The Ridiculous Reason Why 90% of Golfers Can't Strike There Irons

iron irons compression Mar 28, 2024


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Short Transcript-

Alright folks, so I know many of you out there struggle with consistent ball striking, especially with those irons and fairywoods off the turf. But hey, don't sweat it, because you're definitely not alone. In fact, I've had a bunch of students this week, and guess what? About 90% of them were facing the same issue, trying to make solid contact off the ground.

Now, the common advice they were getting was all about keeping the handle forward, shifting weight forward, you know, the usual stuff. But guess what? It wasn't really clicking for them. It all felt forced and unnatural. So today, I'm gonna show you a simple, natural way to nail that consistent strike every single time, with any club in your bag, off the deck. And let me tell you, I'm super pumped to share this with you.

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Alright, let's get into it. So first things first, let's break it down. Every great ball striker out there, what do they do? They hit the ball first, right? There's no ground contact until after that ball's been struck. So how do they do it? It's all about that natural downward angle of attack. Let me show you.

Now, imagine I've got this alignment stick here, right? Just opposite my trail foot. I'm gonna set up, and I want to comfortably miss that stick on my downswing and strike the ball cleanly. See, for most average players, they tend to hit the ground right around where the ball is, or worse, they might even clatter into that stick. And that's where the inconsistency creeps in.

So, how do we fix this? Well, it all starts with a solid setup. Here's a little drill for you. Grab a ball and hold it in the middle of your chest. Drop it. Where does it land? Right over the ball, hopefully. See, if your sternum is over the ball, your pivot naturally moves over it, increasing your chances of a clean strike. None of this hanging back stuff, alright?

Next up, let's talk about shaft lean. We don't want to be hitting the ball like this. We need a slight forward lean at setup, just a tad, alright? So, position that handle opposite your lead leg, and you're good to go.

Now, onto the fun part: effortless striking. None of this tense, forced swing nonsense. You want that club swinging with momentum, no holding angles or pushing with your hands. Just let it flow. Trust me, it's all in the body movement. None of that flicky, wristy action. Let me demonstrate.

See, it's all about that rib cage action. As you swing, let your rib cage guide the club, back and through. No need to force those wrists to bend. It all happens naturally with the right movement.

But wait, there's more. Step three, and this one's crucial. You need to have your targets in mind. Not just the ball, but where you want that ball to go. See, if your focus is only on the ball, your swing mechanics suffer. You need to direct that momentum towards your target.

So here's a killer exercise. Grab a ball, toss it forward, but imagine it's going over a basket ahead of you. That way, you're merging your swing momentum with your target intention. It's like throwing a ball, but with a golf club. Try it out, start small, and watch those strikes improve.

So there you have it, three steps to effortless ball striking. Get your setup right, feel that momentum, and aim for your target. It's all about flow, people. Start small, build it up, and watch your game transform.

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Full Transcript- so I'm sure from time to time with your iron strikes your fairywood strikes off the ground you struggle to make consistent contact don't worry you're not alone in fact I've just had a lot of students this week and probably about 90% of them were really struggling to strike make consistent contact off the ground and the usual thing they were trying to keep their handle forward trying get their weight forward but none of it was really working because all of it was very unnatural in this video I'm going to show you the most natural and easy way to make consistent content time and time again with every single Club you have in your bag off the ground super excited to share that with you before I do though look if you're new to the channel your first videos of mine please consider subscribing I release videos just like this every single week to try and help you improve your game plus you never have to remember a thing I'll always put a fore download practice guide in the description box below so let's give you a very simple process to achieve a great strike with every Club off the ground now initially just starts with some simple understanding so the first step is this ultimately look every great ball Striker strikes the ball first there's no ground contact at all the ground contact with the club actually happens just after that golf ball now how do they achieve it well they they achieve it with a natural downward angle of attack so if I put an alignment stick here just opposite inside my trail foot and I get myself set here it's I'm going to comfortably miss that alignment stick on the way down and strike this ball okay now when I get people even with just a club and a half gap between that alignment stick here what the average player would do would be they come down here they would hit the ground roughly where the ball is and it almost if not clatter into that cane as they're doing it okay this is what we've got to stop this is where the inconsistencies lie so I'm going to show you naturally how you can strike that ball then the turf now it starts with a great setup so what I'd love you to do now if you can is maybe just pause the video take a moment get yourself set up and grab two balls so take your normal setup here once you set up and I feel comfortable what I want you to do now is this take a ball and simply hold it in the middle of your sternum now from here very calmly just drop it where did my ball actually hit the ground right over the top of the golf ball why is that important well if my sternum is over the top of the ball when I make a pivot from here I'm pivoting over the ball I'm increasing my likelihood that I'm going to strike the ball than the ground what I saw with many of my students this week when they dropped the ball here they were back here and the ball was dropping way too far behind they're already in a position to hit where up on the ball and ground that club Behind the golf ball so simple simple thing that anyone can do okay the second thing that can really help just at setup is this get yourself set here and we don't want to strike the ball like this we want to strike it with a slight lean of the shaft only slight okay opposite inside lead leg so why not just start there if you put the club there put it on the inside lead leg simply start in a place where you sternum of the ball and the lead handle on the inside thigh and you're already in a place look to strike that ball great setup is your foundation this is Step number one so step number two and I promised you an effortless way to achieve great ball striking so don't fall for this real misinterpretation too many golfers are trying so hard to improve the quality of the strike and it should be effortless so let me explain so this golf CP if you want to hit the ball long as well you want ultimately clever speed and you want this to be effortless so look at this here my club now is Swinging with complete momentum okay I am not trying to hold an angle I'm not trying to push my hands ahead I'm simply swinging the club with momentum now what gets the handle natur naturally at the correct place is simply The Way You Move Your Body okay at no stage and I'm hanging onto this club and trying to hold the angle it ruins your speed robs you at all the speed and ruins your strike so I want this club to swing as freely as possible let me just show you an example so when I'm swinging here if I don't move my body correctly you can see here look the club will flick and the club head very quickly will pass the butt end and that's your flicky horrible strike but if I Mo my body correctly I will naturally create lag and a perfect strip without even trying there's no effort for me to hold that angle there it's happening beautifully naturally now let me show you how you do that but obviously under controlled manner you don't want this kind of flicky Club all over the place that's also weak so get yourself set up and we said look I want you to get this club Swinging with some momentum now if I just did this with my wrists it would look very risty like this we don't want that so what I'm doing now is just to look give you that lovely controlled look effortless look you see with the best play all I'm doing here is is I'm moving my rib cage basically around and back all I'm doing is as I move my rib cage around and back it looks like I'm controlling this club I am but the club is still swinging look effortlessly on the way through I'm going to do the opposite I'm going to use my rib citch and I'm going to unwind it this way and as I come through look at this it looks like I might be holding the angle but I'm not the club is swinging beautifully freely and those angles are held naturally so I've still got the club head speed super important so start really small with this initially just to get the feeling get yourself set up here and all I'm going to do here is really soften my arms off really feel like that rib cage is moving around and back and we're going to play a few small shots here and enjoy the rib cage basically controlling look the entire motion now the one big common fault when I gave this to a couple of the guys was they felt as though sometimes they were they were moving the club with momentum but the problem is what they were doing is they were just doing it with their hands and their arms and their shoulders why I love the rib kid as a guide with this is when you move your rib cage you're kind of moving the shoulders as well so it's just a great way to kind of direct and guide the momentum of this golf club if you don't move your rib kage you can start to throw the weight around and then you've really lost control of the club completely so the rib cage is a great guide one of them asked me well Dan bit when do you naturally bend the wrist well if you look at this here look when I swing the club with momentum all of that happens naturally so what we call is passive wrist you don't force them to to bend so as I simply work on that rib cage working backwards and forwards I'm now creating momentum in that Golf Club okay but there's one thing that stop still would stop you striking that ball than the ground even with this so you've got momentum you've got set up you've got momentum but you really need step three to kind of finish the job off and pure those strikes so step number three and none of the first two steps will work unless you answer these first two questions correctly okay so first question is this when you're over the golf ball what is your target what is your target now most of my students said well Dan of course it's just out there straight down the middle of fairy or the middle of the green I said great so then and answer me this next question you're over the golf ball here you get to the top of the back swing here and you're coming down what's your target every single one of them said something like the ball Danny or a few of them said look I've been trying to hit ahead of the golf ball so I'm focusing on hitting ahead of the golf ball all of those things will completely and utterly ruin what you do why because here's the thing your job is to direct the momentum of your golf swing in this this club right so when your target starts to become too much down here down where the golf ball is here this is what happens look at this if I start to let this club swing up with momentum and my body starts to stop because somewhere in this vicinity becomes my intention my focal point suddenly the club will automatically look without me trying release but as soon as I connect to my Target and I maintain some form of intention out there watch the difference now you get the perfect movement forward you get body rotation forward why because the target is drawing out your mechanics it draws out your mechanics when your intentions down here which C creates the flick and it will draw out great mechanics if your intention is to go in this direction so how can you train this so this is the simplest exercise I know to achieve this okay now I'm going to with your right-handed playing golf left-handed or vice versa will cover you both hands right so when you're playing we said look we want to have some momentum you start to create that now by controlling it with the rib cage now what I want you to do is real realize this there are two Targets in golf that Target and this target how do you merge the two together well if we just threw a ball out here forward your body without even thinking if we do an underarm throw your body naturally wouldn't do this it would naturally flow through this forward momentum of the body creates beautiful angles and beautiful compression on your strike but it's not quite an underarm throwing golf we want to hit down here so what here's what I want to do grab a ball and I've got my pal facing the ground I'm going to now do two things I'm going to bounce the golf ball right there just ahead of this this ball here but I want that bounce to then bounce and go over the basket in front of us so it's going to look something like this like that now what I love about this is this I've got a down pressure going there but I've all got the intention of not just bouncing it there but also flying it directly over this basket now you could do that also if you're left-handed playing golf right-handed just hold it in the back of your hand here slightly tricky for me I'm not being left-handed but I'm going to imagine throwing the ball down here I'm not left-handed let's try that one again good for good practice though so I'm going to throw it back at my hand here bang okay and I want to try I would try and get that lined up here to throw directly over that basket here brilliant exercise because what it does now is this it brings in two Targets our Target is not the golf ball right our Target is out there but we need to have an eye on this one so what I'm going to now is this I've got my momentum swinging here right now all I'm going to do is Imagine in a sense tossing that ball look or in this case the club down there while simultaneously going towards my target so look at this it looks like this if I throwing one-handed like this one two yeah can does that make sense great exercises to really get momentum going forward but also letting the club come down so you get a beautiful compression and again we start small with this so I'm just picturing my tag out there I'm going to throw the club down while simultaneously moving through and just rip that one straight down the middle of that Fairway so three steps get yourself set up first of all feel some momentum Don't Force these angles you don't need to that just ruins the effortless look in your goal swing feel the momentum of the club then look connect that momentum not to just stay down here this will just lead to that flicky impact position to keep that handle ahead we're going to connect this to this so I'm throwing the club down while simultaneously throwing it bouncing it on the ground and towards my target I start really small with this with all my students one Ripper simple as that three steps that will lead you to a much more effortless flowing motion start small get the strike then gradually Build It Up hope you enjoyed the video if you did give it a thumbs up maybe share it with one of your friends and if you want to keep advancing this strike maybe moving on to things like your Fairway Woods check this video out right here if you want to see a live lesson of me giving this kind of momentum check Adam's lesson out right here it's an absolute belter but until next week have a wonderful golfing week.