The Truth about how to Strike Your Irons PERFECT

iron strike Jun 14, 2022

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Hey everybody Danny Maude here thanks for joining us how often have you tried to hit the ball a little bit further but when you do you compromise your strike and the direction so in this video i'm going to show you how you can generate more club at speed whilst at the same time maintaining in fact even improving your strike and the control of that club first through the impact area to do that we're going to discuss exactly how you use the risks in the golf swing plus how you release the club through impact before i do the look if you're new to channels from your first videos of mine consider subscribing i release videos just like this every week to try and help you improve your game plus i always put a free downloadable practice guide in the description box below okay great so here's what we're going to do we're going to do this in three stages i'm going to show you first of all how you can use your wrists in a way that's going to generate loads more speed it's something that i'm seeing missing in loads of loads of my students so i want you to add that in first but there's no point getting speed if you're hitting it everywhere so in stage two i'm going to show you what you can also do with the wrists to keep control so you've got the speed how do you add that control to it so the club face arrives square or straight so you can hit those lovely straight shots and then in stage three what we'll do is i'll show you then how to use the body to amplify this motion even further it's super super important okay so how do the wrists work in the golf swing well look you've got to generate some club head speed so the first thing i want you to do is you know many years ago i came up with a catapult method where brady all it was is just using science to say look this club needs to have speed to it well for this club to have speed and if you want to do this with me it'd be super super helpful so you can feel this hold the top of a club and simply let the club do this and let it fire well what happens it's speed yeah i can feel the momentum it drives down the bottom and speeds up why because this bit is not really moving very much so this bit slows down allowing this bit to speed up one of the biggest killers to potentially your speed is that you're moving this too much and not allowing this to speed up okay so an example would be if you're hitting the golf ball and you're moving or turning your shoulders towards the target too much you're bringing this end of the golf club too much with the club head thus losing speed um the other thing here is that from this position you might guide it you might steer it right so we need to feel in stage one this club working and all i'm gonna get to do is this i want you to show you how the wrists are gonna help you with this then we'll show you how you then add more control with the arm and then the body after that okay so just grab the club i'm going to grab it in my lead hand very very important just literally [ __ ] the wrist up in the air and do this fire fire so ultimately this is wrist motion this is us now look this butt's slowing down and i am firing the club this club head has speed in it that's what i want you to feel first looks simple doesn't it you assume that everyone has it but you know what so many of my students don't because they've hit the ball everywhere the last thing they want to do is lose control over this club head so the first thing i'm going to do is this get a sense that this wrist is cocking upwards and the way you strike the ball is a downward cocking of the club this way so you just [ __ ] the club up and the club look there's a downward cocking of this club down towards the golf ball that is how we strike it we do not drive because that's as you say is going to be a real loss of speed and we do not move our bodies to try and hit the golf ball we are going to let this wrist just simply down [ __ ] on this ball that is stage one we'll tell you how you control this in a second or how you did it straight but i need you to experience the cocking and the uncocking of the club it's almost like we're cocking it up and then look we are throwing it down throwing it down this way this way makes sense start with that as stage number one by all means hit a couple of shots if you want literally feeling the club working up and then just literally allowing it to fall even when i got some of my students doing this recently by the way they still didn't have the courage to let it fall and what they did is when they came here they couldn't resist but move their bodies this way okay we don't want that we want to get you feeling like almost at some resistance here just allowing the club to fall the golf ball we don't want to move forward okay start with a couple of shots like that and then what we'll do is now we'll start to add some control to that motion so all i'm doing is firing it down finishing shot letting that ball just pop forward now you've got some speed you feel how you're going to generate speed how do you control it so that the club face does not arrive here closed hitting the ball left or hitting the ball right or are you and how you how do you strike it we want to have the handle slightly ahead don't we impact how do you do that how do you make sure that happens every time well to do this you just do it in a very small space first i'll show you what i mean so look we want that club when when we do down cut we now know that we need to down [ __ ] onto this golf ball here we know that the risk go downwards that's how we're going to generate speed but we also know we need to get that club face very square at the moment of impact so what you've got to feel now together we'll do this together if you can in a very small way we're going to figure out okay where's the best angle for this club head to come from in order for that to happen because look if i do this and i roll my wrists in the backswing well we said we need a down [ __ ] on this ball but if i down cop where's the club face it's pointing over there isn't it so what am i going to have to do i'm going to have to look roll my wrists that's super inconsistent yeah how to time that the other thing look let's do another thing if i swing back here and i then drive my handle forward okay so i'm not literally down cocking and getting the speed but actually start to drive forward trying to compress the ball with the face again wide open you're going to have to kind of flick it to try and get it back so what do you do with this listen well first things is we know we need to down [ __ ] so when i'm swinging the club up and down i'm trying to visualize that club down cocking and the club face being square the other thing i'm doing by the way is i'm also as i'm cocking the wrists up in just a small way i want to get the feeling that the lead hand here is slightly ahead of the golf ball yeah as it down [ __ ] okay i'm not down cocking like this and getting flicky i'm feeling that lead hand here is slightly ahead of the ball as i am doing this okay but i'm not trying to keep my handle by doing this that's the dangerous bit okay so how do you know where the angle should be and how do you know where to swing it back well this is where just just normal field comes in once you pay attention to this small area here you could actually hit some small little chip shots or even pitch shots is just finding where to go i know if i do going here look straight away that's heading in the wrong direction i'm going to have to use my a flicky wrist to try and correct it so i'm finding where does it feel right for me to get that club working up and down in order to get those wrists releasing in the in the way that's going to keep that club face nice and square and i'm going to hit a couple of shots and i might just hit a couple little pitch shots just paying attention to the club face and what it's doing through the swing you see if i finish and i hold my finish here i want you to do the same if the club face is closed like this then somewhere along the line i must have rolled those wrists yeah so what you can do is just keep paying attention to how those wrists are working in order to kind of maintain that square club face and if you can come and have a look at this so if you just check this lead hand here okay so we want this kind of downward in a sense in a sense downward cocking look of the club on that ball we don't want a rolling of these wrists we don't want a drive because that's going to leave the face open and you're going to have to kind of flip it we don't just want the cocking up here and then chopping across that's going to create chicken wings and slicing across so what we're trying to work out is ultimately how does we get the club arriving down square at what angle is going to help us do that hit the club the ball square and then come through you can see here if you actually actually look at my hand okay the path of my hand here as i'm coming up the path of my hand it's coming down the line but also if you notice where it's going it's actually going towards my left heel as the club comes through square this is basically in a sense getting me to come through square through that shot if i drive my handle too linear i'm going to leave the club face open which then gets me having to flip it so remember the hands naturally so we're down clocking are going to feel like for you might go left to target but that's what's going to give you that kind of square club face through the impact area great so before we then start amplifying the body i hope that wasn't too detailed it's kind of just showing you most of this should be able to do naturally by feel um but hopefully that gives you a real good idea of how this down cock's going to work and how you're going to start squaring up that club face but how can you support all this motion with the body again let's just focus again just on this lead side okay the lead side is is a side that causes for me a lot of problems with many of my students so let's focus on this lead shoulder for a second so if we want to get this kind of downward [ __ ] on that golf ball how can this lead side this lead shoulder help you all right well we want to make sure we've got some power in this shoulder well if we were to roll it and try to turn what's that done to the club can we down cut from there no we've kind of moved off we're going to have to kind of lunge back over the ball so this elite shoulder to help us strike this and unleash this club in a downward cocking fashion needs to work where down and underneath now look it's supporting this club up there i'm working the club shoulder underneath now look what does this leaf shoulder need to do on the way down does it work around no that's not going to help the club come down isn't it so what does it need to do does it work upwards no that's going to bring the club down here so what we're doing is we're working it look down here and around so literally now we're firing it down but it isn't just doing what i see with so many students certainly a couple this week in turning fashion you turn it you don't have any of that download force we want the whole thing all linked together to provide speed control and power so now you've got everything here that working okay this leads shoulder for most people doesn't move so if it's flexibility no problem just get the sense of this body working free you know if you have to let get your lead heal off the ground because the back problems do it but ultimately if you want that club releasing downwards you've got to get the body supporting this motion it works down and under look at the angle of my shoulders everything's working up now from here look i'm going to work this shoulder down to the golf ball releasing it look down this way this is what's going to give you not only the control the speed but it gives you the extra power through the impact area that's the crucial thing so build this is stages speed feel where that comes from that an alarm will help then get the control feel the club effects spend some time maybe when you're doing this small shots just pitching initially just down cocking feel the club face being open too much with impact then feel it closing a little bit through impact so you can get some club face control then since is my leash hold it in a position here to help me look go downwards okay and finally notice this when you throw the club down people always say to me how do i amplify even more well when you throw the club down your body's going to respond by going what upwards because it kind of resists this force very different to this this is catapult this is steer when you throw it downwards the body will respond by going upwards this is what's going to help you when we move to driver okay we'll cover driver in another video where it's very very similar we've got to hit upon the driver but we'll cover that in another video but i hope you enjoyed this one i hope this really helps you improve the quality of your ball strike and generate some more effortless speed if you enjoy the video give it a thumbs up maybe share it one of your friends who's kind of struggling to hit the ball far enough this will super super help and look remember if you're new to the channel i release videos like this every week to try and help you improve your game so come and join the community i'd love to see you next week and by the way check this video out here this is one i just created just recently on the short game you can use exactly the same principles in the short game with this two but until next week have a great golfing week.