The Hidden Secret To Hitting Your Driver Straight

driver hit driver straight Nov 17, 2023



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Full Transcript- are you sure that you're working on the correct thing to hit driver straight so whether you slice the ball or hook the ball it's really important because I've just come off a session with a friend of mine Phil just really randomly I saw him struggling with driver on the driveway big big booming slice and everything that he was working on was actually making his slice worse now I just gave him literally two or three things of the correct things to work on and he sliced basically turned into a beautiful straight shot in just two balls so what I'm going to do today whether you hook the ball slicer but I'm going to give you the things that you must work on to hit driver straight and he can take them straight to the golf course so before I get into lesson though if you're new to the channels from your first videos of mine please consider subscribing I release videos just like this one every single week to try and help you improve your game plus you never have to remember a thing I'll always put a free download practice guide in the description box below so like I said whether you slice the bowl or hook the ball this would only take five seconds to actually change that's all it took with their Phil so let's start with slicing so filled with slicing a golf ball and if you slice a golf ball you have a swing Circle that is approaching the golf ball from outside the line is coming across the line of the golf ball like this apply an open face to that and you have a big booming slice but what do you know is also from this camera first as I'm coming here where's my hips at this stage my bum is over here and my shoulders are where aiming here where are my hips aiming left and where's the club handle relative to the driver way behind these are all facets of golfers that slice now Phil was making his slice worse because he was slicing it over to the right and what's he doing he's moving his ball further forward he's trying to get his handle more behind the golf ball to try to kind of get that ball going straight to down the middle but all he's doing look is making his slice worse I needed him to shift that swing circle from this direction to more this direction how do you do that in a really simple way well golf swinging spectrums you have a Sly spectrum and we're going to hookers hookers have too much of this right so what do you think I did I simply imagined him or try to move into more of a hook style Spectrum so all I did was going to put his arms out like this and I want you to do the same it's a wonderful feeling put your arms out like this and take your your bum and simply move it towards the target like this I'm moving my right pocket look towards the target what this does is it moves the swing Circle more in what direction the direction that's opposite to a slice more of a hook family but that's good if you slice right there the other thing is done once you're doing my shoulders everything now is doing the opposite to slicing I then got Phil to put the club down what do you notice where the where the club would be relative to the ball it's going to be a long way behind the ball as if the ball should be further back in your stance where's the handle relative to the club face ahead right fill now what we're going to do is this we're going to your bulb scissors weigh it Forward we're going to move it two or three inches back further back than we normally would for driving but you um slicer we're going to exaggerate this so I got him to really exaggerate this motion pivot everything around here now his shoulders his forearms his hips his knees his bum everything is angled this way now he's in a great place just one final thing we did from here the first was obviously going to end to the right we're going to shut that face down just a little bit so if you look at this I take it I turn the toe down then I grip it okay I don't do this in turn I turn it down look just just a couple of degrees then grip it from here Phil now is immediately in a beautiful draw to hook stands completely the opposite to what he was working on and that created immediately a beautiful draw we'll show you how we got some distance with him in a second but let's just see this in action so I'm gonna from here look pivot myself around I know where we go

and we can see there that really exaggerated movement and that is what I got Phil to do first now he did not hit one single slice after doing this every single shot moved this way now did he overdo it sometimes yes he did but just like it almost like a radio what you do is is the golf swing is always a spectrum that's an extreme hook that's an extreme slice so all I did was say right now you know if you move the ball back in your stance a little bit if you move your shoulders this way you bum this way you will start and twist the face you will start to hit a draw or hook shape what do you do to hit it straighter you just dial it in but now you have something at least to work on on a golf course correctly if you start to slice all right you just simply find your pattern and tweak it a little bit now if you hook the uh the golf ball you simply do the opposite we'll come into um Power in a second which is really important because there is a difference in finishing the swing for a slice and a hook which I'm going to go into in a second but if you hook the golf ball hookers tend to do what they're too much like this yeah bum's too far over here and they're way back over here so if you hook the golf ball what do you do you move toward more of a slice Spectrum so what you're going to do is is as opposed to being way over here you're going to now move more over here so now something I'm going to move the ball actually further forward in my stance as opposed to having the hands here I might have the hands a little bit more level with the golf ball I might feel by the way that my hips and my shoulders are actually feeling a bit more aiming left why because I want you to feel if you hook the golf ball like you are more in this Sly Spectrum here let's have a look at this all I'm going to do is shift from too much hook move my ball forward move my hands back move my shoulders in a bit left and let's see now if I can start to create a bit more of a slice with this

a little bit more of a a beautiful thing it's gone very straight started left Target but absolutely no hook why because I've come more this way as opposed to this way you can tell which I'm favorite uh favorite I'm a natural draw of the ball um so the other thing which I did refill which really helps with the power and this is wonderful a real simple thing you can focus on so this is amazing this will work every single time and if what you're working on doesn't change your swing within five balls stop it when I'm working with students if I don't see a change in the in their ball flight within five balls I scrap it okay I really do okay so this should work within literally five balls now the final thing is finish people that slice the golf ball finish low that finish position is very low people like hook the golf balls they finish very high they're very very high hands so what do you do if you are slicing it well look you've got your set up now and what I would have visualized now is a really high finish the higher the finish the more likelihood you're going to create this draw shape shot let's look at this in action so I pivot my body around look I'm now in the drawer the hook family yes beautiful high finish beautiful high draw okay that is crucial shifting That Swing Circle more out to the right hand side naturally grits rid of that slice and if you hook the golf ball well what's the opposite to a hook that's right we want to finish in a much lower finish on the way through so what I tend to do with people that hook the buff they tend to fall back a little bit so what I tend to do is I'll put something on the right ear I don't want them to fall back I actually want them to stay more here and that then helps them look rather than go up high I'll get them to stay more over the ball here and that gets them finishing in a lower finish on the way through so look at this again from here I'll open them up and finish in a nice low finish and that then gives you that beautiful little fade down the middle of the Fairway so do me a favor it's really really important that when you're working on your game whether you hook the ball slice the golf ball you're working on the right things understand the spectrums and if you slice it really move towards the Hook's bedroom if you hook the GoPro move towards a slice spectrum and think about your finish and please do me a favor share this video with somebody who you know is struggling it will really really help and of course look if you love this video make sure you give it a thumbs up maybe um subscribe to the channel if you haven't already and do check this video out right here on irons because it will complement this one beautifully thanks for joining us have a great golfing week.

Transcript Summary- 

Hey there, folks! It's Danny Maude, and today I want to share some key tips to help you hit your driver straight, whether you're dealing with a nasty slice or a troublesome hook. Before we dive into the lesson, if you're new to the channel, make sure to hit that subscribe button. I release videos like this one every week to help you up your golf game.

Let's start with slicing. If you find yourself slicing the ball, it's likely because your swing circle is coming from outside the line. This creates that big, booming slice. But there's a simple fix. Imagine putting your arms out and move your bum towards the target. This shift will naturally move your swing circle in the opposite direction, more towards a hook spectrum.

Now, Phil, my friend, was making his slice worse by moving the ball forward. Instead, we moved it a bit further back in the stance, creating an exaggerated setup. Shoulders, hips, everything angled differently. And remember, turn that toe down a bit before gripping to shut that face down slightly. Phil immediately transformed his slice into a beautiful draw.

Now, for those of you who tend to hook the ball, the process is the opposite. Move towards more of a slice spectrum by adjusting your setup. Ball forward, hands more level with the ball, and shoulders aiming a bit more left. Finish with a nice high follow-through to encourage that draw.

Remember, these changes should show results within just five balls. And for those hooking, focus on preventing falling back and finish nice and low. Now, share this video with anyone struggling out there. It can make a world of difference on the course. And if you enjoyed this, give it a thumbs up, subscribe, and check out my video on irons for more tips. Thanks for joining me, and have a fantastic week on the golf course!