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driver irons swing Mar 29, 2022

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As you watch this video i want you to get some aha moments aha moments that are going to improve your ball striking with your driver and your irons and in order to do that i need to help you in this video become your own coach i'm not going to be with you out on the golf course every second of every day your coach isn't going to be with you every second of every day so you need to learn how to coach yourself i'm going to show you how to do that because this is the defining difference between the great players and amateurs great players when they're out playing they're able to fix their problems quickly why because they have feels they're able to kind of connect with their own swings they own their swings by this end of this session i want you to do the same before i get into it though look if you're new to channels when your first videos of mine please consider subscribing just press that little bell button next subscribe button you get notified every time i list a video just like this one plus i always put a free downloadable practice scan in the description box below so you'll never have to remember a thing okay so there's one skill that all great players have and i want you to have and learn this and it is the ability to coach themselves not rely on people like me not rely on youtubers or other coaches too much they become self-reliant on a golf course now by the end of this session i'm going to be a three-step process on how you can coach yourself into better ball striking more consistency more club head speed with every single club in your bag now let's start with basically the first stage if you're off your game and you're struggling it's usually a timing issue it's usually initially you've just lost your timing either the club is arriving way too early you start hitting the ground behind the golf ball or it's alive and too late and you're too steep on the ball whatever it might be but it's a timing issue and a lack of awareness so what i want you to do simple exercise here and kids are great at this is i want you to kind of visualize the perfect swing what you see is the perfect scene your favorite golfer just take a look at them and just watch them swing backwards and forwards okay and as you're doing this what i want you to do is this to improve your timing you need to be able to kind of take that picture and connect it with the club head so you want to ultimately in a sense build a relationship between your body and the club and the one of the simplest ways to do this is add an orgy cue to this so da da da is what i'm going to use

okay now by doing this you're building a rhythm in your swing and you're building a kind of sense of coordination without cluttering your head with a load of things so then what you did you get to a golf ball and you might think well i've got to do this this this this this no can all of that for now and all i want you to do is say the words out loud initially da da da da

and those words are trying to match wherever that club is is make some swings keeping those words and the feeling in your mind

nice and simple all right now all i'm doing here is building that connection with those words okay i'm building a feel i want you to hit some golf balls doing that as stage number one now it sounds simple doesn't it right but what will happen is when you're over that golf ball you'll probably have a million or one things going on all my grip i've got to do this go do that you've got to block all that out and what great players do they don't flip their head with a load of stuff they are able to connect and feel their golf swing that's what i want you to spend time doing can you connect with this golf club it may take a few balls once you've finally done it on the full swings then test yourself by maybe going on a few half swings so it becomes da da da okay so i'm now going to kind of just cut it down a fraction

few small swings just building that timing in right once you've done that you're now starting to build timing you're starting to get a connection with a club head now we start to look work on direction this is easier than it sounds so all we have to do now is now you have a sense of where the club head is all we then do is this i want you to ask yourself here when you're swinging okay is your club head moving away from the body through impact or is your club head moving towards the body through impact if it moves too far away from the body you might be in the kind of the hook family okay if it's moving towards the body it's in the slice family all i want you to do is simply this don't try and stop anything from happening all i want to do is make a few swings and ask yourself okay in fact why not initially where is your club head do you feel it's heading yeah then what i want you to do is this make some swings feeling the clubhead maybe moves away from the body yeah like this see what happens to your shots and then maybe make some swings where the clubbing moves more towards the body and see what happens by doing this what you're doing is you're getting a sense of ultimately how to control the club path through impact but you're doing it through feel you're not giving you're doing it through an instruction like make sure you swing into out none of that makes sense because these are all major instructions that are flooding your head with too much information you need to be able to experience the club head if you want to be able to change it so where is your head swinging is it swinging away from the body or is it swinging towards the body the second thing with direction is this i want you to be able to control the club face so a simple thing to do this okay you can actually use your lead wrist if you want look at my lead hand here okay all i'm gonna do is this are your knuckles facing the sky through impact or are they facing down from impact all right so what i want you to do is make some swings and what i'm going to do here is look i'm going to get my sense are my knuckles facing down or up they felt very very down there watch this so i hit a big hook yeah my knuckles are very very down i might hit a massive hook if i feel like my knuckles are very very up to the sky what do you think i will hit now

massive open face it's going to get out to the right now i actively put them there for video but i want you to not do that i want you to be able to feel first what your knuckles in your lead hand are doing through the impact area are they down or are they up that will often determine what is going on with that club face and give you therefore the power and the feel to make small alterations that will help you hit the ball much much straighter as well as direction what about ball striking how do you improve your ball striking well you know it's different for your woods to your irons with your driver and stuff you want to hit up on the ball and with your eye and you want to hit down on the golf ball so a simple thing i want you to do now is this okay we know that the club swings up and it always comes down to a low point in the bottom here and then starts to swing up again yeah so what i want you to do is ask yourself this where and what is your club doing are you in a sense striking the ball before it reaches the bottom of its arc or are you striking it after it's hit in the bottom part of the ack now i say spend some time feeling this because what most of us are doing when we've seen it on camera you've seen oh i know i'm hitting up on the ball danny you know you're hitting up on it because you've seen it on camera but the problem is have you actually felt it have you experienced it real time because that's what is going to make the biggest difference to your game how many times have you seen yourself coming over the top or flicking your wrist you still can't get rid of it the reason being is you haven't gone through exercises that are helping you experience yourself doing these things once you do almost there instantly they're curative so do this get yourself set and close your eyes with this if you want but make some swings get a feel of the arc of the club going up it reaches a low point and then comes up again okay now make some swings and look i strike the ground there just before i then come up again okay watch this now i'm hitting up on the ball i'm getting a feel of where my low point is and my body naturally as a byproduct is already look adjusting does that make sense your body is super super smart if you trust it yeah so spend some time doing that get yourself over a couple of shots let me hit shot here and what i'm going to do here is i'm going to ask myself here where my low point is so follow the club and it's not easy to start with particularly if you've got a load of stuff running through your head you've got to quieten that down

and i felt it was all there my club face was closed and watch this i felt as though my club face was closed and what happened to my shot that is the difference between someone like myself as professional why i have those feelings because i've developed that feel that's told me look where this ball is going right that's what i want you to get from these exercises so one bonus tip okay once you've done this so spend some time literally feeling where your low point is with i end up down with driver it's up okay spend some time doing that then once you've done it you've got a feel of direction you've got to feel the low point okay the final bit is speed well how can you feel speed well you can feel it and you can also hear it so what i want you to do is this most people are trying to kind of hit the ball really really hard but you don't need to do that you've seen how far i can hit it with what feels like an f or looks like an effortless swing but listen to the sound of the club whooshing listen now what i want you to do is have almost like five levels listen to this level one level two level three level four

level five hear those noises increasing each and every single time notice that sound and then start to apply that ask yourself here what feels right to you experiment once you've got a feel of that sound feel of the speed then start to apply it to your shots i'm gonna feel like i'm gonna be around about level three for this one okay

so that's around about level three and all i do then is i can then push that if i want i felt that was level three i could then feel like i'm gonna push it to level four but my point is is i'm in control of this pace yeah i'm not telling myself to slow down or speed up what does that mean it's too general i've got my i've got my speeds i can feel where they are and that's what i want you to do too so let's summarize four major things i want you to focus on timing get your timing first apply orders requeues da

try and match get that relationship between you and the golf club get that timing then literally start to get feel of direction how do you do that two elements the way you swing the path that you're swinging on yeah are you is the club moving away from your body is it moving towards your body what shots are you getting right one through those fields most of the time they're moving away from your body you're gonna be in hook territory moving towards your body too much you're gonna be in slice territory use those fields to tune your swing tune your direction club face are your knuckles down or up what shot do you get when you feel your knuckles are down are you hitting it straight are you hooking it whatever it doesn't matter but use these feels because they're gonna control your club face and finally in terms of speed how can you improve the overall consistency of your swing well we know that sometimes we get rushed don't we right so play around with your speed give it levels you and do that with sound listen to the sound all right so i really really hope this uh helps it's going to be part of a series of videos designed to help you become your own best coach you don't have to rely on people like me or not every week for that matter but i really really believe this could help you become a great great golfer so if you enjoyed the video please give it a thumbs up maybe share it with one of your friends and of course look i always put a downloadable practice guide in the description box below and if you're new to the channel you enjoy these kind of videos come and join the community by pressing that subscribe button and the bell but until next week have a great golfing week