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Full Transcript - so I've just come up a lesson with a student Jamie who probably just like yourself he's been driving the ball everywhere right right left struggling with distance and his friend comes up to him and says Jamie just press the reset button that's all you gotta do and he's like I don't have a reset but I have no idea I'm trying everything and nothing seems to be getting that driver down the Fairway with any kind of distance does that sound familiar well what Jamie said to me says let it stood over the golf ball and he feels like he's got like a million and one things going on his head and none of it seems to be working so in this video what I'm going to do is I'm going to share with you what I shared with Jamie and I'm gonna help you I'll give you a reset button okay if you imagine this the scorching takes a second and a half what's the second and a half it's a second and a half right that is not enough time to be thinking of a million things but if you're hitting terribly what do you do you need a simple strategy to get yourself back on track so you can start hitting Fairways and getting some distance that is exactly what I'm going to give you today something that is super simple and it's going to completely clear your head of all this unnecessary kind of thought all right but before I get into the video look if you are new to the channel and this will be your first videos of mine please consider subscribing all these videos like this every single week to try and help you improve your game plus you never have to remember a thing I'll always put a free download or practice guide in the description box below so a lot of golfers hit it like that but I'd love you to hit it like this now I'm not saying you're going to be able to hit it 300 yards by end of the session in fact that's completely unrealistic but here's what I want to do I want you to start to get some effortless and accurate distance to your driver okay now to do that we're gonna do it in two stages the first first stage I'm gonna give you some momentum you've got to get some momentum into this clubhead nobody does this okay and this is the first part of your reset most of the time you know most golfers are not if you're the same but you've been trying to kind of put the club into all these various different positions but what that does is it starts to create this kind of stiff wooden swing that doesn't have any flow or speed to it that just robs you of all your power and your accuracy so once I've got a momentum then what I'm going to do is I'm going to show you how you control it so you don't want to get generating loads of beautiful speed if the ball's going everywhere so then I'll show you how you control it so let's start with the momentum first a golf swing in its simplest form is a circle that comes all the way back and all the way through you don't want movements like this and all over the place so how do you get rid of them straight away well look at this if I hold the club in my fingers and I just let the hair the momentum of this club swing it's got some Rhythm to it and I'm forming a pretty good Circle I take that sensation hold it and I want you to do this the same if you could so you can feel this swim the club in your fingertips backwards and forwards feel some momentum in this club take your time to do this it will feel out of control and people get scared of this kind of almost out of control feeling but I want you to feel it first now as you're doing this you'll start to feel the club getting some momentum around impact okay that's the first stage feel momentum what I want you to do now is this I want you to ask yourself with a driver a well-strapped driver we want to return the club at impact with almost a Lee Diamond Club forming a straight line it's a strong position here like this we don't want to have this kind of flicky motion so as I swing backwards and forwards I'm going to keep that in mind backwards and forwards now if I stay back like this too much what's happening the club flicks so what I'm going to do now is I'm not going to try to force this angle forward I'm just going to start to kind of feel it and find roughly where my body or what my body needs to do in order to get more of this handle lean forward without me trying to force it how many tips have you seen put the club in this position get your elbows stuck in here these are all things that you're having to think about in one and a half seconds when actually once you start to allow the momentum of the club to go all you've got to do is start to associate right this is a good strike here what does my body need to do feel it give yourself and you can feel it more the more you let this club flow through look how well I'm doing my body here yeah also note from this angle notice the circle I'm creating how consistent is it yeah now if I suddenly stop my body quickly I'm going to lose all power I'm going to get flicky yeah so look at this

there we go so that is goal number one do your left hand right hand just get a real sense of it and then what I'll do is I'll start to make some practice swings before each shot I hit and what I'll do is I'll just get a sense of that momentum as I'm doing this what will happen to your bodies is once it starts to kind of sense that club your body will start to naturally organize itself and put it into a place which is going to be useful to generate some speed for example if I'm back here I can't my it just naturally through my body's in the wrong place because I can feel that I can't regenerate any speed but watch this now I can once I get my weight forward I can really feel that left left foot is going to be used to generate speed this is too complicated but it all happens naturally once you become more aware of a free swinging club that has momentum all right so so important so you can start with a couple of practice swings before your shots fill up momentum and then gradually start to apply so we're going to go into how to control it in a second but this is stage number one simply all I'm going to do here is not hit it hard I'm going to feel some momentum in this club but just let momentum go let's see what happens look at that 273 yards and you probably thought I haven't really hit that okay that is what momentum gives you okay now what we'll do is let's start a look at how we start to control that motion so it's time to add a little bit more control to this element but you can see even with that shot there you've still got control with a free-flowing club but this will give you like a security blanket and give you some more consistency and power so one common thing is golfers we've just said have a free-flowing golf club but one factor they also have when they come through if you look at any great player this right arm here on the trail arm and the club form a beautifully straight line they have in a sense what we call Wit through impact the arms are very straight the arms in a sense stay the same distance apart pretty much through the impact area this is a player so you don't see most poor drivers most amateur golfers most amateur Dolphins tend to get buckled the arms are like this through impact as opposed to this they might be flicky there might be chicken wingy but they don't create this motion so what I want you to create and I'll show you how to do it naturally is this is the goal by the end of this little section I want you to create this beautiful Circle where ultimately both arms are quite close together the the club's pointing straight out in front of us and what this is doing is creating a beautiful Circle going through the shot so you've got consistency but I've just said you've got one and a half seconds how do you think of all that stuff you do this start with one hand at a time get that momentum backwards and forwards now notice this if I do this is that the position I want you to be in no I want the right arm and Club forming a straight line so let's just try this am I forcing this now I'm just trying to go for it can you see what's happening what's my body doing to create that right Ammon Club forming a straight line can you see a difference watch this what's my body doing leave them know in the comments see if you can spot it okay now I don't know exactly all the intricate details what my body's doing you don't need to either my point is is once you have this motion you're trying to achieve this your body will figure it out for itself exactly what it needs to do to create this beautiful flowing motion through the swing yeah my body's working it out yours will do too do the same with your lead hand okay feel what it's like okay to get that lead arm and Club forming a straight line through impact look you can see here I can feel it my hips are open my chest is starting to open through the impact area I'm not thinking those things I'm allowing momentum to happen and I'm allowing my body to achieve that motion okay that's what I want for you too we want to take all these millions of things that are happening in the swing and create one simple image so I take my club now in both hands I feel that momentum again and all I'm doing here is Imagining the club my forearms staying quite close together okay but in a way that's still flowing if I start to stay still look I'm gonna I'm gonna be stuck so my forearm's now going to spread apart I'm going to get a bit bendy a bit flicky so I'm going to imagine in my hand I've got to get somewhere here why is my body there we go just make that the goal and my body will respond just like yours will getting this extension through the impact area here okay then we simply start to apply it to hitting a shot so I get myself set make the Martian and I'm now trying to rehearse this look notice this in a flowing Manner and I rehearse my position I look at my finish I go okay yeah my arms are very straight now of course they're going to bend at some stage but this is the most important bit of your golf swing from here to here okay so get that sensation I've now got a feel amounts I just gently pressed together here get myself set swing it back swing it through let's see what happens there we go there's an extra 10 15 yards right beautifully straight so we start with that you've got momentum we've added a bit of control and now we're up to 288 again I'm not expecting you to do any of this this what we're doing here no matter your age or ability will work I promise you this is your reset button okay finally the final point we've talked about momentum you can have momentum if you set up in a static position and nobody really tells you this and you just don't see top players doing this with top players they're always moving around and they have their own way of doing it and I want you to develop your way of doing it what they have is a constant movement it's like a dance the golf shot you're kind of finding movement but in the kind of an attempt to get precision and I get it you lost control of the ball so you want to be precise what we do is we kind of go for this kind of checklist of stuff bang bang bang bang bang and then you go Danny says I've got to create momentum I can't I'm like rigid yeah what we want to create is flow yeah so this is not a swing we want

that's not the string we want that is there's no momentum there and it's going to be a huge loss of distance when you do that right what we want to have is we want to have that flow from a star so here's something I have to get my players to do when they're when they're uh when they struggle with this is sometimes it's just kind of finding a routine it's walking to the golf ball but sometimes I do this I get them to position 100 of the weight over on their lead side get the right heel or Trail heel just off the ground just like this and what I'm doing is I'm giving them something to do in the backswing that is going to create a little bit of momentum on the way back it's almost like I'm putting when I get when that when it goes down they almost put 89 of the weight on their Trail foot and that gets the momentum on the way back allowing me then to come through with some momentum because what you'll find which is brilliant and beautiful about this is that when you create momentum in One Direction your body then starts to naturally respond by moving correctly in the other direction to then pause and then accelerate that momentum it's kind of a rhythm that you're getting into but you can't create rhythm from statiness yeah so I'm not saying copy this but I'm saying find your way of adding movement I mean just been speaking to my off camera uh Leo I'm a videographer who says he kind of does this by like bouncing you know it doesn't matter whatever it takes for you to create some momentum in this swing so for me I don't know what I do I just do it naturally but because I feel like I'm getting myself ready it's like a ready position yeah I'm getting myself into a ready position and it's like maybe similarly or just on a bouncing here okay so get myself set let's see if I can launch this just a little bit here nice and relaxed a little bit off the bottom of the club there won't go as far I don't think yeah 299 ain't quite strike that one but look at the freedom that I've got with this that's what I want for you okay so use this video as your reset button start add some momentum get a sense of where the club it is trust that your body will start to organize itself and move that club correctly it really will be amazed secondly add some control to this Marsh and get those arms a bit more closer together feel how that works in the backswing and the downswing and then make sure you have a dynamic setup position all right so I hope you enjoyed this video do me a favor if you give it a thumbs up let me share it with a friend but do me a favor watch this video right here because this will complement the driver perfectly this is your reset button once you've done that move to this one here okay hope you enjoy the video remember there's a free download practically in the description box below but until next week have a wonderful golfing week.


Transcript Summary- 

Today, I want to share a game-changing reset button with you, just like the one I shared with my student Jamie. If you've been struggling with driving the ball all over the place, feeling like you have a million things on your mind during your swing, I've got a simple strategy to help you clear your head and start hitting fairways with distance.

Let's break it down. The golf swing is a circle – simple as that. No need for complicated movements. First things first, let's focus on getting some momentum into that clubhead. Most golfers make the mistake of trying to control the club too much, resulting in a stiff, powerless swing. Instead, feel the momentum by holding the club in your fingers and swinging it back and forth. Trust me; this will form a natural, flowing circle.

Now, as you're feeling that momentum, let's talk about control. With a well-strapped driver, aim to return the club at impact with a strong, straight line from your lead arm through the club. We're avoiding any flicky motions here. Instead of forcing this angle, let your body naturally find the right position as you swing back and forth. Your body will figure it out once you let the momentum guide you.

Practice this with each hand individually, really feeling the flow of the club. The goal is to get a sense of the club forming a straight line with your arm at impact. Once you've got that, it's time to put it all together.

Dynamic setup is key. Forget static positions; we want constant movement. Find your own way to add some movement, whether it's a slight weight shift or a personal routine. Remember, golf is like a dance – find your rhythm and flow.

Lastly, let's talk about the actual swing. Start with a little momentum, add control, and now, with a dynamic setup, you're ready to go. Trust your body to organize itself naturally. It might feel out of control at first, but that's a good thing. Your body will find the right positions for a powerful, accurate swing.

So, give this a try. Use this video as your reset button. Feel the momentum, add control, embrace a dynamic setup, and watch your drives transform. If you enjoyed this, hit that thumbs up, share it with your golf buddies, and check out my other videos for more tips. Until next week, have an awesome time on the golf course!