The Golf Swing is SO MUCH EASIER with this ROPE Trick

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In this video I'm going to show you how a five dollar row could possibly be one of the greatest training aids out there if you want to improve your ball striking with both your irons and your wood super super simple if you do enjoy the video make sure you give it a like and if you haven't already come and subscribe to the community lots more videos coming your way so how does a row how's a rope going to help your ball striking well you've got to understand that the best players have what's called a body lead golf swing so what do i mean by that is is their bodies always leading the club head into their backswing and on the way down the body's always leading the club head into impact which is what gives them that lovely compression and then they finish in a lovely balanced position here if you struggle with it's often because your club head is leading the swing you take it back with your hands you take it back with your energy maybe you lift it with your arms you flick through with your hands and your arms you're not body lead so the best players look and they're very very powerful they're body led they're very coordinated on the way back and on the way through here and what happens is we can gain a load of consistency through this motion right so how is a rope going to help you do that well grab a rope the thing about the rope is this it's really really floppy right so if you try if you have what's called a club head swing as opposed to a body lead swing if you try to use your hands now to get the rope behind you watch this if i use my wrist nothing happens with the rope if i use my arms look lift my arms up hard to get the the rope swinging over my head yeah so what's clever about the rough is the rub becomes your touch it's going to help you actually learn the feelings without having to overthink it your body will work out how do i get this rope naturally extending outwards so it goes over my head and notice this what am i doing to do this i'm having to create some form look of momentum to get that rope extended very different isn't it to this just hands just arms what do i do what can you see i'm going almost forward to go back and there's some momentum there and this is how you get that lovely coordinated motion away where literally my body's now look leading the rope away you see that and i'm not thinking about it my body's worked this out so from there we go okay well then how do we get it back from that takeaway position up to the top will allow your body to kind of work that out too now what i feel to get it over is it's almost naturally a push off the ground am i thinking about it no the rope is teaching it is i have to do it yeah so i'm swinging back here now on the way down if i want to be body led my body naturally goes forward well if i just bring my arms down nothing's going to happen yeah if i try and just really hit hard with my arms looks weird doesn't it but watch if i become body led notice the difference i am leading the rope and that is how naturally the rope is staying very extended through the entire shot my body's trying to work out how to do it if i suddenly get armsy can you see a difference the rope gets all kind of loose and untidy doesn't it if i just use my arms now but when i become body lead back body leads through it completely changes so let's now imagine we can start to apply those exact feelings now to hitting a shot so you take the arms and imagine you've almost if you don't have a rope you could imagine you've got anaesthetic in your arms and your hands and what you're going to do is you're going to allow imagine they're going to start small allow the rope here we've got momentum you went forward didn't you first and then we got momentum on the way back so we start with the takeaway just feel up my body lead motion then how do we get it over here how do we get the rope over our heads let it swing over our heads allow the body to lead how do we get it down do we just fire the arms down no what do we do we allow the body look naturally to lead so if you could start to feel the rope then jump to a golf club which i recommend you do on a range it's a wonderful way to start transferring those feelings to first of all your irons we'll go into a second how you can transfer from instru woods in a minute but let's see a shot doing that so i'm imagining this clubs now is just a rope i'm going to swing it over my head back and through really allowing the freedom of that club to go backwards and forwards now what you can do with this is you've got to remember there is a difference between your irons and your woods so with the irons you need to be hitting down towards the golf ball and with your wood you need to be hitting upwards right so all you do now is you take this you've now got the sensation of how your body is kind of figuring out how to get momentum in this rope swinging it back and now watch on the way down what i'm going to do is i'm going to make sure i swing the rope up and then straight down here so my and how my what the feedback that i'm getting i'm going to try and transfer to my irons first so what am i doing to hit down well notice this i are hitting down by just going swinging my arms my body is naturally working out how to hit down i can feel a push off the ground that push off the ground is helping me release the club right so we can start to comfortably apply that first of all to the iron so i'm like swinging the club back throwing the club down still again relating that sensation to the club so feel up rope going back feel that rope going through throwing that club down nice and simply backwards and forwards and i don't know what it looks like to you but for me it feels really really effortless so let's jump to driver now with a driver you want to hit where upwards on the ball now you'll hear loads of people saying you know you've got to lean back here and do all this stuff that sounds complicated at times doesn't it so with a rope allow the rope to teach you this okay so what we're going to do well notice this i go forward to go backwards and momentum yeah then i want to imagine hitting where upwards so one two and now i'm going to throw it upwards and notice the rope is always look extending upwards i can really personally i feel my body going pushing up and away from the target as i release the rope this way if i just did this on my arms and try to hit up doesn't i don't really like but it doesn't look does it feel right to me i don't know what it looks like to you but it doesn't feel like a driver swing there upwards again the rope is teaching me what i need to do so let's just jump into trackman and change the whole let's go to maybe hole number one so we drive again with some principles we still want this body lead swing look at our uncoordinated on the way back i'm not using my hands i'm not kind of lifting the arms up here i'm feeling the ropes taught me this lovely coordinated motion on the way back now i'm swinging it back here and then how do i swing through well what did the rope what did it feel like when you swung the rope the weight naturally would transfer here then you would release the rope upwards here and i would naturally push away this is one and a half seconds you're talking with it with any any club you can't think of these things allow the rope to give you that feedback if you're stuck indoors right now this is a wonderful thing you should be practicing so again just with driver start off nice and steady initially really feel like this whole thing is a rope and i've got to work out how to create momentum on the way back and on the way through let's have a look at this but momentum on the back and on the way through not quite the best of strikes in the world but nice and straight and it's i don't know that just feels like super super easy as i'm swinging this backwards and forwards and it's slightly different to irons right so remember the purpose of the rope is to teach you a body lead swing if you find yourself getting out of position in your backswing and you're downswing it's usually because you're swinging back with your hands you're moving the wrists up here you're lifting the club in position you could if you wanted to work on your takeaway well look go forward look at that get the rope extended get some momentum then what from here look momentum i'm feeling momentum backwards here and then look forwards when do you release it you will feel that the rope will teach you that notice my weight goes forward right then look i'm see can you see me pushing upwards am i thinking about that no it's what i'm feeling i'm needing to do to get this rope maintaining this level of extension transfer those feelings to every single club in the bag and you will start to see a massive difference in the where and how effortless this the swing is with both your irons and your driver i hope you really enjoyed this video if you did give it a thumbs up maybe share it with your friends and remember there's a free downloadable practice guide in the description box below so you never have to remember a thing if you're new to the channel come and join the community so i'll give you more videos just like this one but until next week have a great golfing week