The IRON SWING is so much easier when you know this - AMAZING DRILL!

irons simple golf tips Nov 08, 2021

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Hey everybody Danny Maude here thanks for joining us how would you like to become a more consistent ball striker with your irons and your woods and more importantly you know you and i are probably going to be different ages and you might find that you can always get to the top of your backswing so how do you generate power when you have a shorter swing well in this week's video i'm going to show you something of what you can do with the trail arm and what all best players do they all get into a wonderful position through the impact area great release through the shot that gives them some effortless speed and you can do this too now before i get into the video look if you're new to the channel it's one of your first videos of mine please consider subscribing just press that little bell button next subscribe button you get notified every time i release a video just like this one plus i'll put a free downloadable practice plan in the description box below so you'll never have to remember a thing great so i'm really excited about this because i really think this could help your golf makes it so much easier anyway so you might play golf right-handed but a swing left-handed but i've got you covered in this video we're going to cover hopefully drive it too if we've got time now look at this i'm going to take my trail arm here and the thing is is when you allow your arms to hang down naturally okay they all turn in was the shoulder turns inwards here the arm turn inwards now that's not conducive for a great solid strike what we want whether it's driver or irons is we want to put a pressure on this ball now when that happens notice this look at my trail arm here this section of the arm is pointing right towards you now when i see golfers who are struggling with their strike they're getting this flicky strike look at this now where is he pointing it's pointing over here if you're slicing it or you're getting the chicken wings look where it's pointing if you're hooking it where is it pointing downwards the best players all get into this position where this trail arm here this section here is pointing directly at you that's how they put a pressure on that ball that's how they get a stable club face and that's how they hit it not just powerfully but straight too so if you've it's a struggle with distance you might be a senior golfer struggling to to complete your backswing doesn't matter if you can you might not have the clubhead speed but if you can put the pressure on the golf ball you'll generate power that way right now let's show you how you go about achieving it so watch this all i want you to do is stand nice and tall and from here just simply rotate your arm so the palm is facing in this direction what this does it rotates the shoulder back into its socket here now from there what we'll do is from this position i want you to simply turn your hand and that becomes your grip now you can see here so the whole arm is rotate still there that's pointing towards you and the grip is now neutral right now from here this makes it so much easier for you to then take the club away because all the backswing is is this look one two this is your backswing that is how the arm's going to work so when we take this club back look at this back here this trail unfolds still fold i'm in a really good solid position now right now from here all we're going to do is we turn back down is it facing that's right it's facing you again now from here the final bit all that's going to happen is we're going to turn to the golf ball but as i've turned to the golf ball where's that still facing it's still facing you isn't it now why is that well look if it's turned this way we're using all our strength look to push that ball put pressure on that golf ball if anything starts to turn we're in trouble right so i'm going to go through a drill and how you can take this out to the golf course in a second but so let's go through that one more time really quickly turning it in here we're allowing this to fold we're turning back down it's still facing new then it turns through the shot now good exercise here look this is how the forearm works to square up the face at the last minute look at this pointing up to the sky all you're doing is this still pointing to the sky that's the forearm work look at this back here look back down one so all we're doing here look that folds beautifully here comes back down then we rotate beautifully back into impact this is governing everything in the backswing and the downswing and if you've ever found that you're a bit floppy on the way through look at this here on the way through still in this position here driving through nice and solid i am not throwing and allowing this to rotate that's going to hugely affect your strike so simple drill you can do with this just to kind of sense it grab a ball i know that you might be playing golf right handed but uh um dominant your dominant hand your lead hand i'm going to cover that in a second but tis take a ball and imagine you're throwing it and all i want you to do look is turn your arm again so this is pointing here get the ball now what we're going to do is we're going to practice folding this arm up and we're going to throw the ball back down now notice this i'm not throwing it like this i am throwing it down in front of me here there now this is going to give you the feeling of the release the freedom of that release whilst at the same time having the control of this trail arm so back here and from here all i'm going to do is throw it down so once you've thrown one or two of those what you want to do then is take your golf club maybe like it's in your trailer if you're playing with your dominant hand which would be is your lead hand i've got you covered so stay tuned all we're doing to do now is grip down put your finger on top of here so you can just just so you can see this and all you're going to do is make some swings look look at this motion and just practice swinging just with that trail arm we'll notice this i am not throwing it here look like this that's going to give you inconsistent strikes inconsistent direction i'm allowing it to come in and square up naturally just by throwing the club down towards that golf ball putting pressure on that ball i may even look hit a few shots like this off of two usually i'm off the ground here it doesn't matter back here look back through beautifully solid very very straight shot or with one arm now we're going to cover drive in just a second uh because i think we've just got enough time but if you're dominant and you'll damn you can just do the opposite all you do is this just going to a split hand grip i've got a detailed video actually on this exercise up in this top right hand corner but do the split hand grip look at this same here drive it back drive it back down and then look here look how do we get the club back to the ball well we simply rotate look back to the ball using our body and our forearms bang look at the pressure you'll put on that golf ball here again you could hit some shots like this small shots driving that through bit by bit getting that solid strike now once you've done that you start small build it up have a then go with driver let's go and have a look okay so it's exactly the same way driver with a couple of tweaks so same principles look we take the club trail arm points this direction here take your driver now what i love about this again look it allows the great positioning here for this arm just to fold if your arm is rotating here you get blocky it's one of the reasons why people will roll their wrists as soon as you roll your wrist you've got to roll them on the way through it gives you huge amounts of inconsistency so folding this heel that gives you a simple simple backswing driver on the way down if you roll your shoulder again you're going to be inconsistent over the top flicky look keep it there drive it down into position still pointing towards you and then look we're going to rotate the forearms back into impact good image here with the thumb look back here drive down where's my thumb pointing towards you then look keeping that there rotate my forearm back into impact simple as that and that's all we're going to work on to give you that much more consistency approach into the shot the other thing is look just as an iron you need a solid strike if you've got this motion it's flicky chicken wings come out this here look gives you that power that consistency so no matter your age if you can only get to a vaccine that's here that's fine because still look you can put pressure on the back of that ball for power now remember if you're playing a dot with your dominant hand this hand not a problem same principle look split your hands feel that motion drive it down then move in look i've still got the strength now how do you hit up on the driver well you've positioned your ball position further forward this is the difference with the irons position your ball position forward your tilty back of fraction here this is your driver now from here look all we're gonna do is we've got that motion here we're going to turn down look into position and then look as we're driving down towards that ball we then fire up through the impact area but still look stable backwards and forwards i would start just like the irons really small on this let's play a very small shot and how i work on this you might want to just feel like it's about to here drive it down rotate those forearms through with the body let's have a look at this in action nice and small i might even start like this feel the motion back here and then away we go that is super super straight straight down the middle of the fairway no curvature whatsoever on that why because there won't be because look i'm coming in there isn't a roll of the wrists it's just a beautiful timing and the club's matching this beautiful body motion all the way back and all the way through it is super super simple when you get this right so let's summarize really really quickly trail arm put it in position we'll move it back get the socket muscles back into position here palm facing you then grip it here don't allow this to turn over from that position just realize how that can help you get the perfect position at the top drive it up drive it back down still facing that position there and drive the forearm through there there if your dominant hand your lead hand in fact if it even if it is and this is a great drill split your hands drive it back drive it through square it up through impacts here get that sensation and you'll be well on your way to a much much more consistent and repeatable golf swing with power no matter your age or ability so really hope you enjoy this one one of my favorite exercises is this one give it a thumbs up if you did and of course share if one of your friends who you think could do with something simple to get themselves going and remember there's a free downloadable practice plan in the description box below so you never have to remember a thing of course look if you're new to the channel come and join me every week by pressing that subscribe button and the bell completely free to do sir but until next week have a great golfing week