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okay let ball position forward got myself nice wide take away big turn turn those hips transfer my weight fire that golf club got it okay

oh geez not again big slice ah

how often do you find yourself stood over your driver thinking of one two three four five things how's that working out for you look if you're anything like my students what i'm finding is they come to me many questions such as danny how do i hit my drivers straight how do i become more consistent with driver how do i generate more power i tried everything but i just don't seem to be able to get consistency with my driver well look one of the reasons is is they're making it too complicated they're trying to kind of put the club into all these different positions and you just don't need to you need to find your swing based around your height your age your flexibility because look you and i are going to be very different ages different levels of flexibility we need different swings it's so so important so in this week's golf lesson i'm going to share with you exactly how you can develop your swing a swing that suits you right now based on your age and flexibility i can generate more speed naturally and more consistency that's what i'm going to cover in this week's golf list now before i do though look if you're new to channel this is one of your first videos of mine please consider subscribing press that little bell button next subscribe button you get notified every time i release a video just like this one plus you do not have to remember a thing i'll put a downloadable practice plan in the description box below so you can simply pick up and take out onto the golf course or out on that range great so come on let's help you now hit drive is straighter hit it longer but without the need for all those swing thoughts you need to learn two things you're gonna need to learn how to allow this club to flow freely to throw effortlessly you're gonna need to learn how to let go so so important then stage two there's no point letting go if the ball is going everywhere right so you then need to learn to make this whole motion nice and efficient to do that you need to learn how to add in the three forces which we're going to go into in stage two but let's tackle stage one first stage one flowing golf club how do you do this very simple your arms and your club they need to be ready they need to be ready for the body to do its magic just like throwing a ball my arm here is ready to be thrown why my shoulder joints relax my arm is relaxed it's ready for the body to do its magic and throw it yeah throw the arm so that's what i want you to do you need to prepare yourself now you're gonna need to put a few things in if you've been hitting the ball everywhere well you're gonna be nervous you're gonna be kind of concerned where the ball's gonna go do you know what let go of that just for a short period of time play with me on this one just literally start to soften off our shoulders soften off the arms and you know what be prepared to mess up be a child again have some fun so watch this we get ourselves set get the arms shoulders relax and start to let this club start to swing freely let it go does letting it go lose control watch this count intuitively if i let this big lump mass swing nice and freely it's let go it's forming a pretty good circle isn't it it's effortless and consistent if i control this column now try to create the circle artificially it's not really a circle noise now it's jagged it's nowhere near as rhythmical or effortless it's not gonna be consistent let it go and we've really got something so stage one just be ready allow your arms your shoulders to be ready for stage two ie for the body then to do its magic so watch this just for now i'm going to lock my body in place so i'm going to imagine my body's rubbish not working very well what would happen if we just made our shoulders and our arms efficient and ready watch how far could we possibly hit it and why would that be useful tell you in a second watch this

so i've just hit that just with an arm mush and stood dead still didn't really do anything let's just see how far that goes now why would learning to do that initially be really useful well i don't know about you but not every one of my students can move their body efficiently because they've got injuries so if you can learn this what i think is the main power source put this in first it could do wonders to your tee shots it really really could but you're gonna have to let go how far we hit that look almost 90 miles an hour worth of clubhout speed 216-yard carry with just an arm motion i'm not human i've got massive arms but by letting go we can make some serious yachties and get some serious distance right so once you've done stage number one you're primed you're ready now you're ready for the your body to do its magic how does it do this it does it by adding in forces we're gonna do this look one by one to make it really really easy so you're primed your arms the shoulders are ready they're ready they're soft the arms are soft lock your body in place for a second allow those arms just to feel that motion of freedom now we add in force number one allow your head your hips to rotate back and through notice this my hips are turning back and through hear that noise so we're already creating more speed by doing that and also look we start to create the all-important arc in the golf swing this is again very very very important also notice this notice how i can't move these in isolation notice how my legs the weight goes to the heel of my trail foot and the front part of my lead foot on the way back and then on the way through the opposite happens heel of my lead front part of my trail literally that's my rotational force we're adding that in but we can't just add that and leave it we then need to add in force number two which is the momentum force now this force alone is the one force i see missing in most golfer swings they don't organize it what do i mean by that to be a great driver of the golf ball or for any shot for that matter as we as we transition from our backs into our downswing we needed to have already formed a platform in our lower body for us to then sling the club through very important stability creates the power when you throw a ball you do exactly the same thing your arms are ready you form the platform you sling your arm if you slice the ball or hook the ball this is what i often see you're moving your pressure over to this back foot but you're starting your downswing from the wrong leg you're starting it here you haven't formed your platform two things are gonna happen if you slice you're gonna heave with a torso here just to get back to the golf ball this creates this kind of steep angle of attack chopping down slicing style shots if you don't slice you'll then maybe just push off this leg creating this sliding motion stuck back here creating hook shots so we need to learn to time this horizontal force right so you've got the rotational now watch this swinging backwards now there's the rotational what i want you to do now is this form the platform swing form the platform swing get that rhythm can you see how i'm forming the platform and i'm swinging forming the platform slinging one two listen to that sound and do you know what i do i would go straight in now don't care where the ball goes i have to personally be careful i'm still a little bit injured so i'm not just full speed at the moment that's fine but i'm going to literally just get myself set one two don't care where the ball goes just literally sling a few around get some momentum blimey that's gone way off hasn't it get some momentum here you cannot care at all at this stage where that ball goes speed 99 miles an ounce a little bit bigger now backwards and forwards watch this one two just keep going literally swinging nice and freely no control at all all you're doing is getting the sensation of one two one two shifting this momentum backwards and forwards speeds coming up to 105. still miles down on where i'd normally be but it doesn't matter all we're doing right now is getting those forces working you're organizing them in a way that is going to be so much more effortless for you once you've done that then it's time to add in force number three now to hit drive along we need a vertical force to hit driver accurate we don't want to be shifting our bodies all around all over the place so watch this like all golf shots the the swing is a spiral up spiral down well what kind of force could that be it's a vertical force look at this we go up we go down one two one two now look all we're going to do now is time this watch this i'll do a slow motion just you can see we're going to go we've got the rope we're letting the swing we've got rotation we've got pressure now we're going to use that pressure look to extend this trail leg up and watch then we're going to go into this foot and then we're going to use that pressure to extend it up on this way bang extend bang extend i'm breaking it down you've got to feel this one two one two you'll see with the best players they go down why because this is what gets them hitting up on the driver for their long ones now we don't put that in first to start with because it's kind of a quite an exaggerated motion but we the first two we put in and then we start adding this in so all we're doing now is this we're getting our sense it's almost for me it's like a i'm going down and then exploding up so extend extend extend extend each time flowing letting this go let's have some fun with this and so watch this oh gotta be careful so extend extend backwards and forwards backwards and forwards getting there so still not at my max yet but that felt a little bit more powerful be interesting what speed was 104 miles an hour so still not there yet so let's just summarize three forces but you need to get in the first one allow the club to be swinging really first body cat does magic on a stiff swing shot you can't do its magic you've got to let the club go freely first yeah then allow the forces then to apply themselves onto your arms and onto your club through first of all rotation second organizing it trail lead form the platform swing form the platform swing then we don't want to be kind of just moving side side we want to create the vertical so form the platform extend up extend up extend up extend up and then when we go to driver just in that extend up extend up and bit by bit hitting it hitting it straighter now but still won't be the distance yet but doesn't matter just allow this club to swing nice and fruity and you know what you can do this no matter your age or ability so i really hope you enjoyed this training if you did give it a thumbs up maybe share it with one of your friends who could do with a little bit of help you know if they're getting they're overthinking it this could really really help and of course look remember there's a free practice guide in the description box below you don't have to remember a thing if you're new to the channel consider joining me every week every saturday morning by pressing that subscribe button and the bell but until next week have a great golfing week