let's have a look at that and then I've got one more thing which added 30 yards on two recent clients again we'll do that in a second so let's have a look at this so there's the tee and we're my head the freedom look to turn away there on the backswing

lovely okay so what's and how do they add 30 yards to a senior golfer swing at she Stanley come to see me he wasn't carrying that you know senior golf it wasn't carrying very far is he's pretty standard K was about 100 yards you drivers they're not huge far but weirdly 30% onto his drive and we did it this could be great for any age we said look you've got to get behind the golf ball and you've got to get dynamic well you could keep the tee peg here what we did with Stanley he was very skeptical when I saw this I got him stepping away from the target movement is your friend movement here it got him stepping away that guessing behind the golf ball as soon as the foot plants it gives him a great platform to turn and go it really opened up some flexibility for him so how do you do this very very simple you get himself set here I've got himself in a little stance and all I did really simply was this step and go and that was enough of really him to get that gutter ball going he really felt as its out of control but the ball wasn't out control and he had a 30 yeah look at those stats absolutely amazing so pleased for him right irons what can you do with the eyes let's have a look right so walking doing irons well the irons look we said that we want to strike the ball first we want to strike down on the golf ball so what can you do we said you've got to set up now so what kelskiy do before I get into it just remember you don't have to remember any of this there's a downloadable practice plan in the description box below you download completely for free and take it to the driving range of practice go and download it it'll really help so we said we want to strike down on this we've got the setup in position to do that what things are getting in the way so I had another client Dave who was strike his driver good but ions were really really poor why he did too well one major thing wrong he was simply releasing the club how you releasing it too early and getting this kind of flicky motion now he knew he he wanted to get this kind of handle a head position which helps you to strike the ground further at the ball first and then the griller the ground but he couldn't he tried loads of things and the reason why is because his clubface was wide open as it approached impact watch this what do I mean by wide open when he approached the girl up here that the the golf ball his clubface was facing the sky it was wide open the toes pointing over here now what should it be well it should be parallel to your body line but his wasn't so as it approaches you're almost the top hand here almost these two feel like it's on top of the club here his was too much underneath the club now the problem is is when you approach the golf ball with it what an open face like this if you were to try and keep your handle ahead look at the clubface it's wide open it's gonna smack it over there so his body just like yours is was really really smart and as it approached here what he would do is he would release the club to square it here creating a flicky Martian this would create this was forced the body to go backwards he was swinging over the top and he would either pull the ball Niles left hit the ground behind or he would slice it so what he needed to do was improve his feel of his a clubface as it approached the golf ball and yes he felt weird and he wasn't used to it so what we did was this forgive the two things we said look first of all let's just do a few movements where you actually feel like your top hand here is right on top of the club here and the club faces I feel like it's quicker facing the ground now imagine sensing throughout the entire golf swing that its remaining what he felt was really closed okay off facing the ground and he's practiced some swings where we got him feeling approaching impact facing the ground then what we did was this now just start to work the club through keeping the clubface square now look you know that if you've released it from here the club now would be closing in smashing miles left so as it faces the ground just practice rotating it here and I got in curtailing or shortening the follow-through why because he was so used to flicking it and releasing it if I got him to finish in a follow-through position it was too susceptible for him just to kind of release and get off lucky bat so I actually want him to do an exaggerated drill which is this feel that the club faces at the ground around the body here holding that finish here don't it yes that's wrong and it's too much but he needed to experience this mostly because he'd been trained to really release so we got him swinging back got him sent him where that face was rotating through here and then hitting some very small jessica tailed followed through shots like that you can see i've taken the ball then the turf in a lovely lovely sound so that really really works for Dave just small shots to start with just sensing where that club face was turning through holding that finish just be careful that where you could go wrong with this and Dave did initially don't push their hands towards the target they work look around on an arc as you're doing this you can't do this if your club face is wide up and you'll shank it you're blocking mouse to the right get the clock face approaching in a better position you'll keep you seize it keep it handle eyes he easy to strike the ball then the turf we've done a lot today how many ways so that is the difference between an iron swing and a driver swing an iron swing set up and then drive a swing set up just give you a brief summary again you don't have to remember any of this all in a practice in an air plan down below but let's give you a brief summary driver what do we do driver we want to hit up on the ball we won't want to get it launching how do we do this first thing be dynamic yeah you know you've got to be ready this is a ballistic golf lob we want to have power don't approach this shot by trying to remember just a checklist of stuff be ready dynamic on what is that checklist ball position is forward why because you want to hit it up on the AK your handle is slightly behind the golf ball and your head is slightly behind the handle here all getting ourselves ready to strike up on this shot weight is 55% on your back foot 45% on your front foot we're all ready to launch this ball up in the air in swing things we driver we want to get behind the golf ball look at the picture of Dustin Johnson the most one of us flexible players on tour still have to move his head please don't try and keep your head down it just roots it and it gets you staying over the ball we need to get behind it to allow that freedom here simple another simple exercise i give a stanley worcester don't be worried about you may be getting a step and it is a great exercise to stay and feel at dynamism getting behind the golf ball and third and finally put a tee peg just to some feedback maybe six to eight inches in front of the golf ball hit your ball and avoid the tee peg on the way through it will really really help now with your irons again just very simply setup wise we want to strike the the balls on the ground so we want to strike the ball first we do this by pushing the ball more towards the center or i keep the lead hand so their hands oppositely thigh ball more central with mid sense longer clubs like hybrids and long adds push them a bit further forward that is you've set up here weight favoring your lead foot fifty five percent lead for forty five percent here there's a lot easier to remember so just bear with me again you don't have to remember all this get yourself set here that's your iron set up then it's just a case of looking at what things can get in the wave that position are holding this angle again if you you cannot hold this angle if the club face is open so feel the club face or the hand feel more on top of the the club as it approaches the ball and then almost feeling this kind of holding off position here as it works around the body eventually of course you'll get the feel this and you can let this flow but maybe some curtails fall through initially so hope you really enjoy this training it is a lot there's a lot in there so you can do it one step at a time you again you're probably good at driver maybe not so wise or vice versa but if you know one of your friends or two that is struggle with this i'll really slow to understand the difference please share it it could really really help and of course like if you new to channel one of your first videos of mine please join the community by pressing that subscribe button and the bell it's completely free but until next week have a wonderful golfing week