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driver simple golf tips Nov 08, 2021

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Hey everybody so the driver this week how do you gain a few extra yards how do you hit it much straighter and how do you do it consistently well look i've just come off a wonderful week my dad up in scotland where he played unbelievable now he'd been suffering with his drive been struggling he's actually losing a little bit of distance in his older age he's in his 70s now he had a big slice on it as well hitting the ball a little bit at the neck of the club and we've been doing a few things and you know what he played unbelievable now so much so that we actually end up winning the match across the entire week and i say we won the match he won it he played so so good i want to share with you these three things that made such a difference to his accuracy and his distance because you know what i know it can help anybody and he doesn't have time practice so much these days so these things you can take straight to the golf course now before i get into the video look if you're new to the channel it's one of your first videos of mine please consider subscribing just press that little bell button next subscribe button you get notified every time i release a video just like this one plus i'll put everything that we discuss in the video in a detailed practice plan in the description box below so let's get started okay so let's help you gain now a few extra yards now with my dad look he's in his 70s he kept there's two ways to get power you can become bryce de chamber and use kind of massive amounts of bulk and strength to do it or you can use science and ultimately look if you hit up on the driver you can actually gain quite a bit of extra yardage it's proven on all the trackman stats that hitting up on the driver gains you yardage many of the tall players hit down on it but that's because they're already strong they use brute strength right now the second thing my dad needed was he needed a more consistent arc to the swing he had a bit of a loop going on coming across the ball and a lot of the distance and accuracy was lost by this big bend so here's the first first and probably the most important thing we did initially we needed to change his posture when he was set up to the golf ball and how i'll show you how to set up to driver when you set up to the golf ball here he would look like he was actually laying an egg you won't mind me saying this he sat back here and that basically means if his legs are out of balance he can't really kind of move from here and all that happened then was he had to use his torso now i see this a lot so the first thing i want you to do is start to get yourself into a nice athletic position so all i do my dad was simply this i simply got him to stand up so i want you to lock your knees back like this and then all i want you to do look is then just lose the tension in your knees feel your pressure in the balls of your feet here not on your heels you're not in your toes you should be able to roll the toes up and lift the heels up almost here okay then from there i want your ball position opposite your lead foot if you want to hit up on the ball you got to make sure the ball is opposite the lead heel here right and then the third and final thing is set up is this i got him to widen this down so what widening your stance will do is it immediately drops this trail side now if you're dropping your trail side you're almost creating like a little bit of a ramp now to hit up on the driver if this kind of trail foot is too close you raise this trail side encouraging more of a downward strike so widening it here really helps to create almost like ramp effect the second thing it does when you widen your stance you provide more ability to use the ground in a rotational fashion which is going to go into the arc in a second to generate some speed just imagine a discus throw or throwing if you're kind of using the ground if you've got narrow stance well you can create some purchase with a ground widen it now i can use that ground much much more effectively that's all we did in the setup we did to really really help now once we've done that he could he applied them within just a few minutes really this felt a bit strange to be fair then we moved on to step number two so that was working really well that was gaining some extra yardage but the problem was he was still had a little bit of this bend in him now my dad sliced it you might hook the golf ball i'm gonna give you a tip for that in a second now my dad sliced it now whenever you slice a golf ball it means you have a loop going on in your golf swing and as slicers generally like my dad their shoulders as opposed to this trail shoulder going under and the lead shoulder going higher here through the impact area his was going this way this trail shoulder got high so i needed slim him some somehow here to get this trail short and naturally going under really really simple all i did was get him to imagine throwing a ball so literally got him throwing under arm here so grab your driver put your lead hand on top here and if you slice the golf ball just to get the sensation of swinging undram because when you swing under arm here your trailer shoulder naturally goes lower and your leech holder goes higher in this position slices are never here my dad literally when he got into this position here that is never going to slice a golf ball slicers are always in this position right now you might be playing golf um right handed but you're actually left-handed so no problem at all all you then do is this swap swap it around take your lead hand just imagine now tossing this ball this way so you're gonna throw it this way bang look how many shoulders going high trail shoulders staying low doesn't matter either way just get the sensation of throwing it now we've been doing this now adrian who we've with at a time really enhance this just a little bit more by saying look danny if you notice his legs out really kind of coming in so what he did is his edges are look when you clearly when you throw a ball you don't just kind of throw it under arm there's also naturally motion so you've got my dad literally allowing this kind of trail side here to actually bend in naturally fall inwards i don't know if you can see it from this angle here he's getting him to do this now again this isn't something you do if you hook i'll come into that in a second but all this is doing this is exactly what you'd normally do if you're throwing a ball under arm so don't just throw it like they're static make sure you're going to use the ground and as soon as you've got this kind of a little bit of a bend in this position you're working under here look at this not only does it change look the path you can't swing over it look that's a high side high side under here gives you the upward motion too so it kills two birds one stone you get the upward motion plus you get a change in the whole arc so suddenly now my dad could come inwards here much much more as opposed to over now if you hook the golf ball there's one other thing my dad didn't i'll come to that second but if you hook the golf ball all you do is at the opposite feel if you hook the golf ball you are too underneath this would be somewhere i am sometimes so instead of actually going under what you would do is as you practice from here swinging or throwing the ball more downwards towards the ground because that you want to get a sensation here that your shoulder is staying much higher through the shot as you're throwing this way very very different right but my dad wasn't my dad's a slicer he needed to feel this kind of under motion once we got he done that and he got that sensation of the legs naturally moving under this kind of kink here throwing underneath we then start say okay now you've got to set up dad just start to make some swings just feeling that backwards and forwards right the third and final thing which is the glue that kind of holds this all together is you've got to take away the visualization that you've always done so like for instance if my dad was slicing golf ball he the image of slice is really kind of fixed in his mind isn't it i don't feel the same so when you have a bad shot it's there so he would naturally compensate for that by aiming left you've got to start to believe that the two things we've started to put in are going to start to work and therefore you have to start to kind of give yourself a very different image we had to encourage my dad to visualize much more of a draw style shot because this then would send subliminally the messages to the body to kind of almost enhance this underarm motion here it's very hard to swing in this position if you're visualizing a slice yeah same if you hook if you hook the golf ball you need the complete opposite to what my dad's doing you don't want to be encouraging this much and you do too much of that you want to get the sensation not the real reality but you want to get the feeling of coming more down on the golf ball look at the action here i'm coming more this way but if you've been visualizing a hook what you're doing you're actually aiming over there completely opposite it causes a mismatch between your image and then what you've been what you're going to try and work on right so you must make sure that the image in your mind matches what we've just been talking about so kind of it complements it and works with it so in summary let's show you a system that i gave my dad for the golf course now clearly we basically got the ball opposite his lead foot here we widened his stance a little bit here to get that nice tilt but the key thing we tipped up here locks his leg back lose a bit of tension to get him in a great position to start his driver now he could in a position to use the ground and also hit up on the driver now from there we could um here we got him to kind of get a sensation of just throwing underneath the club using adrian's move here just let our make sure on this kind of trail side gets into what we call side bend a little kinky just feeling because like i said if you slice this whole thing's up here somewhere coming down and just get the sensation that is underarm again if you're playing golf right handed but are actually left-handed just do the opposite bang same principles just throw toss the ball out of your back of your lead hand from there now he's got our feeling he can start to kind of re-create that feeling but as long as it's complemented with the image that matches the motion visualizing a draw not easy to do when you're not used to this so head to the driving range get some practice with this we did this with dad on the range a few times then you can start to kind of move that out onto the golf course so it naturally flows much much much freer let's have a look at this in action so i've gone through my system here i'm feeling like it's more underarm here the arc now isn't coming over it's coming underneath now we've got a chance to get that ball curving from right to left for me

okay so simple as that you want to get more power you want to hit it a little bit straighter set yourself up to win ball position forward wider stance here get those legs lock them back find your balance in your feet first now you're set we want to then con create a much more consistent arc okay if you slice the golf ball throw a ball under arm you want to get the shoulders working more this way through the impact area if you slice that sensation of tossing under arm allow the legs to help you here get some side bending in this motion here just feel that motion if you hook the golf ball do the opposite feel like you're going to come more down throw the ball downwards you want to feel like the your trail side here is higher through the impact area and third and finally and probably the thing that really stops all this working or keeps it working should i say is if it's not work you're doing all things it's not working it's often because the image in your mind does not complement the shot you're trying to hit make sure that you're visualizing a new shot the draw if you can slice it or maybe if you hook the golf ball you're going to visualize a bit of a fade to counter it slightly match the image to the shot and the technique that we're starting to to work on and just like my dad you'll be able to gain a few extra yards now if you enjoyed the video give it a thumbs up maybe share it with one of your friends and just before we finish i just want to um announce that with my dad we gave him a custom fitting a lot of people asked me about does castle fitting work how does it work what is it does it is it going to make any difference well look i gave my dad a treat with my dad to a fitting at the same andrews links academy in association with callaway and i'll put a link to that custom fitting in the description box below because if you ever wanted to know exactly how a custom fitting works and if it actually does work then check that video out it was really really interesting my dad absolutely loved it and learned a few things too so i really hope you enjoyed the video remember to give it a thumbs up and again if you're new to the channel it's one of the first videos of mine please consider subscribing by pressing that bell button but until next week have a wonderful golfing week