The Golf Swing is so much easier when you do this

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Hey everybody Danny Maude here thanks for joining us the golf swing is so much easier when you do this great players have a knack at getting this handle ahead at the moment of impact to get wonderful compression and consistent ball striking but they don't do it by holding on to this angle like this this club is also traveling a vast amount of speed that means that they don't only get the ball striking they also get the speed and they do something similar with driver which i'm also going to discuss in this week's golf lesson the question is how do they do it and how can you do it too that's what i'm going to cover in this week's golf list now before i do look if you're new to the channel that's one of your first videos of mine please consider subscribing press the little bell button next subscribe when you get notified every time i release a video just like this one plus i leave a free downloadable practice plan in the description box below so you never have to remember a thing great so let's start with the irons and then what we'll do is we'll progress to driver and we're going to do it in three very very simple stages so you can learn this really really easily so all good players they have something in common which is body separation what do i mean by that well watch their torso always lags behind their lower body you'll see it with any good player through impact the lower half is very much open you see the hips open to the target and as they approach the impact while their shoulders are much more closed compared to their hips the torso is lagging behind you would do it if you threw a ball your lower body would lead the arms lagging behind it's what creates a slingshot or the catapult right same if you're throwing a discus but it also does the uh has the act of really helping compression and ball strike because obviously if you're leading the way this is always then ahead leading the way while this lags behind that gives you the strike and the speed so how do you go about learning this because you're going to be different ages and different levels of flexibility to me so the younger guys can probably have more separation they generate more speed and if you're a little bit older and you don't have much flexibility you won't be able to get as much so let's see how much you can do because if we can teach you it it'll really really help so stage number one what we're gonna do is learn the step exercise so you can start experiencing uh the separation for the first time all we're gonna do is this i want you to simply step to your trail side and create some momentum in this club so step swing now as you've created this momentum i then want you to almost immediately step to your lead side what's this doing straight away well when you're stepping here and you've got momentum of the torso going backwards here watch this this make sure you stay centered so you're not moving off the ball but it's already setting the lower body going way the opposite direction so you've got the lower body going this way well so you've just created momentum going that way that immediately creates the separation and the readiness to get into that great position with some slingshot right look at it here just as a visual tool watch this this is your backswing here we're gonna we're making a battery we've got momentum at this end as that momentum goes here it keeps going there simultaneously now you've stepped over here you create snap that's what's going to create an extra bit of slingshot whilst at the same time making sure you're over the ball ready to compress it right so i gave this to alex a recent student at my mark and mark loved it almost right away it's like a rhythm and a dance you've got to get into initially it can feel a bit strange and we'll work on how you apply this to a still still stance later but for now it's just step step just feel that kind of rhythm one two now it's like oh my god yeah i'm right over here i can feel i can feel that whip at the end so you start hit some gold we actually put it on a t to start with but we just start hitting a few shots very small now i'm on the trackline stim here at the third hole at royal point rush path three we're not going to reach the green but feet together create some momentum step step and i'm just tapping it down there to start with right just feeling that lovely immediate separation now my strike there was really good straight away because well i'm already here yeah so that's what i want you to do as stage number one feel the correct coordination of the body and the correct separation do that first then what we want to do we the next stage is now about making this much much more efficient right so watch this what do you mean by efficient well look at this efficient basic means how much can you stretch this band while staying safe based on your age flexibility etc right so we're going to start to extend how much we can create in this stretch so the stage number one in this process is this let's bust an old myth do not try and have a very slow backswing slow back swings do not create much momentum what i mean by that well watch if you go too slowly here we want to create a stretch in this muscle if you sling the arm back a little bit quicker we create naturally more stretch that stretch when you sling this back swing back just a little bit faster boom we get that extra bit of stretch but it doesn't want to stay there sir snaps back right so your next stage is simply to create more momentum in this step so we're now going to do this step and just sling that momentum just a little bit faster just to see how far you can stretch that boundary while simultaneously going the other way right so just a little bit we're going to get rid of we're going to get into a rhythm with this so watch this step momentum and away we go let's see how much further we've just hit that one will that reach the green this time a little bit right but there you go so a bit more momentum gets up there so just find your rhythm with that step just increase that momentum just a little bit quicker here while simultaneously making the second step and that will give you the extra bit of stretch in the band to create more catapult while simultaneously getting onto that lead side and getting that compression now what could you do or how could you take this to the golf course well you could increase this stretch by making it even simpler than that by just verbalizing what i like to see one and two so when the first exercise we just did this one two quite short quite snappy won't really get extra stretch add the and in and we can get the extra stretch in this position watch this one and two can you see that and gives me a bit more time to kind of keep that stretch on right so watch this with the same step again one and two

a little bit right but doesn't matter bear in mind we are going through a drill here right so direction this isn't important we're just feeling the body separation and we're doing it look in an exaggerated way mark said to me um can i take it to a golf course well maybe as a as a pre-shot routine as part of what you do beforehand to get a feel for this but it's difficult to maybe hit some balls like beautifully with it initially so do it as a feeling and then gradually when you go back to normal you've got some idea of the subtlety yeah because it's hard to learn this from a static position particularly not used to it right so let's have a look at so as i've done that i'm going to say now one and two but i'm going to keep my feet now in my normal position and see if i can experience exactly the same thing

felt pretty good looks pretty good a little faded into that top bank come down from there here we go right so how do you create separation you've got to learn to feel it first we're trying to create it so what we do is the lower half is always leading the upper half to get you over that ball to get that handle ahead with speed speed is so important trying to hold this will just never ever work how do we do it step create that momentum in the step and then as soon as you people ask me when do we step forward do you know what step forward quickly watch step and i'm already as i've got momentum starting back here hugely important all you then do is build that to stage two once you've got that sensation create more momentum by swinging just a little bit faster so step more momentum and away you go right then moving to the third stage maybe go back to maybe a normal stance and just use the verbalization one and two to try and get the whole thing out so it becomes one and two and you can see here look almost when i'm going and two there's obviously one and two there's the step you're building that rhythm in that's how you create separation that's how you can start to get that handle leading whilst at the same time maintaining your club head speed that i'm sure really really helps so before we finish let me just show you very quickly how we do this with driver great so what do you do with driver do you know what you do exactly the same thing just make one simple alteration you're going to have the ball further forward as one actually two all directions both for the forward and secondly you've got to remember with a driver we want to imagine hitting the ball a lot higher we want to hit it up off the tee so what we're going to do is we do the same principles you're going to step get some momentum on the way back and then while stepping forward now what this means when you get forward now what's great about this is you've now got this platform to push off a lot of people think that hitting up on drive is all about leaning back here absolutely not there's no power in that driver what we're trying to do is we're back here we're getting forward but then what we're doing is we're using that pressure you just added into that lead leg to push back off that's pushing back this way to allow the club look to swing where upwards yeah so all of this works really well with driver two it gives you the launch pad to fire that ball up in the air so again we're on the trackman sim at hole number one let's have a looks nice and tight let's just launch this down there so i'm not going to do the drill we're out in the golf course now we've tried we've done the practice swings we've got the feeling and we're now going to try and get some of this separation

a bit towie but you know what we hit the fairway we have hit the fairway so let's summarize what are you trying to do very very simply you want to create some the the impact position even with driver solid here with some speed how do you do this you've got to create body separation simple way to learn to feel it get the step exercise step momentum step do it quicker than that though so step momentum otherwise this is going back you're simultaneously going down what does this do remember we're stretching here the more we momentum we create the bigger the stretch while simultaneously stepping you then create the fire that gives you the slingshot while simultaneously getting you forward what can you do on a golf course to make it simple use the terminology one and two this can be a great way of just monitoring and getting this length out so one and two helps with a bit of timing all right so i really hope you enjoyed this video give it a thumbs up if you did and maybe share it with one of your friends who you think could do with a little bit of help with some of this stuff and of course look there's a free downloadable practice plan in the description box below so you never have to remember a thing and if you're new to the channel it's one of your first videos of mine please consider subscribing press the little bell button next subscribe when you get notified every time i release a video just like this one but until next week have a great golfing week