The SECRET to GREAT ball striking with your IRONS - THIS JUST WORKS!

drills irons simple golf tips Nov 08, 2021

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Hey everybody Danny Maude here thanks for joining us we've all been there haven't we where look you struggle to strike your irons you start getting your strike you start hitting a little bit straighter but then suddenly when you want to add more power in you then lose it all again so how do you kind of add the power in whilst maintaining strike whilst maintaining your accuracy it's not easy but in this week's lesson i'm going to give you a real nice practice session i'm going to show you how you can first of all generate the accuracy with all your clubs with your ions and your driver but then what we're going to do is we're going to then work on basically generate some speed how you can then add the speed to that and we'll finish it off by then how do you enhance your strike so that nice systematic approach should really really help before i get into the video look if you're new to the channel some of the first videos of mine please consider subscribing just press that little bell button next subscribe button you get notified every time i release a video just like this one plus i always put a free downloadable practice guide in the description box below so you'll never have to remember a thing okay great so what we're going to do we're going to cover three phases we're going to focus on how you become more accurate with your with your clubs first if you're slicing or hooking it straighten you out then we're going to show you how you can add speed with that without losing accuracy but you and i both know sometimes when you start adding the speed you can also lose your strike i'll show you how you can keep that strike whilst working on the speed too right so let's get cracking now accuracy if you slice the golf ball it's super simple let's start with this initial downswing motions in the downswing this is what happens in all swings good bad the club works out to the ball and the handle works into the body on all golf swings it's just a matter of when you do it if you slice the golf ball what's happening is you get to the top your club moves out too early and the handle moves in too early this sends the club outside the line of the golf ball swinging for right-handers to the left of the target this gets you either hitting two shots if the club face is square it will get you hitting straight left if the club face is slightly open to that path it will get you slicing across the ball and creating a bend if you hook the golf ball you release it the head comes out to the ball too late so instead of this being slicing you're you come into this position here the head hasn't released yet it's now too late you either hit two shots you've either got the one now where you're really stuck and it blocks way to the right or a violent release and then it gets hooking to the left so you've got to start to time this swing learn to feel of it so that ultimately the club releases out to the ball at just the right moment so we'll start to learn that first now simple exercises to learn this simple uh this uh drill is to grab two tea pegs get your ball set up and put a tpeg above the line of the ball one slightly to the right one slightly to the left like this okay and what this is going to do it's going to give you a simple guide and some really great feedback now the golf swing is an arc and what we want to make sure is that the club is always arcing inside of those t-pegs if you release the club out to the ball too early as we said you're going to come across you're going to start to strike this t-peg here which is not what we're going to do if you just um come in too late you're going to start to strike this one this is your hook swing so all we're going to do here is i'm going to hit a shot and all i'm going to do is basically miss those tees by swinging inside them and that is going to help me groove a feeling of when naturally to release this club if i don't release it's not a problem i'm going to get some immediate feedback so let's have a look at this in action nice easy exercise to start with before we start to teach you the strike and the speed

there we go so simple simple exercise nice and straight over the flag perfect so all i suggest you do is station one put those t-pegs down nice and nice and simple start to groove a shape to your swing by avoiding them but sometimes when you start adding the speed as you know we can go a little bit wrong but the question is it's all about how you add that speed see what tends to happen is this when we try and add speed we often literally go with the club so what happens if you slice it what you're doing is you're throwing your body and the club at the ball speed comes from an impetus to literally almost throw the club so what i want you to imagine is when you throw a ball you don't go like this you throw it so watch this we want that club look to go out towards the golf ball but to get it going out towards the golf ball you don't go with it watch this i'm going to get you to split your hands for a second just to feel this grab a club split it and what we're going to do for a second is when you're coming here watch this i am literally going to fire i'm going to push the club this way so i'm firing it out to the ball really get that sense very different to trying everything to throw it over same if you hook you don't throw the body at the ball you throw the club right now what else could you do to make this naturally more powerful and almost more rotational well you don't just do this you do it with your the feet again don't you look at this look at my feet imagine we're stood on that screw we're still on a gigantic screw and if i want that club look from here to get thrown out here with speed what could i do with my feet to increase the impetus well watch this i get here and watch i'm gonna now use the ground my feet my arms to really throw that club out what i'm not doing is what i see so often with golfers trying to be controlled trying to be perfect i know you do sometimes it's natural turning like this trying to turn through the shot no impetus on the club you come slicing it or you're trying to guide it just literally from here when you're there once you've learned the arc you want to add the speed add that impetus with a speed in the legs arms fire it out back onto this arc very different to here so you can start small you could just do exercises we split the hands and just feel that motion coming out and then bit by bit we won't have too much speed to start with literally from here look now you've got the groove practice look firing it versus just hitting at it let's have a look at this in action so a little bit more speed on this one

there we go i might go a little bit longer maybe over the back of the green now probably to go to a different hole so that suddenly increases clubhead speed to up to 90 miles an hour now it's a bit of a difference still kept the action but it's going straight over the green only because i'm adding that impetus okay now once you've got the impetus and now you start to get a little bit of speed by taking this club and throwing it out towards the ball notice this i'm not throwing everything to the ball i'm throwing it out then we need to kind of maybe just monitor your strike slightly to do that all this is is really it's just about how the club attacks with what type of angle the club attacks at so most of the time when you're not striking it very well your club's attacking and it's kind of getting a bit flicky so you've somehow got to get this angle here but how do you do that with speed because as we said look it's easy to do this in slow motion but when you try and do it with speed you see everyone's trying to end up back in this flicky motion well it's a similar kind of thing you've just got to learn when to then apply that impetus now what i would do initially you can grab this is more of a visual tool really but you can grab a tennis racket imagine here imagine if i drew a line here right down here well what you're trying to do is you're trying to get that sensation that at the moment of impact there's a natural hinge in the in the right wrist here my trail wrist and i'm going to fire it what we don't want to do is release this too soon we want to be smack it there that's going to give us that strength and power and pressure into the back of the ball so you could grab a tennis racket put it on a golf club just initially just to kind of get that sensation if i release the club out too early ie before that line bang soon we're going to get into this flicky motion here but if we then from here we get the sensation of releasing it on the line so fire it out now using the impetus there bang on the line now we've got this good solid motion but you can't put it there i've seen so often you know um drills where you know we'll kind of encourage people to do this but the problem with that is it makes you wooden it makes you stiff now it's okay as a guideline but when you're trying to add power to that you get back into this so i like to do it in the state of as we've just done feel now that's the motion you want to be in get the angle there so if i release it behind the line too soon i'm going to get flicky so that's why just imagine here if we move on to this area here i imagine there's a line there where that ball is and what i'm going to do look i'm going to move through that line then fire i'm not going to stay on the line i'm going to actually move from here look here i'm going to move through the line and then fire it there's your line here i'm actually going to look move through the line fire move through the line fire getting that sensation now bit by bit get that motion here

and then away we go and suddenly then we can start to really launch like i said this screen is probably going to be a bit short for me but look at that straight over the flag nice and straight and all you've already got is is those three very very simple points which are simply when you're setting up to the shot here you create the arc by avoiding the t's if you slice you hit the outside t if you hook you hit the inside t y because look the head goes out too early handling into early for slices head comes in from here too late for hookers use the tees as a simple guideline then once you've got the idea of that timing you then now to keep this how do you generate the impetus to get it going quickly well look from here use the ground use the impetus of the body to throw the club on an arc back out to the ball don't go with it this is your over the top don't go with it throw it use that ground turn that screw fire that club back out here i am not going with it that's the problem once you've done that and you want to get the strike imagine you stood here you've got an imaginary line yeah and what we're going to do when you're here look you go through the line fire go through the line fire what you never do don't stay behind it and fire too early if you're a hooker don't go through the line too much it'll be too much you're just trying to time that motion fire that club out and it comes with a little bit of practice once you do that you'll start to find the rhythm and it keeps the whole thing flowing so i hope you really enjoyed this training if you did give it a thumbs up maybe share it with a friend and remember there's a free download or practice guide in the description box below so you'll never have to remember i think and look if you're new to the channel this will be our first videos come and join the community by pressing that subscribe button and the bell but until next week have a great golfing week.