The Magic Move That Guarantees an Effortless Golf Swing

compress irons irons swing Apr 19, 2024

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Hey there, golfers! If you've been feeling like you're leaving power and consistency on the table with every swing, you're not alone. But fear not, because I'm here to help you unlock that potential and get your game to the next level.

Now, one of the biggest reasons for inconsistency is often the movement pattern. Good players have a specific pattern that ensures a solid strike and effortless power nearly every time. But for many golfers, it's the opposite.

So, let's dive into the correct movement pattern. Most golfers tend to swing the club head back, but what you need to focus on is moving the grip end. That's right, it's the grip that leads the way, creating that essential shaft lean for a powerful strike.

Grab your club and try this with me. Instead of swinging the head, focus on moving the grip back and forth. Feel how your body naturally reacts to this movement. It's all about that grip leading the way, setting you up for a solid strike.

Now, let's talk about adding the body into the equation. You see, when you watch a good player swing, you'll notice a smooth and rhythmical motion. That's because they're using their body to generate power, not just their hands and wrists.

Take a look at my swing. Notice how I'm using my body to create momentum. It's all about loading and unloading those powerful muscles, like a spring ready to unleash energy into the club.

To practice this, start with some simple exercises. Feel that momentum building as you load your trail side, then shift your focus to your lead side, preparing to unleash that power.

These exercises will help you develop the right sensations and visualizations, which you can then apply to your swing on the course. Remember, it's all about that smooth, flowing motion, like waves in the ocean.

So, give these exercises a try and watch as your game transforms. And if you enjoyed this video, don't forget to give it a thumbs up and share it with your fellow golfers. And hey, if you're new here, hit that subscribe button and the bell for more helpful tips.

Until next time, have a fantastic week on the course!

Full Transcript- if you're anything like my students I'm sure you know that you could be getting much more power and more consistency out of every single Club in your bag but something is Stopping You Now from my experience of deal with students every single week it's simply because you don't have the right pattern of movement good players have a certain pattern in their movement that guarantees strike nearly every single time and effortless power most of my students who come to see me who are lacking all of that lacking consistency they have the complete opposite pattern but here's a great thing achieving the correct pattern is easier and more natural than most people realize okay it requires very little practice at times because you don't have to worry about all these complicated swing positions those positions can happen beautifully naturally if you just follow what I'm about to teach you in this video but before I get into the video if you're new to the channel your first lessons of mine please consider subscribing I release videos like this every single week to try and help you improve your game plus you never have to remember a thing I'll always put a free download practice guide in the description box below so I know that you know that you could be hitting the ball much further but more importantly striking it more consistently with every Club in your bag and I'm going to show you how in this video so we want to ultimately get the right type of pattern so the chances are if you're like any of my students that come and see me 99% of them do this the impact we want to have is kind of weight forward we want the handle leading we want to strike the ball then the ground in a beautiful solid motion here and powerful and we want it to be effortless the problem is is what i' see is completely opposite most of the time what I'm seeing is a a golfer that kind of releases the club very very early they get into this kind of flicky motion here they're rising up there's chicken wings you name it lots of lots of power and that goes all the way through into your Ferry woods and your driver as well now why is that well let's start initially with the simple pattern of movement you see what most golfers do are doing and I want you to check if you could grab a you know grab a golf club so you can do this with me so you can feel this if you hold a club out in front of you here most of the time what golfs are doing they're swinging the club head the head end they swing the head back okay and their body reacts if you throw the head away on the way back what's going to happen very quickly is you're going to end up throwing it away very early in the downswing this creates this type of motion here where B flicky the elbow starts sticking out and we're really in a very weak position now good players they realize there two sides to a golf club there's your Club in and this is a grip in now what I want you to do is this good players do this they move the grip end okay we're focusing on the grip moving and it's the grip that moves the club back and look at this as I move the grip through what do you see with any good player here they create shaan how do they create this shaan because they're moving the grip end okay this is what creates the lean going through but if you swing the club head on its own you're now going to get this kind of throwing motion which gets you into all kinds of problems all right so grab your Club let's do this together hold the club up and we're going this head will move but what I want you to do is I want you to really sense here look at this as I'm moving the club backwards and forwards and then I start adding in a little bit of body with this look at this motion look where my body is look where the hands are this is really powerful one two one two one two now clearly at the moment it looks actually kind of risty yeah but we're going to add the body in in a second to make it look beautifully naturally all I want you to teach you first is the pattern of movement okay now what you do with that pattern is this you can apply it on a golf course in terms of a waggle so what I want you to do don't waggle the head where the grip stays still do the opposite waggle the grip end and then see if you can get a feeling how the body will react to that moment yeah so no that's the flick there we go now I'm going to bring my body into this to try and hit that shot a different pattern of movement start with that and then I'm going to show you how to naturally add in the actual body to make this so

effortless simple as that beautiful feeling lovely Rhythm 90 M hour C weed with complete effess motion so let's now move on to how you start adding in the body to this motion to make it smooth and

rhythmical so look at that there so that's 171 yards with an a iron okay and you probably look it looks doesn't look like I'm trying too hard and the reason being is is unlike so many am golfers I'm not using my wrists and my hands excessively my body is leading the swing to make a use of these powerful muscles which you have now if you can walk what I'm about to teach you you can do I promise you so take a look at this and tell me what you see because this is going to make your goal swing so much easier so this is my back swing this my down swing it's my back swing it's my down swing what do you see in the movement of that body now what I'm doing is is to make it naturally body body lead I Am Naturally creating momentum and I'm doing it look at this I'm exaggerating just for you when I'm here this right side of my body look has gone down and it's gone inwards naturally i' I've wound it up when it's down what does it want to do it wants to push off the ground to create momentum in this club now on the way down look as I'm coming down I'm already preparing my body naturally in in a place look where it's wound in it's in the ground because it's in the ground and this is all twisted this whole kind of almost like a a spring here is in the ground what's he going to want to do push off the ground this is winding up and it's loading your body and it's effortless compare that to this very little or maybe guys who are turning their hips backwards and forwards there's no loading or spring-- like Motion in the ground so therefore the body just goes to its next parce which is just hands and arms no power no real control so let me show you really quickly how you can learn this and and feel this now it'll take a little bit of time but once you've learned the sensations I promise you it's really really worth it so all we got to get you doing is creating natural momentum in your back swing here's how how you do it okay now we said look we don't want the wrist taking control we want the body taking control right now for the body to take control in a really natural way you have to have loaded it okay so this is the first exercise I want you to feel okay it's an exaggerated one but I promise you it will really a automate your entire golf swing so what I'm going to do here is this I'll show you in slow motion first I'm going to let my as I step to my right hand side I'm going to let my knee move naturally inwards here my body's kind of rotating inwards almost collapsing this way now once I've collapsed it here what's what's happening I've loaded the spring of my right side because it's loaded here what do you think the Spring's going to want to do it's going to want to unload it's this unloading that then creates your natural back swing now with my students I might give them a direction I might get them to look to the ceiling behind them so ultimately here look when they have loaded the spring we're going to look to the ceiling look to the ceiling but what we're doing is notice here there's no positions here I am just flowing beautifully into a back swing so different and so natural compared to what you see with so many other golfers okay so that's the first thing I want you to do spend a bit of time now you can do it in different ways you could do it from a standing position where you literally just feel this is collapsing initially remember I'm exaggerating collapse it in so you can feel it and then just swing back you could I get some of my students here to almost in a sense when they're stepping look stepping here so the toes is pointing almost this angle because this angle means it's loaded and then I can unload it on the way back okay whatever it is the idea is for you to start off feeling and getting and experiencing how momentum's created okay cuz once you've done that you can then go to a static position and again don't overthink it you could go I just want to create momentum in my back swing not with my wrist but look from here I'm going to feel my feet moving I feel that right side and off we go now if I was you what I'd probably do straight away is just jump straight in and again don't overthink it just aim to hit a few shots before we work on the downswing of just creating some momentum right so don't walk to a golf ball and get very static just take that sense sensation of momentum like this create some momentum on the way back with those legs and then get yourself set here walk to a golf ball don't overthink it trust yourself get yourself set here create some momentum and away we go right really exaggerate initially okay now once you've done that and I spend some time creating that momentum in your back swing then what I do is is start to associate the opposite right so it's basically the same thing we have just loaded look I'm exaggerating here loaded your Trail side now what we're want to do is just feel what the left side the lead side needs to do so he look the lead side needs to do completely opposite it's loading this way to do what move this way so how do you train it again different ways ultimately all I want you to do to start off with you could start with your Trail foot behind push forward here and then just to let your knee and everything here move inwards why as this ankle knee everything twists pushing into the ground what's he going to want to do we have loaded it so what's he going to want to do he's going to want to push backwards and you can feel this motion a few times get that exercise going one two and notice this the lead side look he's always look then leading the club look look handle leads then fires the club this is something I do not see with am golfers why cuz there's nothing going on here it's just a wristy SW swing so practice those motions different ways to do it you've just seen one way just feel it here pushing in load it push back really sense of that pushing back of that leg right the other thing you could do here I get some of my players here to swing feet close together step notice how I'm stepping I'm stepping with my toe pointing this way why because the more I point this way The more I've loaded this way and again it's loaded to unload it here so I can push off that ground if it exaggerated it' look like this almost like I'm jumping yes if you're a senior golfer you don't want to do that but we're really kind of sensing that load in the ground now when you move to the golf ball the purpose of doing exercises in static Motions like this are to promote feelings and visualizations that you can apply naturally to your swing so the more you do these exercises at home feeling momentum on the right side feeling momentum on the left side then what you can do look is start to picture them merging together I'm going to do it slowly look at this one and look I'm loading two one and two notice how as I'm coming back the I'm already preloading this one look at this watch this I'm exaggerating yes a little bit just so you can see it but picture this motion and start to create these motions for yourself then gradually speed this whole thing up until you get into a comfortable rhythmical motion and then you again don't overthink it just take that Rhythm and flow it's almost like water or waves just backwards forwards one two create those waves feel the what you're creating in the legs and the body is transferring naturally to power and if I really want to kind of really ramp one of these up I'm just going to push harder create more momentum from that ground again still with an a one two call that a little bit clean let's have a look at this 170 beautiful flowing motions okay so remember exercises at home will teach you the sensations of love loading that one side to create momentum and then here Lo getting preparing loading the other side to create momentum notice I'm not focusing on all these positions because the club will follow what your body is doing rely on the club head and you create ristin and a complete lack of power all right so I hope you get stuck into these exercises if you enjoy the video give it a thumbs up maybe share it with one of your friends and of course look if you're new to the channel and you love videos like this one press that subscribe button but and the Bell look if you want to know how to apply this to driver click this video right here but until next week have a wonderful golfing week.