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live student lessons pitching short game Nov 22, 2023

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Full Transcript- so I've got a special guest to join us in this week's video so this video is all about pitching and that awkward distance between 30 to 80 yards Leo's desperately trying to break a hundred but when he's getting anywhere near the green within that yardage he's kind of thinning the ball fatting it a whole variety of shots so I thought what better way that to bring even on the channel and let's show him how to strike these consistently well and judge distance so that hopefully you can maybe pick something up from this and benefit from this kind of really awkward shot around the green so cool let's get started all right

okay what could be using earlier picture wedge okay yes yeah okay so that was almost a bit of a shank there wasn't it it was a bit yeah that tends to be with mines as well I sort of push him right okay

carbon coffee yeah and I'm in the bunker there we go pretty impressive it was consistent okay but consistently yeah so the first thing jump out for a second let me show you uh what we need to play around with so the first thing I'm noticing and I see this a lot with a lot of golfers yeah is what you're doing is you're kind of setting up to this shot almost like you would do a full swing yes so you've got this big wide stance you've got a lot of distance between your arms like this and it looks like all you're doing right now is kind of trying to slow down a big swing yep what I want you to do is to the pitching and short game requires us much more of a specialist action so the first thing we're going to do is this we've only got like 40 yards here right so 40 yards needs to be about two Club widths this is between your feet then what I want you to do is just get your arms to get your tricep just rest them onto your chest like this yeah and soften everything down a little bit so bring those bring those feet in a lot closer okay so coming to come and do this so so feet two two Club widths apart do your cardboard okay right now soften down those arms there you go Cindy I feel the triceps now resting on your chest yeah okay okay so it's much more of a shot game shot sure makes sense yeah okay now from here get yourself sitting there get a few swings now the thing we'll do here is this these feet are still a bit too wide take that left turn yeah point it outwards okay and what this is going to do is help you provide some room to come through that shot right okay sure so you're resting those triceps on the on the CH on the chest here yeah you're much lower now you look more like a proper picture there okay okay good let's start with that

okay already wow a bit different yeah okay just does it feel what's it tell me just by hitting that shot tell me what it feels like a bit more control over it um and I just didn't have to you know I swinging really a lot basically yeah and like I could have a much smaller swing action and just was like better contact as well yeah definitely because there's more control over it before what you had you were kind of with this big wide stance you had all these arms moving around and no control of the club yeah sure when you get tighter and your triceps get in no it says my triceps because I don't need power I don't need this drive what we're doing is our triceps are connected suddenly now we're able to control this motion much much more

okay so again that's still um a very very full swing is it very very full screen yeah I was like I mean that was like big big motion right the flag's just there yeah so from here all you're gonna need look at this here look so they see this a lot when people are pictured so now you've got these nice lovely cam set up and then

Okay jump fitting it okay okay right so this is just 40 yard shot yeah so how do you just distance before the yard so you're judging you've already kind of Juiced it by having a small setup sure yeah yeah now all we're going to do here is we want to find a rhythm with this so try and keep those triceps nice and tight and we're just going to try and control the butt end of this golf club don't let this butt go like this because as soon as it's gone out of way you're gonna end up dragging it down so on here look we're going to just control the butt here yeah and then let it go so you're gonna have to find a rhythm with this so it's so that's it now find a rhythm what you think from there will reach the green okay yeah

okay that's a bit too wooden right do you feel that yeah okay can I try to keep control of that yeah in a way yeah okay let's in between so pause that for a second I feel like I'm either super wooden or as you said with the previous swing I'm like so I'm all over the place there's no yeah in between so let's try and find it that's better that's it I find that then one two tick tock tick tock tick

okay shank shank okay that was me holding on as well yes I'm pretty sure I just went like that yeah right exactly right so one of the things so so one of the other ways to get rid of a shank really simply okay yep grab a t-peg all we're gonna do and we're gonna put that tea Peg on this side of the golf ball okay and all I want you to do now when you're making these swings now okay is make some motions and take the tea Peg and the ball out together as you're making this kind of controlled motion okay tpeg and visualize that t-peg and the ball coming out there we go that's pretty best one so far yeah all right so let's do that again so all this is doing this is really important for anybody to uh to play around with is simply if you you know notice your contact are you someone who hits off the tour are you someone if the heel if you hit it off the toe move it on this side of the golf ball here on the heel move it to the side of the golf ball so all you're going to try and do here is it's just training you to become aware look of that club face as it's approaching the golf ball yeah you've been approaching it with the heel and what we're going to do now is we're going to let the club look come back to where it is square hit the center of the golf ball and then continue on the way through cool all right yep

okay so if the ball's gone to the right there okay I mean it's okay it's worked out pretty good hasn't it yeah but the ball is tending to want to go where right okay yeah so what does that mean I think like with my iron shirts I tend to hold the handle it Forward exactly right so I see it again your your strike's pretty good yeah yeah what's happening is the face is wide open sure so what we're going to do is and you can do this initially in practice but this is a drill that I see so many tour players using and it's so basic yeah but I'm gonna put a alignment stick here okay um the target here the green slots a little bit right to left so we're going to put the alignment stick just right at the flag okay right yeah but what I'm going to do okay is a great visual tool here I want you to get your ball set up and all I'm going to get to do is I want to imagine now when you're setting up that that club is working Square straight down this alignment stick okay this is gonna it's gonna it's gonna hit the golf ball with a club face Square down the alignment stick but then it's going to work inside of that stick sure you follow yep what it doesn't do is this okay yeah that's what you're doing yeah yeah yeah it makes sense yeah so we're going to get that club working Square to impact and then working it back around on a mini Arc okay we'll stick with keeping that t-peg in just for now sure just as a nice simple training head cool so just in a sense all you try to do here look is visualize use more imagery now visualize the club working back to square yeah yeah and then arcing around that's it there there you go that's the swing that's it now you're getting a pivot with the body sure

okay I think my it's just my depth control there yeah didn't quite get low enough no okay where did the boss sit off though left I'd say yeah or a little bit left but more online than it was yeah oh yeah definitely yeah yeah that's why I think I can just get the depth control of that then that's it

better yeah much better yeah much much better much much better okay well done good

that space can you see how now because what you're doing is all you're doing is returning that club face back to square yeah what you're doing now the body's working now in a knock yeah you follow versus chopping across yeah and a lot of times I've tried to add power to my shots or whatever and because you know I'm not I I don't think I'm working the club face through properly no I'm just hanging massively out to the right or thinning it well you've got two types of golfers when pitching right you've got the guys that you're doing at the moment the handle drivers yeah right yeah they're the drivers who leave the face up and then have to flick it at the end or you don't flick it the engine you hit some Shanks yeah yeah or you've got the opposite you've got the Ghana flickers yeah like this another club first is like this or they're flicking it upwards hear what you're doing really good if you're in the posture position here you're right over the center of that golf ball and now what you're doing is you're bringing the club face back to square and then you're working it with your with your turn look through the shot great and look where my triceps just like yours are sure they're connected before they were all over the place yeah okay great we're just using that t-peg as a way for you to manage your Center as a contact as well

okay that's all right depth again depth control right so that ball there did what it went pretty like online I'd say online oh yeah it didn't it but we didn't now get the height no so why did we get the height I think I just topped it yeah so ultimately here right you didn't control how low the club was yeah the club was too high above the ground right so what we want to do now is just make some swing controlling sure golf's a mini Circle we just want to control bruise that ground get control of your depth that's it yeah

yeah lovely

brilliant okay now what do you notice about these flights there lower very low at lower yeah now they're now they're supposed to be low because you're using a picture match sure okay yeah so what I want you to do now is we're going to move to a 56 degree yep so that without changing a thing you're going to get more elevation okay sandwich so don't don't change anything just try and do what you're doing don't change anything just literally do the same thing and basically use the the club that you've got in your hands now to provide the love for you don't you try and add anything to it right sure

what's that what do you notice about height yeah way higher immediately right yes online yep way higher yeah okay let's now all we gotta do now is say well how do you the question would be what what distance yeah how do you get distance right yeah if you're just right now you've done a brilliant job of kind of starting to control this motion yeah but there needs to be a little bit more common momentum with the club sure so I want you to imagine a Healer when I'm here I want that club to drop okay drop now don't remember if I dropped it and I didn't leave any my body it would be a very risky motion sure but here look what what's this as I'm moving this and I'm doing what you're doing now I'm really getting a sense of that club is dropping yep there's momentum in that and that momentum is like me throwing you a ball okay yeah if I learned for a ball like this it's wooden sure right and you're only going to go so far right but if you learn to have rhythm and it's so much easier to control distance because if I wanted then a shorter distance I've just got soft momentum yeah for longer distance build up a speed yes now what people worried about is it getting risky well as long as you move the body if you were at the inside of the Swing very well like the outside of the Swing will work beautifully too yeah so just get a sense here of that kind of Rhythm yeah in that swing cool makes sense yeah yeah definitely so just to get a feel of that so really get a sense that the club here is dropping and against him back for me stop now from here look see how you bought her fire Bots moved yeah right so what you're doing you're moving your arms a lot yeah but from here they just get this just get a sense here that the club is also allowed to just to kind of get it because then you can let it drop sure now now we're not dropping it and stopping the wrist so it gets flicky that's why you move through the shots yeah but this still has to be allowed to kind of momentum is to fall to the ground that's it get a feel for this though that's it I feel more out of control sure yeah and as you're doing it visualize that club still working with momentum squaring up that's it through yeah

makes sense yeah yeah nice okay cool keep visualizing The Arc by the way you see that act through the shots sure yeah very important key that's great that's again that will help with distance control as well

lovely controlled shots each time isn't it yeah really super super consistent I guess all we got to do now is get that extra little bit of distance for a slightly longer swing and there's a little bit more momentum going through right

there you go I see that it's in height yeah yeah no that's good right yeah it makes sense you've overcooked it but how did that feel yeah really good yeah nice solid contact and it went the line I wanted it to go exactly decent height beautiful line

there you go go on oh but look at that it's fine yeah you're going to take that out oh yeah into the trees okay or into those bunkers one more time with that TP this time okay just go straight in get that sensation visualize that motion there you go let's hold this one

oh best one of the lot come on come on come on come on

all right awesome so hope you enjoyed that yeah I did all right thank you so I hope you enjoyed it too now remember look if you are pitching you need a pitching setup really really really important you need to be able to control the depth of your Arc and where that's uh the low point is with Leo he couldn't do that because his arms are moving all over the place once you're in a short game stance and you're nice and tight here this is going to make life so much easier these training heads here having alignment stick super simple but really important it just gives you a visual when you know your Club needs to come back to square here it kind of helps you swing the club back in an arc then the club to work inside that alignment sticks it's going to really help with a pivot on the way through distance control then is about kind of getting a rhythm and feel of momentum and that's going to come from practice so hope you enjoyed the video if you did give it a thumbs up maybe share it with one of your friends and of course look if you're new to channel press that subscribe button plus if you like live lessons like this and you'd love seeing me getting a lesson on my pitching check this one out right here or other live lessons click right here until next week have a wonderful golfing week.


Transcript Summary- 

So, in this week's video, I've brought on a special guest, and we're diving into the world of pitching. Specifically, we're tackling that tricky distance between 30 to 80 yards. Leo's on a mission to break a hundred, but when he gets close to the green within that yardage, he's struggling—thinning the ball, fatting it, all sorts of issues. Today, we'll work on striking consistently well and nailing that distance control. Hopefully, you can pick up some tips and apply them to improve your own game. Let's dive in.

Leo, what club were you using earlier? A pitching wedge? Alright. It looked like a bit of a shank, almost. I've had my fair share of those too, pushing to the right. Ah, the classic carbon copy, ending up in the bunker. Consistent, though. Before we go on, let me show you what we need to adjust.

One thing I'm noticing, and it's common with many golfers, is your setup. It seems like you're approaching this shot as if it's a full swing. Wide stance, arms all over the place—it's like you're trying to slow down a big swing. We need to switch things up for pitching and short game. So, for our 40-yard shot, we want about two club widths between your feet. Bring those arms in, triceps resting on the chest, soften everything down. Much closer stance now. Give that a try.

Already, Leo, notice a difference? A bit more control, right? You don't have to swing as much, better contact. Before, with that wide stance, your arms were all over, no control over the club. Rest those triceps on the chest, lower stance—now you look like a proper pitcher. Let's start with that.

Alright, let's talk about judging the distance. We've adjusted your setup. Now, find a rhythm. Keep those triceps tight, control the butt end of the club. Let it swing through, but avoid letting the butt go wild. We're trying to control that motion. The tee peg comes in handy. Notice your contact; it helps manage your center.

Moving on, we're switching to a 56-degree club without changing a thing. Leo, no need to alter your approach. Notice the height difference? Way higher, right? That's what we want with this club. Now, let's talk about distance. It's all about rhythm and momentum. Imagine a heeler; we want the club to drop. Not a risky motion if we involve the body. It's like throwing a ball with rhythm; you control the distance. Worried about it getting risky? As long as the body moves well, inside or outside of the swing works. Get a sense of that rhythm.

Alright, Leo, let's fine-tune. Drop that club, feel the momentum. Now, visualize the club working with that momentum, squaring up through the shot. Height, distance—these will come with practice. You've done a great job controlling the motion. Let's add a bit more momentum for that extra distance with a slightly longer swing.

There you go! Notice the increase in height? Overcooked it a bit, but how did it feel? Really good? Solid contact, on the line you wanted. Nice job!

Hope you enjoyed this video, folks. Remember, for pitching, you need a specific setup. Control the depth of your arc. Training aids like tee pegs and alignment sticks can be simple yet crucial. They provide visual cues for your club's path. And if you enjoyed this, give it a thumbs up, share it with a friend, and if you're new to the channel, hit that subscribe button. Until next week, have a wonderful golfing week!