The SIMPLE golf habits you NEED to copy to play great golf

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Full Transcript - in this video I've got three habits that all great players do that I want you to copy they lead to more control they lead to better strikes they lead to more distance and it doesn't matter your age or ability you can do this so I want to share with you one by one I've even got a special bonus one right at the end which I add an extra few yards so the first habit I would like you to copy is if you're struggling with your drive maybe you're still gonna hit it straight or you're struggling with destroy your irons consistently go to setup first don't go to the complicated motion of the swing I gave this example of this suggestion to a recent friend of mine Liam who is slicing his driver massively off the tee one small change to his setup made a massive difference in fact he trying to slice into a draw and get a stack of yardage I didn't create a video on this which I'll put in this top right hand corner so where do you start so when you're looking at setup all I want you to do is get yourself set up here put your hands behind you and imagine that you're jumping off a diving board okay most people when they're setting up and they're struggling maybe they're slicing it they tend to have too much knee Flex they tend to be sat back here loads of poor postures causing so many poor shots but if you kind of just imagine your shoulders back tip forward imagine you're going to jump off a diving board you'll feel the athleticism in your legs you'll feel the hinge that you need to have when you're over the golf ball now from here the only other couple of categories that you need is you need to be in the right ball position which we'll go to in a second I need the right arm hang position so from here with driver I'm going to let my abs simply just hang down from that dive position straight here now when I'm holding the club I get into routine I hold it with my lead hand I put my trail hand on the back of my leg now a driver what I do is I simply slide that trail arm down to the Crux of my top of my knee here and what that does is it's getting the correct tilt on my shoulders to hit this ball on the way up crucial but it also does something else by moving back here it's making sure I don't fall into the biggest mistake I see with so many golfers when they set up to golf ball this this Trail shoulder getting way too forward causes all kinds of problems from slicing across it to getting stuck underneath gets rid of it get into routine of doing this and finally ball position you know see this a lot no one has the routine so that bulb switch is always changing it leads to inconsistency get into a system ball get it in line with the middle of party stance with driver you simply take a little step and a big step simple as that with an iron you change it slightly why because you want to hit down on the golf ball so with an iron rather than take a little step in a big step you'll go a little step in a medium step okay so the ball's not in center but it's kind of just a header Center as you go towards your middle irons it's more of an equal step yeah so now you've got the consistency in ball position you've got consistency with a routine this habit will start to make some big big differences to the way you play habit number two if you're not playing well it's often because you don't get off to a good start in the golf swing too often I'm seeing golfers who slice they get the club working around here too much and have to Loop it in or they drag their hands inside forcing a late lift and a coming over the top getting to off to a good start in a golf swing is crucial and is one of the answers to so many problems here's a simple way you can do this All I want you to do is this remember the arms are responsible for the up Martian the body's bit responsible for the round too many golfers are trying to create a golf swing by or going around with their arms taking the club around as opposed to look the body takes it around the arm to take the club upwards here's a simple way to set this off correctly just get yourself set behind the ball push your arms straight out to around about 45 degrees here this will give you the feeling of how the arms are working notice this there's no roll of my wrist there's no drag anywhere it's just this feeling now this is clearly because there's no body motion this is clearly incorrect until look I add the body Motion in now look we've got what you'll see with any top player a shaft line which is along the line of the foot the toe is pointing to the sky maybe slightly turned inwards here but it gets it right every single time there's no turning in here there's no dragging around here there's no chicken there's no lifting it's a simple push to 45 get the feeling of how the arms are working do once or twice and then when you're ready look blend that motion in to a simple motion here okay and that's going to get you off to a great start I'm going to start to cure so many of those problems so before we get into habit number three and the special bonus at the end look if you're enjoying this video make sure you give it a like and of course come and join the channel it's completely free to do so I release videos like this every single week to try and help you improve your game plus I always put a free download or practice guide that you can access at right now in the links below habit number three I would love you to copy so you've got your posture in place you've got that move away those are all checked are you one plane great players with some outliers yet but most great players get the club on plane consistently early in their golf swing what is on plane if I was to set myself up here on plane is simply if you take a line from the heel of my club and bring it up through my elbow straight up here when I'm swinging back here that club will sit on that line my hands are going to sit on that line the club's gonna sit on that line there most of the time I see poor players going under this plane here either it's with their arms and their hands the club you name it then they're trying to get back on plane this is causing loads of inconsistencies so how can you start to work getting on plane well the bonus tip at the end is going to help with this but let's start with the the technical part all I want you to do is grab an alignment stick just literally put it next to your golf club like this and when you've kind of you've got that sensation of that first move away and you're blending it now when you let the club just simply hinge with the wrists here when your hands get to around about chest height you want that kind of butt of the club pointing pretty much at the ball line or maybe just even a bit inside not outside here on ball line it's a great kind of feeling that is you setting the club in a position that's going to make it so much easier for you to come down if it gets out of position it makes it so inconsistent now bringing in that ball tip so you're going to need maybe cameras to do this sometimes set up a camera behind you at hip height okay checking your plane but here's a a special bonus that you must do all great players when they're working on these things I'm they look like positions don't they they are but great players swing through positions not two positions so what I want you to do now is this you've got an idea of the first move away you've got an idea of where you need to get to here's a simple way of doing it let the club just swing through don't swing your arm out let the club just swing through for a second here so you've got some risks now from here I want to imagine you're going to hit the ball with the back of the club and then simply look stop and try to feel that motion now look at this what do you notice about the club shaft on plane straight pointed down if you do this and let it flow naturally the club will automatically [ __ ] and get you up there it just feels unnatural to do this do you want to do this once or twice get that habit into your swing then just start to kind of bring in and start to catch it with your Trail hand when I'm catching it my trail hand lock is having to catch it at this angle it's also training what the trailhead needs to do as opposed to here you see so just do a few of these motions you can do them as a warm-up before your shot one through then catch a few yeah and then when you're ready maybe play a few shots get yourself set here really feel that kind of motion here you might want to go there we go that's the feeling I want add some flow and away we go

simple as that so get through those three habits plus once you've got the setup you've got the takeaway you've got that on plane right check it on a camera but please don't do these in isolation don't do it don't seek positions focus on flowing to those positions if you love this content check this whole video out here goes into a bit more detail on the takeaway and this motion here it gives you a step-by-step way to improve it time and time again enjoy I'll see you next time remember join the channel if you haven't already release videos like this every single week to try and help you improve your game.